Improve Muscle Tone in Children with Autism

and we are back here to show you guys little bit of dumbbell exercises and the reason why we want to share this with you is because it’s really important that you start doing muscular fitness type activities with your children or adults and I started working with Roan as I’ve said before when he was three years old what is so powerful that I saw was he was able to really learn more body activities his propria ception increased and it was really important just to start again with dumbbells and some basic activities, basic movements and even his muscle tone increased and which then I saw his coordination improve so when we started again he was 3, 3 and a half and I gave him one pound weights if you’re doing this at home, as a parent or maybe even at the school if you don’t feel comfortable teaching dumbbell exercises, then don’t because we want to keep the kids safe
most important number one but if you do feel comfortable trying different things then go ahead. Our kids put their bodies in so many different and kinda wacky positions they’re gonna be okay but we want to start light
lightweights and these like I said are one pound weights and he’s seven now so we’re gonna show you three exercises and as you’ve seen throughout all of our
segments we’re showing using different visual supports but Roan what are we doing first? First we are doing all of the dumbbell exercises and we’re gonna do how many? We are gonna do 15, 10 and 12 Alright so, he’s found his visual schedule and how about we start with the dumbbell press on the floor can
you show them 15? Go ahead, lay on your back. I need someone to give me a tour after this. I will get you a tour Alright a tour I will. But can you lay on your back? Okay I will. Alright buddy So, Roan’s seven years old so I can move him pretty easy. Alright ready? So show everyone 15 dumbbell presses. So you may have to prompt your kids typically I would be here, have him touching All the way down 10, 11, 12 13, 14 15. Hey nice job! Hey can you tell everyone what body parts you were using there when you were doing the dumbbell press? When you’re doing the dumbbell press on the floor you should point your your muscles up yes and maybe you have to put them down and so you can so everybody can know how to do the double press on the floor. Great job Alright so after we do the dumbbell press, again using our visual supports very, very key when working with children or adults on the spectrum. Then can we flip over and do what’s that say? We are going to teach you about the dumbbell roll on knees. So you can do this one on knees too. So we are going to show you 10. Very good! Alright let’s flip over. Come on and remember when you’re teaching or asking your students or your kids to do exercises it’s really important also to model those
exercises, that’s the way that they can learn and if you don’t feel comfortable or can’t model it yourself then don’t expect your children or adults to Alright ready? Go ahead, let’s go like this. Ready? And now Wait wait. What’s last? And the last one we could do you can do this one standing up. Very good and what’s it called? Standing? Up dumbbell press so you could do dumbbell presses standing up. Here stand on your feet It’s really easy. And how many are we doing? 12. Alright let’s do it, ready? Arms up Go for it you may have to prompt. Touch my hands! Clap for me. Nice job! So that was just one example or actually three examples of dumbbell activities that I really think that you can do with your students, do with your kids try and remember start with lighter weights and then gradually move towards heavier weights when you feel comfortable or you see don’t worry about repetitions yet
just get them moving but if you have questions you can always
contact any of us at the Exercise Connection or anyone at NCHPAD and we can give you the supports that you need or to work with your children adults or your students Roan you want to tell everyone goodbye? So if you want to do dumbbell presses you can do them on your knees or when you do dumbbell presses you can switch to these ones because these are these are really heavy, so we will see you next time! Bye. Bye


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