Ilana Muhlstein LIVE talking about the new 2B MIndset 30 day meal and 16 new recipes

hi how are you how’s it going everyone
my Beachbody babes and babettes I want to talk about our exciting news one is we
have a summer strong promo so if you don’t already have the 2B Mindset
get it now because it’s on sale and of course with everything else
Beachbody there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not losing the weight you
want and you’re not at all satisfied in any way and so hi Lindsey hi Leslie
thanks for signing on and tuning in so first things first is I want to announce
how exciting it is that right now the 2B Mindset is on sale and so is a
certification so if you were thinking about doing the certification now is a
great time to do it because the value of 2B Mindset program value of the
certification program is really extraordinary and I think you’re gonna
get an unbelievable wealth of information and results and success from
both programs so I highly recommend getting them if you haven’t already and
as coaches it’s also an amazing opportunity to get other people really
on board with both programs especially because now we have this promo pricing
and like I said as Beachbody does in the best way is like if the people you’re
working with aren’t at all satisfied in any way they can of course have a 30 day money-back guarantee and just in case any of you do
not really understand what the 2B Mindset is I’m going to do a brief
description which is hi I’m Ilana Mulhstein I’m a registered dietician nutritionist
I have a master’s degree in nutrition and I’ve lost 100 pounds with this method
I’ve created called the2B Mindset I’m a volume eater I was a very very
overweight I really struggled with emotional eating I’m really not one to
have small portions I like big portions I like to eat a lot of food I like to get
satisfied I really don’t like to restrict myself in any way possible and
I don’t so I figured out a method to really lose my hundred pounds and
help everyone in my UCLA weight loss seminars that I even continue to teach
and my private clients who I continue to see really figure out how to continue to
eat their favorite foods and her favorite indulgences without counting
calories without counting grams without you know measuring or weighing their
food but in a way that they can still lose weight and it really comes with all
my positive mantras and positive sayings so the experience along the way
of your weight loss is actually a really positive one and that’s what contributes
to making it so sustainable so within the program of 2B Mindset what you
get is you get a series of short videos which feels like you’re having private
sessions with me so it feels like you’re right here in my private practice office
and you’re getting all the value that I give to my clients and the UCLA
participants to really lose weight in an effective way that tells you how to
break down the food groups what you want to eat at your meals and then how to
dine out so there’s a video where I’m just sitting with a stack of Menus
Chinese food and a diner and how you order breakfast lunch and dinner
when you’re wherever you are and how to travel going to events and parties which
is so relevant now that it’s the summer and I break down you know a one-hour
party to like an all-day barbecue or wedding which is again really really
really good information for you to have going into the summer so you can have a
summer strong summer so I really recommend you do that and then of course
just like I would with a private client who then eventually feels like they’ve hit a
plateau there’s a video for that then there’s what do you do if you’re an
emotional eater there’s an additional resource for that and a video for that
and all my best tips on how to deal with emotional eating how to deal with when you
feel like you’re at a plateau there’s a video for help I fell off and then
there’s a video also of like the scale went up now what so every experience
you’re going to have along the way of your weight loss there’s an
answer for so you can keep feeling positive in control and encouraged in
keep losing weight throughout the process and it also comes with a series of
unbelievable tools a recipe book water bottle a go to guide and everything
you really need to make sure that keep losing your weight keep hitting your goals in a
successful way so that’s the program and the certification is really there to
help you go a little bit you know deeper in the knowledge and understanding of
the base principles and give you all the tools you need if you want to coach
people to do the program successfully and just this month you probably know if
not I’m excited to tell you that we just launched 30 additional recipes literally
straight from my kitchen delicious recipes that I’m so excited now everyone
is using I’m getting amazing feedback from people who’ve already started
using those additional recipes as resource and a 30 day meal plan so I am
really into everyone creating their own system choosing the foods they want you
know like if you want if you’re not into seafood and you’re more into my jumbo
burgers like you can have the jumbo burgers that you know more times we cook whatever works
for you but we did just launch this 30 day meal plan to give you even
some more structure so if you sign up today and you want like a more clear
idea like what to eat every day like there you have it it’s beautiful if
you go to 2B if you already have the program or you’re about
to purchase it today if you go to the resources tab it’s right there the 30
day meal plan and it’s in like a super interactive beautiful PDF so you can
like ooh that recipe sounds delicious you click on it it’ll auto populate
right there there’s like additional grocery lists that come with it so it’s
super clear how in these 30 days you can drop you know 10 to 15 pounds or however
much you want to lose it’s really amazing and the coolest part about the
2B Mindset I’m happy to say is 1 Year since launching it’s just one
year since launching and about two years since that first test group people have
not only lost so much weight but they’ve kept it off and that’s the coolest thing
about the 2B Mindset is the sustainability of it
and there’s over I think seven people who lost a hundred pounds since we
launched which is ridiculous and incredible someone just messaged me she’s
lost 130 with the 2B Mindset in the past ten months and I don’t even think
it’s been exercising because the program is exercise is extra credit which is great
if you do but also good if you don’t and they’re keeping it off and that’s the
coolest part because along the program I want you to be going restaurants I want
you to be traveling I want you to be going to events I want you to keep living
your life and so the 30-day meal plan is a great framework and suggestion for you
to just get started but again if one night says you know have my salmon and
roasted peppers and asparagus and you decide like your friend is inviting you
out to sushi boom you’re fine you know exactly what to
do because with-in the go-to-guide I show you how to order sushi there’s a video
called you know dining out I go through sushi what you want to order there and
even in the food group videos I talked about you know what you should be
having at a Japanese restaurant so I love spicy mayo I actually ask for
extra I bring it home I kind of like add it to my cauliflower rice throughout the week
delicious you’ll enjoy it but you’re gonna do so in a way that really helps
your weight loss so I hope I explained a little bit more about what the 2B
Mindset is and why you should start it if you haven’t but also I’m excited to talk
about these additional resources that were giving out this this summer to
everyone who already has the program to everyone who’s signing up which is the
additional recipes and the extra meal plan oh my gosh Katie Flynn Crumb is on
this feed and she said she lost 60 pounds it is so exciting we certainly
broke a million pounds lost with the 2B Mindset which is extraordinary but
I’m all about pushing boundaries and always having moving goals and targets
and I really want to hit two million pounds lost and that is why I need you
coaches I need your help I need to continue spreading this gift and sharing
it with the world it is too good not to share with people it is so sad hearing
what people do there are so many people roaming the streets thinking that they
need to fast for 20 hours day or thinking they need to eat like
cavemen or thinking they need to go around like not ever eating bread or
never drinking alcohol or avoiding social events and parties and it is not
the case it is not the case like it is my birthday tomorrow I’m probably gonna
enjoy a nice piece of birthday cake or a glass of wine whatever it is and I’m still gonna lose weight throughout this week or maintain
my weight or whatever it is like it is possible it is enjoyable it is wonderful
and it is a true gift that honestly I couldn’t live with out so I don’t know
how everyone is is doing without it and I really think it’s very important that
if you’re seeing success with the program if you’re feeling positive about
your weight loss experience you have to share it with people because people
don’t even know that they could be happy while losing weight you know it’s like
people don’t even believe that it’s a possibility people think that if they’re
not miserable they’re not going to see results and it’s not the case like we
could actually eat a lot of food eat well feel satisfied and drop pounds but
also not even feel like we’re overthinking it not feeling like weight
loss is a full-time job not feel like it takes too much effort because we’re all busy
so it really has to be something that works for us in a way that really suits
our lifestyle a lot of us have kids a lot of us have other jobs so we gotta get going
we got a we gotta do this we gotta you know be open-minded to this
more positive approach because I promise it works and works well and it’s totally
like saved my life in so many ways and you know now countless others Erin
Chick says she has two clients who lost a hundred pounds Caitlyn and
Jonathan who are on this we really need to keep a tally because I have seven at
the top of my head of people who lost over a hundred pounds and Erin
saying she has two I think we must have probably hit about 20 people who’ve lost
over a hundred pounds with 2B Mindset in the past year with out counting
calories without measuring grams without restricting themselves without having
exercise be a requirement and while feeling full and happy along the way guys
I don’t know where all that exists I feel like pinching myself every time I
say it it’s so incredible exciting and I have to give a big THANK YOU to Beachbody
for helping me deliver this gift to the world because when I met Beachbody I was
seeing this incredible success with my clients that you see only in private
practice people telling me like I’ve done every diet in the world Ilana I
don’t know why this is working but it’s working so well and I see them years
later keeping it off and when I met Beachbody and said are we ever gonna be
able to give people this experience that people get in my UCLA and my
private practice and they said we’re gonna do it and they’ve actually done it
even better I really think we’ve refined my method or approach we’ve added
these tools we add in the meal plans we added additional recipes we added the
structure we added the beautiful tracker the amazing water bottle to go to guide
and all of these resources that people are literally losing so much weight and feeling happier than ever and now is the time where we just have to keep spreading word and it’s really
amazing and I’m really going to need your help to do it so please help me do
it because if people get the program this month in June on sale incredible
value now that we added all the additional resources it’s like
unbelievable the value people are wasting so much money
on like tea detoxes and like all these like machines that they’re not even
using in the home things that are not even good for them and meanwhile the
value of this is beyond incredible I mean like I see private clients for $400 a
session and you literally get like ten private sessions within the program in
addition to the cookbook and everything else and we have to
spread this we have to spread this word so if people start now and they can get
off that top layer then with Morning Meltdown 100 comes out
like you can do it but actually see the results you want because I’m sure a lot
of you are on this page because you do like to work out and working out for
you isn’t the problem and that’s why Beachbody has been amazing for you because you
have access to these incredible at home workouts but if you’re not seeing the
results you want ultimately you’re not getting to the you know jean size that
you’re after and you’re not seeing those abs that you’re working so hard to create it’s gotta be the nutrition and I
think a big issue is that people are overestimating the power of exercise and
under estimating the power of nutrition because nutrition is really what’s going
to get those outer layer or what’s really gonna get you slimming down so
then all your achievements that you’ve created within the workouts can really
you know present themselves you can see those ripped ABS and you know lean cuts
that you’re after so please please please give it your all like really
focus on the 2B Mindset this month while still enjoying life and that way
when morning meltdown 100 comes the nutrition aspect will be like muscle
memory so that you can focus on the workouts and really it’s like trimming
down into the best body you’ve ever dreamed of by your Labor Day plans
because if you start 2B Mindset now like June 6 we have
July August September in three months the average weight loss we’re seeing is
about 10 pounds per month 10 to 15 pounds per month depending where you are
of course and the effort you put in but I mean you can literally just imagine
Labor Day being 30 pounds lower you know anywhere 20 to 40 pounds lower feeling
lean feeling happy feeling like you actually enjoyed summer like I can’t imagine what
would be greater than that Diana Lynn said so simple so affordable so
convenient so sustainable I love you guys I love you guys I love you guys and
then Katherine also says she lost quite a bit first
and then she started the workout like a lot of people say and Lisa says my life
is forever changed by 2B Mindset and you Ilana I love you Lisa I feel the
same way I mean I I feel like I don’t say it enough like how without the
2B Mindset I would literally be a hundred pounds heavier and just
wallowing in my sorrow being totally victimized by my fat rolls
and not feeling good at my skin the way I
used to be and I’m so thankful I moved past that I found this method I eat tons
of food I just ate like three pieces like rotisserie chicken delicious like a
quarter and a wing and the neck I love the neck you know still eat big satisfying
delicious meals and still feel good in the jeans I’ve always wanted
to wear and the size I always wanted and I love that Katherine said that she first
lost the quite a bit of the weight and then she started the workouts you know a
lot of Beachbody Coaches call the 2B Mindset like the Gateway to
Beachbody you know for all those clients for all those family for all those
family members like you have you know you have those family members we all
have family members who are overweight and we see them like struggle with like
yo-yo dieting try this lose 20 pounds and you see them at the next family
event and they gained 30 back you know we have all these family members we have
all these friends we know all these parents of you know in our same kids
school we have all of those co-workers we know so many people who yo-yo with
their diet and I can’t or haven’t yet figured it out and you try so hard for
probably the past couple years trying to convince them to do you know the next
Beachbody workout program the next Beachbody workout program and they kind of
ignore it because you know when you’re so overweight the idea of jumping and
working out really hard can feel really intimidating and exhausting and I know
myself when I was very overweight I didn’t necessarily want to workout or
feel like I could work out and so the 2B Mindset is really that thing to
give that type of audience who isn’t yet ready for a strong workout program and
isn’t yet ready for a restrictive you know nutrition program or maybe never will
be and that’s fine too and this is a great thing to give them so they can
actually learn nutrition in a way that’s accessible and understandable and
actually allows for the flexibility and freedom to still enjoy their favorite
foods and once they do that and they lose quite a bit of weight and they feel
more confident in their skin they feel empowered
that’s a great opportunity for you as a coach to introduce them to Morning Meltdown 100 or you know like another Beachbody workout program that is
structured and allows them to like take their health and fitness to the next
level so I really hope you guys take that as an opportunity you know give
people the 2B Mindset challenge pack with Shakeology now on sale
again reinforced people if they’re not losing the weight they want if they’re
not seeing the success from the program they want they can always get a
30-day money-back guarantee but now is the time to get it because for only you know
160 dollars the value is so tremendous and I hope that more people sign up this month so
we can keep sharing this gift we’re at over 200,000 people who’ve got the
program in the past year but I really need it’s ahead 500,000 we need to
there is an obesity crisis two out of three Americans are either overweight or
obese now thankfully you know Beachbody is accessible to Canada and you know
it’s available in the UK and there’s just like we have to help people
because the obesity crisis is has actually been worsening as more and more of
these fad diets have been created so we need to be able to show people that
there is a sustainable simple and sensible approach to weight loss where
we can continue living in our current everyday lifestyles in our concurrent society
without you know trying to completely revamp our whole lives but in a way that
actually gets us success because it’s really designed for the current person in
2019 you know we live in a culture that it says all-you-can-eat so trying to
restrict yourself in that type of setting where christmas is coming and
barbecues we know this silliness that takes place at these events we have and
we know that it’s socially isolating to avoid them so it’s really important that
we give people the tools within the 2B Mindset so they know that they can
still go to barbecues they can still go to weddings and they can feel good in
their body when they’re eating at the same time it’s really really important
that we share this with people because it’s a really negative self-talk that
people are having around food and their bodies and it’s it’s too unfortunate of
a thing especially now all you know mental health awareness and everything we need to give people more positive self-talk
a more powerful and positive relationship with food in their bodies
because it really does impact your relationship with others in your
everyday activities so I’m really thankful for the program and I hope you are too
and Lisa saying we have to teach this to kids in school yes
I really hope to hone in more on Pediatrics in the future but honestly it
starts with the parents and the more parents do the 2B Mindset and the
more parents adopt the 2B Mindset thinking the more positive our kids are
going to be the more positive effect we’re going to have on the next
generation because I know I grew up in a household where my parents were yo-yo
dieting and restricting and I would see them do this program and then gain
the weight back and then I would see them you know buy all these supplements and
then gain all the weight back and there was such a toxic conversation in the household
and I’m very very thankful that my kids are growing up in the 2B Mindset
household which is really like focused on food as enjoyable food as pleasurable
food is not confusing food is not poison food is to be celebrated but what’s the
food that we want to focus on and I really really really pray that like my
niece’s my nephews my children hopefully my grandchildren are all brought up in a
culture that is you know a healthy weight healthy bodied with a healthy
relationship with food without looking at it as poison or destructive or grams
or calories or any of that but really just looking at it as food and fosters
a healthy relationship with that so they’re not overthinking it they’re just
naturally you know creating an environment that’s suitable for best
health and that’s what the 2B Mindset is about not over thinking it
Emily said if you have the last 10 pounds to lose can’t seem to lose it does 2B Mindset help yes 2B Mindset is perfect for someone
who has just the last five pounds to lose and it’s certainly wonderful for
someone who has a lot of pounds to lose it’s also really great for people who have no weight
to lose but really just need to improve their way of thinking around
food they really need to be able to trust themselves with food and they really
need to be able to have a more positive relationship with food in their bodies
all together 2B Mindset is really amazing for someone who has no weight to lose a little bit of weight to lose or a lot of weight to lose because it’s
honestly like a nutrition course that allows you to see food and see nutrition
and see your day to day lifestyle in a more positive sense all around
fueling you to be the best healthiest person you can be and I hope you all do
it start today if you haven’t rock it do amazing and I’m rooting for you and so
is the whole 2B Mindset community and there actually is a Facebook group just
for people who’ve purchased the program but you can’t join it until you’ve purchased
the program so if you’ve already purchased the program you can request to join it
and we’ll evaluate whether or not you have purchased the program because it’s
really designed for people who already know the 2B Mindset lingo who are
already in that world and you can find that at Ilana’s bunny hub Ilana’s 2B Mindset
bunny hub and you can join that group but you can’t join it until
you’ve purchased the program and started watching videos because you’re not gonna
understand anyone is saying in that group otherwise because it is like a different way of
thinking and approach and we want to make sure that that stays so no one in
there is like counting calories or talking about grams or other things
because It’s kind of irrelevant once you do the 2B Mindset all right I love
you guys have an amazing amazing weekend and I hope if you have a weekend if you
have time you haven’t gotten the 2B Mindset Friday night I can’t think of a better
activity than to get the 2B Mindset and just watch all the videos break them
up between Friday night Saturday Sunday you will start Monday a whole new way of
thinking a whole new positive insight ready to rock next week so you can get started
on your summer strong have a great one and I’m so glad I got to speak to all of you you’re
amazing thank you

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