I Wore A Bikini To The Beach For The First Time

– I feel like I have
it ingrained in my head that I’m not supposed to wear a bikini. (Buzzfeed jingle) Hi, my name is Jazzmyne
and I’m going to be wearing a bikini for the first time. I had issues loving myself junior year of high school
to junior year of college. I grew up just being around a lot of girls who were super-thin and
super-blonde, and super-white. I idolized them and their figures, more than I appreciated my own figure. I went through a hard
time of eating disorders and therapists and really
getting down on myself. I want to do this
because I see other women bigger than me wearing ’em,
and I’m like, “You go, Girl”, but if I put it on, I’m like, “No, Girl”, and that’s what pisses me off, is that I would tell someone else that they could wear this
but when it comes to me, I’d be like, “No”. I really want to work on being
the most confident version of myself that I can be. I’m on a journey to love me for me, and if people love it, that’s awesome, and if people don’t,
that’s not my problem. So I’ve gotten two swimsuits. The first one, I decided,
I just went for it. I was like, “I’m just gonna get this one.” It’s not the most terrible
thing I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s this butt thing. People with an ass don’t need that. My second swimsuit, Ashley Graham. Ashley, love you, Girl. So this is the black swimsuit. I’ve never worn strings in my life. It feels good, I think like I could pop a red lip on with this. Be like on Baywatch. Honestly, I’m so sick of
thinking about the swimsuit, that I just don’t even
care how I feel anymore. The black one was overall, I
felt most comfortable in it and I thought it was the cutest. As I was packing that day,
the only thing I could really think about was how many people
were gonna be on the beach. We just got to the beach,
I’m feeling a little nervous. I think it was just what other people were
gonna think about me, what other people were gonna say about me, but more so, if I should be wearing this. Because I feel like I take
lot of pride in what I wear. I’ve never been one to wear
anything below my belly button, because I just don’t like that. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling a lot of confidence. It’s really nice being
here, around people that are so nice and supportive. – Jazzmyne serves! – Girl, work it. – Served for the gods. – I hate you all (laughs) – Served! – Serve it! – The moment that I started
feeling most comfortable was when I just let myself just be like, “Whatever, you’re here,
you’re at the beach, in this bikini, just rock it.”. A lot of times people
will tell me I look good, and I’m like, “Yeah, okay,
whatever”, but I truly believe that this swimsuit is supposed to be mine. Shortly after the beach I
posted a picture on Instagram in my bikini, and I was a
little bit hesitant at first, because I was nervous of
what people were gonna say. But honestly, I got a lot
of really nice comments and I did get some shitty haters too, but when it comes down to
it, it’s me and it’s my body. Before this experience, I
thought that I should only be wearing high waisted swimsuits,
because of my body type. But now I feel like I’m gonna be trying on a whole bunch of different swimsuits, because I feel like I should
rock every swimsuit there is. (easygoing summery music)


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