I Need Your Help Deciding Who Should Win the Beachbody Challenge® $100,000 Grand Prize!

All right, guys,
it’s time to cast your vote in the Beachbody Challenge. These eight finalists
have achieved truly, extraordinary
and inspiring transformations using Beachbody programs. They’ve been selected
from over 66,000 submissions and these stories are the best of the best
of the best. They are the proof
that our system of fitness, nutrition,
and support truly works, but only if you do the work
as well. They have worked so hard
to earn their new lives and their healthy bodies, but now they need
your support to win the big bucks too. We want to know
who inspires you the most. The top two people,
one man and one woman will each walk away
with $100,000. So help us decide who wins
this amazing grand prize. You can go to
BeachbodyChallenge.com to vote today.

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