I lifted so much stuff in Roblox! (Fitness simulator)

i dont remember putting music in this video Hey guys! So i figured out how to add subtitles to my videos, so i’m going to speak like this in some videos that i make. In spanish Y is pronounced E I love lifting rocks!! 😀 dnace do doooooooo Let’s sell and see how much I get. Woah! £38.4K! (i’m british so i say pounds(£)) americans say dollars ($) I WILL STOMP ON YOUU oh you left IDONTWANNABEPINKANYMOREYAAAY OOH BLUETIFUL! so mariolov3r got a trophy YAAAAAAY YOU WIN mariolov3r!!! Special. So what can I buy? They give more coins. I look cool dirtshoes £5,000,000,000!?!? DUDE THATS £15,000,000,000,000!!! E thats 300 R$ I can buy the [Spiky Egg!] KABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM how goood is that? Woah 5x everything bye trophy 🙁 i want that PILLAR ROCK!!! KABEEEEEM blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee How much will the coin give me only 141? that’s not much! (well irl it is a bit) thats expensive i predict i will get a robot dog KABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM how good is this? woh haow aah the sun im burning hello darkness my old friend 🙁 GOLDEN EGG its pink not rainbow good i got £1,740,000 from that Woah it’s purple! what does the lightning bolt mean? IM FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST nice now im binary What my silly cat did today: She pooped next to her litterbox Next tier? noooooo (ME CHECKING IF IT REALLY IS 20M IN MOST GAMES IT IS 2M) I can buy 2 ghost eggs i’ll do that ooh that is the 2nd rarest pet out of this egg! and that is the 2nd most common PRESTIGE! (new tier) hey my space went up a little bit it says 350 max and i have 400 max nice so it went up by 1/7 im orange again What!? I can buy that instantly! huh NO IM PINK AGAIN 🙁 i have blue armour though so it’s good w wh wha what what i what if what if i what if i d what if i do what if i do t what if i do th what if i do thi what if i do this ill stomp to end the vid bye

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