I followed Rujuta Diwekar’s DIET PLAN for weight loss for a week | RESULTS – Does it work?

Hi welcome to my channel.I am Anwesha Today I talk about Rujuta Diwekar’s weight loss diet plan Since I came back from my Europe vacation, it has been a week now, and I thought the easiest, most efficient diet to follow after a vacation was by Rujuta mam, to cleanse my system and get back to healthy eating Rujuta is a Bollywood celebrity nutritionist but her ideas are very easy Do hit the subscriber button & bell Only with a click on bell, will you get notified about my videos In your fitness journey, u should consume things available in ur local region Dont depend on food items that have travelled across the globe Get rid of processed packaged food items She recommends eating white sugar So she believes that white rice, atta, sugar etc are our staple food and everyone (even diabetics) can consume them Eat our traditional Indian food Whenever u r hungry, first u need to ask urself How hungry you actually are? For eg – if u want to have 2 rotis, first u should take 50% of that or 1 roti & eat it After sometime, if u feel hungry again then u can have the second one or else let it be. Mind and body should be in sync while eating Don’t eat with ur gadgets around You need to be conscious of what u r eating Have ghee everyday It is very beneficial for health, skin & hair reduces joint pain Keep gadgets away atleast half an hour before hitting the bed Our habit of using gadgets while lying down is the worst Dont get used to these bad cravings in morning Morning should start with either bananas or soaked almonds or raisins PCOD/thyroid/diabetic patients can follow her diet Have simple home cooked food Be active throughout the day Only if u r active, only then will weight loss happen Do simple home work to remain active Dont keep sitting at one place, be mobile make ur bed, do household chores Dont keep sitting in office all the time Get up after every 30 minutes from ur seat Do strength training in gym for min 150 minutes/week Have seasonal foods As I wake up, I consume one bottle of water 1 banana to start off meethi parantha and home made curd I have my desi chai with 1 teaspoon of sugar in it Strawberries are in season now Rice,masoor dal,aloo methi sabzi, fish curry 1 table spoon of ghee in my dal Rujuta recommends having ghee with every meal I had also added ghee to my parantha in morning I will stay away from gadgets while eating food I cook at home in mustard oil or ghee If u eat in peace, it actually makes a difference to ur health Chiki – seasonal winter snacks Alternatives are curd, buttermilk, peanuts, jaggery, nuts Then I go for a workout ( either in gym or park) I take my protein shake on days I go to gym Paneer bhurji and bread. paneer has loads of protein 2 small rotis in ghee and palak paneer. People who want to lose weight, can easily do with this diet in long run Guys, dont keep on checking ur weight on weighing machine when on this diet


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