“I Don’t Have Time” is NOT an Excuse – Fitness and Healthy Aging

Hey everyone. Art McDermott Successful Aging Academy back
again. Today, I want to talk a little bit about a contradiction. This is and in case you don’t know the number
one reason that I hear from clients, about why they haven’t made
a change or why they haven’t done or hit their goals or whatever is right. And it’s time they don’t have enough time
or they haven’t budgeted enough time they haven’t prioritize themselves
enough to make the time whatever the reasoning is I’m going to tell you right now that I believe
that it’s a contradiction. Why? Well, once you start taking care of yourself
and you carve out I have talked about this before, the magic
kind of two to three hours a week right spread over an entire week right making yourself
the priority you’re actually going to have more time. It seems counterintuitive. But when you train yourself when you get yourself
exercising again, you have more energy, you have better priorities
you have better structure to your day. You get through things quicker you think clear
all of these things contribute to you being way more productive
than you were before. So even though you’re dedicating more of your
weekly hours to a new activity like or how can I possibly add something
new to my schedule? I’m so busy as it is. I don’t have the time you will actually have
more time. That’s the contradiction when your energy
systems are trained the way they’re supposed to be and your mind is
thinking as clearly as it’s supposed to be you end up with more time not
less alright So fight the contradiction. Don’t tell yourself you don’t have time Nobody I’ve said this before, nobody has a monopoly
on I’m too busy. Nobody. Alright, so keep that in mind til next time,
carve out some time make yourself a priority. It’s a contradiction if you think you don’t
have it.

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