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with the weather, huh? I know. It’s been hot every single
day. I’m actually starting
to get kind of warm. So we should
probably go cool off. And we’ve had a lot of gelato. So how about we try
ice dancing? I’ve got the moves, girlfriend.
I don’t know about you. But I bet the Olympians will
teach us how to do it better. I think so. (MILAN, LOMBARDY, ITALY) I’m Anna Cappellini. I’m Luca Lanotte. We are an ice dance duo. We participated to Pyeongchang
2018 The Olympic Games. We ranked fourth in the
team event and sixth in the single event. We have hit the wall
many times in our career. When my mum passed
in 2006, I had a moment where I didn’t know
if I was able to continue. Luca was the most
patient friend, partner you could ever
hope for. It was clearly a moment that
defined our relationship. I knew from then on that
I had a partner for life. Hi. Hi. – How are you?
– Ciao. How do you guys
know each other? We met in 2001. First skating with different
partners, and she was the best. Well, I think you guys have your work cut out
for you today. We’re both very
active in the gym. Do you guys train
with weights as well? For ladies, core is the
crucial. For guys, that
have to do the lifts. So they have to be
very strong overall. There’s a lot of balance
exercises, and sort of couple of exercises also to help us get in sync and work
on our lift. Should we go try it out? – Yes.
– I think we should. – Are you ready?
– I hope so. (ICE DANCING WARM—UP) We’re going to show you
something very basic, but it’s super useful. For the lifting partner,
which is usually Luca, it helps him improve
his stability and his core strength. For me, it’s all about agility
and just trying to help myself. I’m nervous to see
what this looks like. I know. (TREE) She’s so cute and tiny. Oh. So she just has to go around? – OK.
– Karina, I am your tree. That’s it.
Tight, tight. You’ve just got to
go for it, right? Where do I go? There’s no way. Help my foot out.
Help my foot out. (ICE DANCING TRAINING) OK, so we train a lot on the
ice. But also off the
ice it’s important that we get the
right preparation to be able to do all the things
that we have to do on ice. We’re going to show you one of
our most peculiar exercises. It’s a combination of four
typical gym exercises. But it’s done with a tempo. So we have to use a
metronome. Because everything
in ice dancing especially is so connected
to the music that it helps you build your rhythm
and to follow the rhythm. All right, it’s a circle.
Luca will demonstrate. This is just to add to the
rhythm of the movement. We have to be able
to be fast but stop and be strong in various
ways. You look like a robot. Yeah, very cool. Overhead extension, works
lats… and core engagement. I do significantly less weight
training than Luca does. I do more core flexibility,
Pilates-inspired exercises. Yeah. He has to be strong to lift
you. Yeah. Pay a lot of attention
for this exercise. Ooh. So you get more and
more tired, but you need to control and just… – Wow.
– Yeah. Ah. That looks challenging. It’s definitely aimed to help
you control everything, even when you’re doing very strong
exercises, and you’re in pain. You have to be
smiling, always poised, always able to keep
composure and posture and to look relaxed when you’re
about to cry from the pain. You have to smile through it. It’s important.
So we train for it. Good. Carmen is the professional. If you can, you should
try to be sharp with the… better. Yeah. Woo. This one is a lot harder. Very good job on the core. Very good posture. A lot of lat. A lot of lat work in this one. Oh, my gosh. Very good. Very good. That was a lot of fun. The tempo is
challenging and it makes me use my core a lot more
than I typically would. – That’s very cool.
– I will be much more loud… We are here to help you. ..and emotional than
Carmen who had her composure the whole time. She made it look too easy. Try to be sharper. Sharper. Oh, my gosh, Carmen. How did you do this? Soft elbows, yeah. And think… Sharper. Perfect, perfect. Perfect. Yeah. – Come on.
– Go, girl. – Whoo.
– Good. Good. Good. Give me a gold medal
already. Ice dancing is a type
of figure skating that draws inspiration
from ballroom dancing. It first became an
Olympic sport in 1976. Dancers compete
together as a couple performing spins and dance
moves to the beat of the music. Unlike traditional
figure skating, throws and jumps
are not allowed. We’re going to show you
one thing. Oh. Look at their legs. Absolutely mesmerizing. It’s beautiful. And majestic. They complement each
other so, so well. They do. – Perfect unison.
– Uh huh. – It’s just beautiful.
– It’s a 10 for me. A 10. I’m going to start rooting
for the Italian team now. Me too. Bravo! – Welcome, guys.
– Welcome to the ice rink. – Come on down.
– Come here. – I need help.
– I need help. I need help. No. You guys look fine. We’re just going to shuffle
around a little bit together. OK. And so you get the
feeling a little bit. All right. Yeah, girl. She’s pushing.
Like, I’m not doing it. Whee! Whee! She’s great. She was doing cross-overs
like basically by herself. I’m making a lemon.
Making a lemon. (FIGURE EIGHT RACE) Now it’s time for The
Hitting The Wall Challenge. We’re going to put down
some cones for you. And you’re going to have
to weave through them. The fastest will win. I don’t know if I’m
cold or nervous? I’m both. – You ready?
– Three, two, one, go. Whoo. Oh. Oh, oh, oh.
It’s OK, it’s OK. Yeah! Whoo. All right. Da, da, da. Thank you. What’s up, girlfriend? Really, today was
fantastic for both of you. – Thank you.
– It was a lot of fun. So much, so much, so much
respect for what you do. I can’t even stand up straight. It’s amazing. I cannot believe the amount
of skills that they have to incorporate in order
to do ice dancing. Their drills are
so unique, and you can tell very specialized
and tailored to their sport. It was different, and it was
fun to try something new. That’s always the most fun
when you’re doing something completely out
of your element. And we definitely were
out of ours today. I have much respect
for Anna and Luca. – We had a blast.
– But they were really fun. They were really up for
anything. They were amazing. And we loved their
commitment. And they are so
friendly and sunny and they really, like,
give everything. They were ready to
have fun with it. Next time on Hitting
The Wall – we’ll be meeting up
with US gymnast Laurie. Can we keep up? Let’s find out.


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