How to Warm Up Before Workout – Upper Body

hey guys did a little today wanna show
you a quick upper body stretching routine you for any sort of workout at the gym
or home for safety so stay tuned good ago erases have you ever wondered how
safely protect your muscles before you gonna
put some load on them and break them down with a workout got
some good church that line from a buddy tony Horton’s over the years is not something that picked up along
the way on my journey so you start out just by making arm circles and more importantly induce
hit a good thing as Tony says I pointing at them forward a gate 16
gauge the deltoid in a different way you start
out with small circles like this days ago and then as you start to feel little burn in the shoulder you
make those circles bigger day the other very large show really nice burner sure there’s me
ready actually covers that them go backwards when a backer circles and again it’s getting gauge go to a
little different you feel in your rear delts at the nice work I warm up the rotator
cuff as you go so again start out small make a bigger as you go right then began rotator cuff me a little bit I
love we are just like this news gonna revealed that nice and so he should feel that deeper than the
muscle the rotator cuff is under so the a static glamour muscles that you will
see he knows anything here its gonna opening in closing Hindu one had a time it’s easier for you
just nice and slow kinda feel that engaging in your number
times again this is a little different don’t necessarily feel it burn muscle but it’s good it’s going to get warmed
up protected it’s very important there’s a from there you gonna take the
arms like this the across them and front and your grasp the arms energy to push your hand
against each other your palms kick around your back a little bit
release or to push nearly as nice sorry stretch you feel it a try so disability
shoulders around your back a little as he can really open up your back muscles him and ready you gonna class hi ok maybe just big and pole low I know you like this on
Tony II this is your you feel it Regina open
up your chest answer along if it’s right that many you those difficult times if you like
just gonna keep messing around stretching it to your who chipmunk and you know when I
actually learned from Tony ahead order How to Warm Up Before Workout – Upper Body to use back in a place your knuckles on
your forehead like this you know before opened up far you can go
and then walk even another 24 heading a touchless the other open a really wide and do that he plans
to scare you trapeze ills rotator cuff again yep you leave no over the pitch s really nicely have
policies of disorders again depending on work a union is here
really really our focus on those joints listeners know your fluid don’t give it up for you work out the
Ghanaian youth and you will actually feel burned in this appeal the most to
workout that’s good you feel you trapped both about
twenty-four year after that the feel pretty pretty bird from that
unit the bloodline you can close to the workout now so
important to do that that being said a little bit to respond early so you
coming here is gonna grab the top your fingers you stretch leaders
reduce a flick pushups or put a lot of weight on the
wrist really important that you do you do this okay so you’re just born like that gonna
pull it up you know they’re crazy you know if you
hear the time just 30 feel sorta flexibility I doubt
that those are going from one John go through
so actually as you to push kind against the rest
here you can’t resist your hand as you go out
it’s really gotta get him push up this or other versa pushups really important they protect yourself
in a way when you’re out there is kinda move your wrists are a little bit generated the release is beyond annoying
chance to but gonna move up and out how to move
your arms much he’s gonna move only the hand want the wrist joint just release are you ready for action which
is nice and be on the side so it again heel stretch so you’re just went from there will move like this new resist so again is there a simple fun citation you come down like this and hang up keeping your back in gauging on me down
like this gauge your lower back through important engage as throughout
this MOU near eighty come down place your hands down you can either
step back origin jump back the upward dog really opening up suggest for Jan looking up and then a
party downward dog in the box on the fee is much is because
it’s for the upper body we do a leg workout absolute focus on
you like a llamar partners is here pros are opening up are shoulders seeing push really goes on South new
opening up to again lower back is extremely
important so from that so downward dog How to Warm Up Before Workout – Upper Body up you have happy need be she do that
inventive couple moves here first comic is Pat
movement where you ran your back as you exhale and only in here you know gonna be just arch your back breathe deeply and then Excel back to
get you do this you really want to engage
absence or push really good at doing that inhaling same thing outing is everything even
arms in this keep alive I really important from there you going to bird dog which is really
right angles outlet like go back in a straight line out the whole this personally love you
were gonna hoop her pro-war purposes hold it you find a
nice nicer blood flow to gauge when lower
back your shoulder a little bit temping is important guy that may not seem it extremely important you know any sort of
the overhead lifting for me at that point you are ready for any sort of body work at the thing
about out if you’re about to do something really heavy How to Warm Up Before Workout – Upper Body we don’t like their love thing if you
get is that even like a heavier bench flat bench in commenting like that I
personally like to do to set up a ship’s a nice
slow so to push ups they can engage the muscle really cozy expanding the chest and
engaging adjust the and i doing the proper improper form philibosian and even for shoulders
mother do you know even isolate Israel this the like a
lottery the military press I personally like to help push ups period out to help
any questions him the comment again center Tyler from
a not be study buddies over the years I do also cause people to full workouts
if you need help but I just at right away fallen trees and plants
containers fewer measurable portions which is the most
important was only anyways as going to need help technology new
pictures and struck the Gulf botsford How to Warm Up Before Workout – Upper Body and all sorts of fun stuff to make sure
to subscribe on thanks a lot guys haven’t are today hope this helped me
out other intervention go silly


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