How to Use Supersets, Trisets, & Giant Sets for Muscle Growth

what is up muscle and strength
I am Joe Bennett here with redcon1 and I’m gonna discuss trisets supersets
giant sets where do they have a place you know especially as far as muscle
building goals are as goals change so first it depends on your goal you
know so we’ll talk about supersets first let’s talk about pairing agonist and
antagonist if your goal is weight loss the tool of strength training basically
is just to use as much muscle groups as possible as often as you can recover
from normally body parts don’t need as much
recovery the newer you are so you can train things a little bit more often
and sometimes that’s because your form is the limiting factor when you’re brand
new to something so if you’re just learning how to squat you’re just
learning how to deadlift or whatever your movements are starting with lots of
times you can do them more often because you’re not doing them strict enough
really to tax your body to need more recovery so lots of times a great split
for some people starting out might be like a Monday Wednesday Friday and
you’re training your entire body if that’s the case it makes a lot of sense
to maybe pair push and a pull an example that we’ll be pairing a chest press with
some sort of row variation if you’re going to do a superset for the
same body part what is a good thought process well a good thought process is
you wouldn’t want a superset two exercises that load the muscle the exact
same way in the exact same position so in my opinion you wouldn’t want to do a
free weight preacher curl and then a machine preacher curl it’s almost the
exact same exercise you might want to do something that loads that exercise and
it’s extreme ranges of motion so you might want to load something that loads
the bicep short maybe like a high curl and then loads the bicep in a lengthened
position maybe like an incline dumbbell curl so again those are just some
general overview as far as when can you use super sets trisets giant sets again I kind of put
him in the same category again the application could be the same thing so
if you’re doing giant sets one I think they can make a lot of sense again for
weight loss because if you’re pairing even if you’re going and antagonist agonist if you’re going upper body lower body whatever if you’re pairing
four or five six exercises back to back the goal there is output you know it’s
how much metabolic output can I get in a relatively short period of time for most
people I would say giant sets of the same body part you really have to be in
that very very advanced category of athlete so hope that helps give you some
guidelines for when to superset when to giant set again dependent on goal and
dependent on how far along you are in your training journey this is Joe
Bennett with muscle and strength red con1 until next time


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