How to Use Beachbody on Demand

Hello friends and workout buddies! I am making
this video because Tim asked if you get Beachbody on demand, the premium club membership, can
you do you any workout routine within any program the time you like? Now you do you get anywhere from 28 to 30
different Beachbody workout programs to do. So let me show you how this works. I am in my team Beachbody .Com site and I
go over here where it says Beachbody on demand, click that, and then what will happen is this
will show up right here. As you scroll down the top row will be all the programs, the
DVD programs that you purchased will go on the top row. Then the next row is and the member library.
When you get the premium club membership, not the free club membership but the premium,
you’re going to have access to over 28 Beachbody workout programs. Now the premium is $38.87 once every three
months. That comes out to about $2.99 a week. Not only will it give you access to all of
these but it will also now give you and 10% discount off anything that you purchase. When you scroll over it you see that, it will
show you right there that this is a 60 day program. That each workout routine is anywhere
from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. So now I will click on it and what will happen is the insanity
program will pop up. When you see here is all the different workout routines within
the insanity workout program. So yes you can click on any routine you want
to do for that day. Now let’s say you don’t want to do the entire insanity workout program,
that’s great all you have to do, let’s say you want to do the pure cardio that day on
insanity. And then
next day I might want to do a weightlifting program. So I go over to see, here’s your
muscle building, here’s the P90X3, 90 days, 30 minutes a day. But you just want to pick
out one workout routine. So you go through here like this and here are your workouts,
right there. So you can mix it up all you want to when you have the premium club membership. I love the Beachbody on demand. I always order
the DVD programs so I can do those at home, but when I travel I don’t want to carry around
my DVD player or worry about whether there is a DVD player in the hotel and have to haul
all my dvds with me. I just live stream them here on the Beachbody on demand. I hope this answers your question and if you
do not yet and if anyone watching this does not yet have the premium club membership for
just $38.87 once every three months, the link will be down in the description below. Hope you all have a healthy and fit day.


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