How to Use an Exercise Ball : Working Your Calves With an Exercise Ball

In this segment we’re really going to focus
on something that we haven’t touched on quiet as much throughout the rest of our exercise
and that’s the heel and the calve muscle. We’ve always worked it every time that we
were keeping ourself stabled but this time it’s going to be our focal point for our workout.
You’re going to find a comfortable spot on top of your ball until you feel stable that
you’re not actually going to go anywhere. Feet, I say just about shoulder width the
length apart. They can be a little closer, a little further, it’s not that important.
And then you’re just going to go up on your toe and do a raise. Now this may seem kind
of simple but the entire time this ball is moving around me. So while we’re doing so,
you really need to keep that core tight. Think of balance, it doesn’t matter where you put
your hands at. I like to put them on my thighs here and just press those toes up into the
ground. You’re going to feel your body weight pushed in too because the ball is not keeping
you as balanced as you would like. But that’s going to create more of a workout for your
calf and your heel and the rest back part of your leg here. Just continue on out, add
as many repetitions as you can. I’d say probably three sets of 20 because this is a simpler
exercise but you’re definitely going to continue to feel it as you keep going.


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