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When it comes to cooking, garlic is one of
our favourite ingredients. And it’s such a versatile ingredient that
it can be used in almost any savoury dish. Roasted with some proteins, stir-fried in
some vegetables, blended into a creamy pasta sauce. The list goes on and on. Personally, we absolutely love the flavour
and aroma of garlic so when a recipe calls for two cloves of garlic, you’ll somehow
justify to yourself that you really should be putting in five or six. And the best part is that you don’t feel
too guilty about it because garlic is healthy. Garlic can be used to help lower cholesterol
levels and blood pressure, and prevent cancer, heart attacks, coronary heart disease, and
atherosclerosis. This superfood can also be used to help treat
the common cold, the flu, bug bites, fungal infections, and traveller’s diarrhoea. Garlic is great for strengthening your immune
system while eliminating toxins, leading many people to consume it after chemotherapy. But while you love cooked garlic, garlic in
its raw form is apparently how you’re going to get the best results. This is because heating garlic has been shown
to reduce its anticancer properties and inactivate a key enzyme called alliinase. What you’ll want to do to maximise the health
benefits of garlic is to crush it up raw, releasing the enzymes that will break down
into good organosulfur compounds, and then eat it on an empty stomach. But raw garlic is incredibly pungent, so try
this. Take 2 or 3 garlic cloves, chop up and crush
them, and mix it with a tablespoon of honey. If you can consume it this way on a regular
basis, it can go a long way in boosting your immune system and also healthy with anti-bacterial
properties. Garlic and honey may seem like odd ingredients
to put together, but combining them results in an impressive immune-boosting substance
that will keep your body healthy and strong.

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