How To Row Classes – Exercise workout routines to suit your at home fitness

My name is Reese and today I’m going to teach you exactly how to roll so you can get the most out of the indoor rowing machine I’ve taught over a hundred and fifty thousand people just like you the proper form you need and one of my RowBots has lost over 80 pounds of body fat and built 30 pounds of muscle in under a year! Sitting nice and tall, tight core reach those hands forward and grab the handle. Without leaning back I want you to extend your legs. After your legs are extended then you can lean back, finish off by pulling the handle in to the midsection. Elbows flared. Now arms forward, lean forward, legs last. Again sit nice and tall and without leaning back extend your legs, now core, then arms, arms core legs last. Smooth it out in one motion now legs core arms, arms core and then legs. You can see that the heels come up and off of the foot board as you reach that handle forward. That allows you to get as much water as you can up at the catch. You only deliver power into the water when that handle is driving backwards, so you want to make sure that you’ve got the longest stroke possible. By following the simple mantra of legs core arms, arms core legs it will give you the confidence and the ability to use any rowing machine that you can get your hands on. At home, in your favorite gym or on vacation, you will now have the tools for an amazing workout. For more great videos be sure to subscribe. Like what you see? Use the thumbs up button to let us know. In that comment section below you will find the link to try out an entire class on me. Til next time row nation Ready // Set // Row

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