How to make customers love your support | LiveChat

Hi, I’m Ed Kushins. I’m the president of, and customer service, of course, is really
important to us and to our members. They want to get answers to the questions when they have them and we want to provide them. About six months
ago we came to the realization that traditional customer service was getting backlogged, by that I mean telephone and email, and we decided to try LiveChat. The implementation process was a breeze. I think it was only one or two days
until we got the whole system up and running, and our customers love it but even more
importantly our customer service people really like LiveChat. They found a way to answer questions quickly, personally, and giving the customer the support that they need. Beyond the customer service aspect of it, we found that LiveChat is really an opportunity for us to use that customer contact for some marketing purposes, not that we really push the marketing side of it, but we found it really valuable in gathering marketing information, and actually using that conversation to sometimes help our marketing effort in getting members to either renew or join in the first place. So LiveChat has really worked out well for us.

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