How To Make Almond Milk – IIFYM – Flexible Dieting

Hi, I’m Caithleen Heffernan, author of the
Bikini Model Cookbook. And today’s recipe is homemade almond milk.
All right, to make the almond milk, all you need is some water, almonds, some form of
a sweetener. You can either use fresh almonds or, I like to soak my almonds. It’s being
soaked right here with the dates right now. It gives it a lot more flavor when you soak
them longer. It lets the flavor come out of the milk.
So there’s one variation that I use for the almond milk right now that I’m really
liking, and it’s a chocolate-flavored almond milk. I like to use raw cacao nibs and I will
soak those in the almonds just so they kind of get a little bit more soft before you throw
them in the blender. All right, so I got my blender here, and I
have four cups of water. And I’m going to add my soaked almonds. Actually, first I had
strained them. So I’ll be right back. These dates are really looking gross and soggy.
So mine have pits in them. Make sure you don’t throw your pit in there, because that would
suck. So dates are pretty high in sugar and calories. These dates here have 70 calories
per date, so don’t use too many of them. They’re very sweet.
You add the almonds, and then you give it a good blend. Now, I’m going to take the
almond milk and pour into the sieve. I think that’s what it’s called. Correct me if
I’m wrong. When it starts to kind of settle at the top, I take out my spoon and just pat
it down, and I give it a stir. I try and release as much of the juice as I can into the container
for my almond milk. So now we have this milk that’s left over
from the blender, from the sieve, and into the container it goes. You may prefer to have
a slightly sweeter almond milk, and so on that note, I would Epicure Maple Sugar or
I really like all-natural honey. The other thing that I would do is use Epicure Vanilla,
or in the cookbook, The Bikini Model Cookbook, this is one of my recipes. It’s top secret,
but I would use my homemade vanilla recipe, or in this recipe, there’s all-natural vanilla
pods. So I would grab one of these vanilla beans and stick it right in the milk, which
is what I’m going to do, because it’s my favorite thing to do with them. Split it
down the middle, and throw it into the milk after it’s been soaking in my homemade vanilla.
And it gives it a lot of vanilla flavor – all natural, and it just really spikes it.
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