How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Are you a busy person that wants to lose weight
without having to exercise? Do you want to be able to actually save time
while dropping weight extremely quickly? In this video, I’m going to be sharing a number
of tips on how you can lose weight extremely fast all without ever exercising. It’s time for your mentoring appointment. Let’s get started. Are you trying to get rid of extra body fat
without having to exercise? Are you a busy person? Maybe you’re a stay at home mom, maybe you’re
a business owner and you have this idea that the process of slimming down has to take lots
of time? My friend, it doesn’t. In today’s video, I’m going to share a number
of strategies to help you get rid of that extra body fat the fastest way possible without
ever having to exercise. A lot of people are trying to get of extra
body fat. But let’s face it. A lot of people don’t have extra 3 hours per
day to spend at the gym. So many people contact me and they say, “Eric,
I want to join your program. I want to release this weight as quickly as
possible. But I don’t have lots of extra time.” My answer actually surprises a lot of people. The process of slimming down can actually
be quite quick and enjoyable and does not have to require spending hours and hours killing
yourself in the gym.A lot of people are starting to come across of magician Penn Jillette who
was one of the stars of the hit magician show in Las Vegas Penn and Teller. He was overweight for a number of years. In fact, he maxed out over 340 pounds. For a long time he thought that the process
of slimming down had to include lots and lots of exercise and so, he did nothing with it. It wasn’t until one of his friends told him
that the process of slimming down actually did not have to include exercise whatsoever
that he then began to take action. A lot of people have this misconception. I’m guessing you’re one of them which is why
you click on this video. As long as you’re in a proper caloric deficit,
meaning, you’re consuming the right amount of calories and the right amount of macro-nutrient
break down, meaning, the correct number of protein, the correct amount of fat and the
correct amount of carbohydrates; can you actually release weight without any exercise whatsoever. In fact, when he does specking engagements,
this is one of the first things that he tells people. He says, “I lost 100 pounds in a single season. About 90 days. And I did it so without any exercise whatsoever.” He allows his body to go into Caloric deficit. And then allowed it to eats it’s own fat which
have been stored for q quite few years and order to then survive. When you are in Caloric Deficit, exercise
then simply becomes the icing on the cake, In fact, in a lot of cases, doing extra exercise
can actually slow down the process because over doing it can have a negative effect on
your metabolic rate. The rule of thumb for most people when it
comes to reaching your ideal weight when it comes to calories is taking your ideal body
weight, multiply it by 11 and then consuming that many calories per day. And the rule of thumb when it comes to macro-nutrient
breakdown is taking your body weight, multiplying it by 8 and consuming that many grams of protein
per day. For a lot of people, the amount of carbohydrates
and fat that the consume on top of that protein as long as they stick within that caloric
range doesn’t tend to matter. For a lot of people, as long as they’re in
that caloric deficit and they are consuming whole plants. Meaning, they are alkizing their body and
they’re flushing out of that extra toxin, that extra fat, they will lose weight without
having to exercise. In fact, for a lot of people, this can actually
be faster. For a lot of people that want to lose weight
extremely quickly, exercise can actually slow that process. Now, is this the case for everyone? Of course not. Are there benefits to exercising? Of course there are. Cardio vascular exercise can help speed up
the number of calories that you burn per day. Certain types of exercise such as high intensity
interval training can allow your body to burn more while you’re resting. When you’re doing lifting, you could put on
more muscle which then has a higher metabolic affect on your body allowing you to burn more
calories every single day. But again, it isn’t necessary. For a lot of people that simply haven’t made
any progress that’s simply haven’t even started because they think they has to take so much
time, this is a great place to start for you. Instead of focusing on getting your works-out
in, consume less meals per day. “Wait a second, Eric. Aren’t they going to gain weight? Like, Isn’t that going to like totally destroy
my metabolism?” No. That in fact is a misconception that has since
been debunked. Up until a number of years ago, a lot of nutritionist
and higher education schools such as medical schools, chiropractic schools taught that
in order to keep a person’s metabolism up, they had several times though out the day. Thankfully, this is since then debunked because
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my entire day eating and I especially
don’t want to spend my entire day exercising. When you reduce the amount of times you eat,
you’ll not only reduce the amount of insulin that has spiked in your blood stream, but
you also reduce that amount of time you spend preparing and consuming meals. Thus, bring up a lot of extra time to do what
it is to that you want to do. This is what we do with a lot of our clients
in our Fall In Love With Yourself online program. We teach them how to actually reduce the amount
of meals to eat per day thus again, freeing up a lot of other time to work on their businesses
or spending with their families. And without even exercising, they begin to
slim down. Now, is this the right path for you? Maybe. Maybe not. Another key ingredient is finding out exactly
what your personal body needs in order to release weight the fastest way possible. If you’re really serious doing so, I strongly
recommend receiving a weigh reduction and metabolism assessment. This is a way to find out exactly how many
calories your body needs, exactly what type of macro-nutrient break down your body needs,
exactly what type of exercise you need if applicable. If anything is interfering with your metabolism
and if there’s any emotional or mental blockages keeping extra body fat on you. This is way to take all the guess work out
of it for you. Thus, saving much more time. If you would like more information or if you
want to schedule metabolism assessment, simply send an email to [email protected] You can schedule one and piratically anywhere
in the world. Schedule a time and we can remove all the
guess work out of it for you. Now, there assessments are usually $500 and
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