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– What’s up, elite ThenX athletes. It’s Chris Heria Welcome to another
video of official ThenX. Today we’re going to
show you how to look more muscular fast for summer. (electronic music) Alright, so let’s get started. So today, we’re going to
be showing you how to look more muscular fast, for summer. So first, let’s identify
what makes a person look more muscular. Well, if you would look in the cartoons, or a Disney movie, something like that, and you always see the jacked guy, always has a really big upper body, big shoulders, wide lats, a big back and he always
has a tight tight waist. That is want gives you the appearance, the illusion that you’re actually bigger. And the reason why is because of the waist to shoulder ratio. Now this is normally the goal for people when they are trying
to look more aesthetic, when they’re trying to go to the gym and just basically get in shape. And just working out every single day, obviously is not going to get you there. You know, a person could
go into the gym, just like another person, and spend
the same amount of time, and go the same amount of days, and they’re going to come out
of the gym looking completely different depending on
their workout exercises, depending on their workout programming, what they’re eating even, what they’re rests are like, so everything is a result
of what you’re doing in the gym and what you’re
doing outside of the gym. So you can’t just expect
to work out and then you’re gonna look like that. A lot of people that go to the gym, and they’re trying to achieve this look, they are going to a gym, and the ac is on, they’re normally sitting
down during their workout. Being as comfortable as possible, and they’re most likely doing some type of isolation exercise. Just because it’s most convenient there, there’s so many machines that you can use to isolate a particular part of your body. Right? Now when you’re working out
with the mentality of like okay, I need to change my chest, and now I need to change my triceps. It’s going to be easier to develop some type of muscle and balance, or you’re not going to
give yourself that look, you might think you are, but you’re not, and this is why. A lot of times when you’re doing these isolation movements you
are just focusing on one muscle right? So you might even get
really big or really ripped in that particular muscle, but you’re going to start
looking like a square. Like a lot of the people that
you see coming from the gym. They might develop those muscles, but they still don’t have that v shape and the reason why is because first of all when you’re going to the gym and the ac is on, you’re
not breaking that sweat, you’re not going to get
that heart rate up as easy, as fast, and you’re not
going to burn as much fat or lose as much water with tension. Now, also when you’re sitting
down during your workout, there are muscles that can be activating as you’re standing up, or as you’re doing compound movements, that are gonna involuntarily affect the other parts of your body, activating other muscles in your body that’s gonna work them out involuntary, that’s gonna get you more shredded, and normally it’s the stabilizing muscles that’s gonna get you
that more muscular look. And you’re not affecting them when you’re just sitting down in your workout. And if you’re doing exercises all the time that are just isolated, you’re never gonna hit those
other muscles that you hit when you’re doing compound exercises, and when you’re doing compound exercises, you’re gonna be building
more testosterone, you’re going to be getting
bigger because you’re doing compound exercises. You’re working out more
muscles, more frequently than just trying to get the ones that you think that you need. Now the thing about calisthenics, is that if you see a lot
of people that do a lot of calisthenics, they all
kind of very similarly have the same body
structure, the same look, the reason why is because
calisthenics is basically based upon compound movement. When you’re doing a pull up
you’re activating your lats, your delts, your back, your core, literally the exact
muscles that you need to get you that look that you’re looking for. That v shape look, also when you’re doing calisthenics, you are engaging your core
with every single exercise that you’re doing. So you’re always involuntarily
affecting your core and other stabilizing
muscles, other muscles when you’re just trying to do a workout, for example, if you’re having
a back day in calisthenics, or a push and pull day, you’re going to be
affecting other muscles, regardless, your delts, your core, whether you want to or not. And that is the different
between training comfortably in a gym, and doing a lot
of isolated work outs, and having that type of
programing, and actually getting active, doing compound moments, using your body to do a
lot of these workouts, and make your body work for it. So now we’re going to show you a workout that’s gonna make you look
a whole lot more muscular fast for summer, that’s
gonna engage the muscles that will actually make you look bigger, more muscular. Which is gonna be the shoulders, the lats, the back and the core. And in fact, if you’re
following all the workouts, on this channel, you’re following
the videos on this channel if you’re member to our website, and you have full access to
all our workout programs, you’re gonna end up getting that v shape, you’re gonna end up looking like that, involuntarily, regardless, because our whole programing
and practice is based around these compound movements that are going to shape your body to look like that. So now, we have a workout
that’s going to make you look more muscular fast for summer, that are going to engage
the muscles that are gonna shape your body to look
more of that v look, more muscular. So the first exercise
is gonna be pull ups, with the wide grip. Then we’re going to go
into Australian pull up, wide, shoulder, close. Next we have hand stand
pushups against the wall. Then we’re gonna go into
shoulder taps from there. Then upside down dead
lifts then we’ll go into hanging leg raises plus
hanging knee raises then we’ll move into plank side to side next we have dumbbell shrugs, then chin ups into head bangers, and last we have lateral
raises into rear delt flies. Now we’re gonna do all these
exercises about 8 to 15 reps each, so we can create hypertrophy for some muscle growth. So if you guys are ready, lets get started with the first exercise. Pull ups with the wide grip. Now if you watched our video how to start calisthenics, pull ups, you
will know how to do these pull ups right here, but if
you’re still having trouble, you can use a resistance
band, go ahead and watch the video so you can
see all the progressions that you can be doing, if you
can’t yet do some pull ups. Alright, so lets go with that wide grip. (electronic music) Alright, moving on, now we’re going go into
Australian pull ups. Wide, shoulder and closed grip. So if you’ve watched the video on how to calisthenic pull ups, you’ll know how to engage the gears in your back and your arms to be able to do this move correctly and more efficiently. So lets start straight, from our heel to our shoulder. Start with the wide grip, we’re gonna pull back the scapula’s. Pull back from the elbows, squeeze the back and last
squeeze the hands and let down. Alright, shoulder. (electronic music) Close. (electronic music) Alright, whew. Okay. Next handstand pushups against the wall. If you guys need a rest 30
seconds to a minute is perfect just don’t wait too long. Alright, lets go for it. (electronic music) Alright, gonna do some shoulder taps. If you need to take a
break go ahead and get back down and go back up. (electronic music) Should have pushed that scapula down, push it down, down. (electronic music) Alright, that was pretty good. Alright, next we have
upside down dead lifts. Let’s go for it. (electronic music) Make sure when you’re doing this move, don’t swing, cause it’s
actually gonna make it harder. Use your core, do it properly. Here we go, upside down dead lifts. Lift, all the way up. Push with your hips. Make sure your body stays close. To the bar. (electronic music) You can even go half way, then back up. (electronic music) Alright, next move we
have hanging leg raises. And then we’re going to go straight into hanging knee raises. Don’t forget to breathe guys, it’s going to make it a whole lot easier, don’t hold your breath, it will
be a lot harder to do these. Alright, hanging leg raises. (electronic music) Yeah, I’m already feeling that. Alright, so the next exercise, plank from side to side. (electronic music) Alright, whew! What’s next? Dumbbell shrugs. So we’re almost done, now we
got to pick up these things. (electronic music) Whew! Alright, almost done. Now we have chin ups, to head bangers. Let’s go for it. (triumphant electronic music) Alright, next we have lateral raises to rear delt flies, and that completes the workout. Lets go for it. (triumphant electronic music) Whew! Alright, so that’s round one. You want to do this a total of three rounds to complete the workout. So do this workout to look
more muscular fast for summer. And it’s definitely going to
turn you into a beast too. That’s just a plus. And for more workouts, just like this, that’s gonna get you in the
best shape of your life, know exactly what to do ,step by step, every single day, to getting into the
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Sunday, 8 pm USA Eastern time. (electronic music)


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