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And…oh I did it! Ohh Oh! Ho! Got it? Sharzad? Yes Susan? What comes to mind when I say wellness? Ah…well, you know, hehe when you get into your 30s, it’s something you need to pay attention to quite a bit because newsflash, things don’t stay the same like they did in your 20s. 30s, you have to take care of yourself a lot more. You know, I actually think you need to start taking care of yourself in your 20s or maybe even sooner because it catches up to you in your 30s. And your 40s, and your 50s… For me, in my 20s, I could drink vodka for breakfast and like, be fine, and in my 30s.. I definitely don’t remember sleeping in my 20s Oh, never, never, never, never I know a lot of people are always asking about like, how you lost your weight and people are always asking me about like, my skincare tips and stuff but I do feel like there’s an overall like, wellness component to it. Yes! Right? And that brings us to this video. Susan, what are we doing today? Today, you guys, we partnered with DermStore, they are known actually for their skincare products but a lot of people don’t realize they sell wellness products too because you know, it is, it’s all about that overarching component of wellness. If you want to have like, beautiful hair and beautiful skin, have the best body of your life, you have to focus on all of it. Right? Yes you do. So we’re gonna talk about that, we’re gonna talk about losing weight, we’re gonna talk about our skincare tips, all of that. I’m so excited. Me too. Before we get into this video, we have a giveaway with DermStore and all of these fabulous products. But you have to keep watching the video to find out how to enter. Alright, so what do we want to hit first? So I feel like the overwhelming question that we get on The SASS is how did you lose your weight. Well it’s been over 2 years since I had Cyrus, my youngest baby Idris, my oldest was a year and a half when I got pregnant again so it felt like I was just this accordian, you know, up and down, back and forth, and that with my weight. So it just, it took me a really long time to lose the weight, to be honest, there was nothing really drastic that I feel like I did and I certainly didn’t lose weight right away. Second time around, I was a lot kinder to myself and I didn’t put any pressure on myself to like, lose weight or put jeans on or do any horrible things like that. I was just really in the moment and I wanted to nurse. I nursed Cyrus for a long time. I was not one of those unicorns that just like, nurses and weight just melts off your body. Me either, that was such a lie to me, I mean I know it does happen to some people but I was like, looking forward to that, to like, breastfeeding and eating anything I wanted and then losing all the weight. I gained weight while I was breastfeeding. Yeah, I remember you said that. I mean, I gained so much weight with both of my pregnancies but with Cyrus, the first like, 30ish pounds came off like, relatively quickly like, in the first six months without really trying because I do, truly in my heart, gravitate towards healthy food. I didn’t grow up eating fast food and I really like to eat healthy, I like how I feel. So I started eating healthy but I also just don’t like, lose weight that easily. I have to work really, really hard, um Do you think in your 30s it’s even harder to lose weight? Oh yes, I mean, so much harder. Yeah and then you throw kids in the mix and you really feel like you have no time to focus on your own wellness and stuff especially for me, like that first year, year and a half, being a mom of two, I felt like I was drowning a lot of the time so it was hard to find time to like, you know, work out and be healthy, but I did work out with a trainer and do these bootcamps and I covered a lot of that on my personal channel. I had like, that last like, 20 pounds that just felt like it was stuck that just sort of drove me insane and that 20 pounds took like, a year to get off my body. I mean it was no overnight thing. Tell us like, what the average week looked like for you. So when I was going hard with the bootcamps, I was working out like 5 days a week and I loved it, it was really fun because it got me back into working out and I think for me, when I’m on like, a pretty hardcore workout kick, if I know that I have to be up at like, 6 or 7 the next day to work out, I’m not gonna eat a big dinner. So that’s gonna help me prep because I know I’m gonna have a better workout I’m not gonna drink. Drinking, eat dessert, and all that stuff because you know, Yeah, you know, I don’t have a sweet tooth, I like sweets every now and then, but I have a wine tooth, a vodka tooth, a tequila tooth, um, so that’s like, something that I really tried to cut out a lot when I was going hard in the beginning with like, my bootcamp I feel like dropping alcohol really does…it does help It does help. You know, I’m one of those people that like, I’m not really that hungry in the morning, I can do a light salad for lunch, and then dinner comes around and I’m like, “Dinner’s here! Yes!” And then it’s like, a 2000 calorie meal. See I’m the opposite, I’m like I know, and that’s why you’ve never had an issue No no, the morning starts off for me, like I started with a cinnamon roll today and then I go like a big lunch, but by nighttime, I’m just done, I’m like eh and I’m not a drinker, but I do have a sweet tooth. See, it’s so much better to be that way, and when I was like, going hard with workouts and stuff, I tried to have a bigger meal like, in the middle of the day so at night, I could feel like, a little bit lighter because it felt good, I started like, loving that feeling of going to bed and waking up with like, a not such a full stomach. Yep I don’t know if you’ve ever really stuffed yourself to oblivion, but I have when you don’t do that and you go to bed with like, a light feeling, you know, I felt like I was sleeping better, and then I was waking up with more energy I feel like your stomach adjusts to that too, then you start eating less and less on a regular basis. Your stomach’s not like, just keep going, just keep going. And when you’re eating nutritious stuff. Yes, yeah. Right? Like your stomach tells you, you know what, you’re full. You’ve got lots of nutrition going on. I wish my stomach would say that a little louder so I could hear it more but yeah. You also had like a group component to it too, like I feel like you became like, really good friends with a lot of the girls you were working out with. That was so monumental for me too because when I was part of these bootcamps with Lacey Stone, I was part of a team. And I loved being part of a team and I never missed a workout because I was actually kinda jealous, I was like, who are these [bleep]? They were so fun, I loved them, we all went to Greece together and people thought it was like, a singles trip but it was like with my workout friends. You guys, people have actually come up to Sharzad and been like, I’m so proud of you for going on a single trip I was like, wait what? Yeah, no it was like we all worked out really hard together for a year and then we celebrated in Greece working out on the beach and like doing really fun things and eating healthy. But having the group component was huge because when you’re part of a team, you never wanna let your teammate down. So you show up to the workouts. And you were scheduling yourselves too. That is so, so, so huge. When I put something in my calendar, like, it’s happening. If I just tell myself like, I should work out tomorrow, I’m never gonna do it. In Los Angeles, a lot of the workouts you have to sign up beforehand because they’re so popular and everybody here is so fit that you like, have to get a slot like if it’s a cycling class, or yoga, pilates, or whatever, you sign up online and I think that’s good because then you commit to going Yeah, or they’ll charge you too. Or they’ll charge you and you’re like, well that was 30 bucks. So the tips are you got into some like, intense workouts, I did, yeah. Bootcamp style, you like kind of built like, your group, I did, yeah, I built a group. that you’re gonna like, work out with and you scheduled yourself. Scheduled myself, yeah, and I cut down on alcohol. I did, I naturally eat healthy. Anybody that knows me knows that I like, love to eat healthy. So for me it was about like cutting back on um, the amount that I was eating too. Not necessarily what I was eating but And was there meal planning? ‘Cause… Yes. That’s a big part right? Yeah, meal planning is huge. I think if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Well, you know, I bring that up because Ta-da! What’s that, Susan? Whatcha got there? Well it’s part of the giveaway from DermStore, there is a meal planning kit. I love that! It’s kinda cute It’s actually awesome for kids, right? It’s so cute, yeah I think the most important thing for me to get across is that A, it is possible to get like, a body back where you feel really great and strong, it’s not the old body that I had but I like this body. This body produced two awesome, healthy kids. Beautiful boys So I love them so much. And, and also, it takes time for some people. It, I would say it took me two years to feel good about my uh, you know, body. And that– I actually, same. You know, I didn’t feel like I gained that much weight after I had a baby but I definitely I had to get used to my new body Yeah I didn’t like, just, naturally like, drop all the weight. And it did take some time. It took me almost two years. As you guys know, Susan is a totally hot babe. Oh well, you’re a hot babe. And um, nobody asked about your body because your body was always bangin You were never a before Susan, to become an after I mean, I did get braces and when we were editing that video I realized you laughed at me the whole time. Sorry. Everybody, myself included, is obsessed with your face and your skin. Thank you. And is this the best skin of your life? I would say that I really love my skin, but I really put a lot of attention into it. I feel like I really know a lot about skin now And…You know more about skin than anybody I’ve ever met like when I see Susan like, schooling dermatologists and aestheticians and I’m like mhm, just watch her, just I don’t school dermatologists but we do have some good talks. I will get in a fight with an aesthetician though. Not all aestheticians are created equal. There are good ones and there are bad ones. Yeah, and but you like, know the lingo like, alpha-hydroxy and humectant, you know a lot about skincare. You know more about skincare than anybody I’ve ever met. I actually think water is one of the most important components of having nice skin but here’s my tip, and another DermStore plug but um, this, they sell this on DermStore. It’s a water bottle, obviously. Part of the giveaway. Vodka bottle. What I tell people is to fill up a water bottle and to put lemon juice in it and I’ve said this before and a lot of people will say like oh, lemon will like, disintegrate my teeth or the enamel or whatever, put a little dash of salt then. ‘Cause the whole point is you’re supposed to do that so you have the electrolytes in your body and you’re absorbing the water I’ll talk to people and they’re like, oh I drink like, 100 oz a day or something like that and they’re like, but I feel like I’m still dehydrated, or you look at their skin and they have surface dryness and what the problem tends to be is that they’re not drinking enough water and what they’re doing is they’re drinking the water and it’s just flushing everything out of their system good and bad and it’s not absorbing, and you want the water to absorb otherwise you’re just peeing, right? You’re like, constantly in the restroom peeing, peeing, peeing, it’s like you’re pregnant. Yeah, well you need to put some salt or some lemon. Just a few drops of lemon juice, and that really helps your body absorb the water. And you’ll see such a difference, like, go like 20 days, 30 days, something like that drinking water with lemon in it or a little dash of salt. I prefer the lemon because it feels like a nice drink to me and it doesn’t bother my teeth at all, but if it bothers your teeth, do a little dash of salt. I’m all about the water bottles now anyway. Drink a few of these And it’s gonna change your skin and it’s gonna change your body. Yeah, yeah. Water. Water. That’s tip number one for me. But I do feel like what you’re putting in your body is a huge difference, it makes a huge difference. I’m really big about my supplements these days. Finding quality supplements that’s definitely a big deal for me, investing in your skincare is a big one. A lot of people give me a hard time, they’re like, that’s expensive, yeah, or like, this, this, you guys, I keep trying to find you stuff that I feel like isn’t expensive and every once in a while, today included, I tried a product this morning and I was like, nope, I can’t recommend this. It had decent reviews and it was cheap, it was 10 bucks, yeah, and I was like, so excited to be able to share that, but it just didn’t live up to what I wanted it to, and so I really feel like investing in really good skincare, finding good skincare at least, even if you’re not spending a lot of money on it, finding good skincare is a big deal. I feel like massage, lymphatic drainage, we do that a lot here on The SASS. We’re constantly you know, like jade rollers are a really big thing. Yes. Also part of the giveaway It’s really pretty, huh? Just put a little oil on your face, roll it up, always up Always up You’re just getting that circulation going, making your skin look really nice, making sure that it’s still moving. I even tell people like, slow down with the Botox every once in a while. Give it a break, let your muscles move again. Yeah You know? And just really, really, focus on yourself, like what you’re doing on the inside definitely affects what’s happening on the outside too. Yeah, yeah. And you can do those facial exercises that we taught you, you know what I mean. Oh yeah. That was a good video. 1 and 2 and 3 and One of the questions I got when I was pregnant was like, how do I prevent stretch marks. Oh yeah. And you know, a lot of people are doing the whole like, they’re putting on oils and lotions and creams and stuff after they’ve gotten out of the shower, but I was all about scrubs and you know, like, I feel like I’m just plugging a lot of the products but this was one of my favorite scrubs to use, I actually put it in a video while I was pregnant and I said that I love this scrub, not only because it gets the circulation going, it exfoliates your skin, OH MY GOD, smells amazing, and it moisturized my skin in the shower and I feel like that’s just good. You’re like helping to ease like that stretching of your skin and stuff, that way it’s not just like, sudden. You know, these things are important you guys. You gotta look at the whole picture. You do have to look at the whole picture, but just a side note, this, anything with rose and I don’t know why I’ve never smelled anything with coconut and rose, but that’s genius. It’s beautiful. This is so yummy. It was all I used while I was pregnant. One thing that I’m obsessed with, is sleep. Yes. I think about sleep, I dream about sleep, I talk about sleep, it’s my number one fantasy. Would you say that you sleep better now or that you pay attention to sleep, or not sleeping so well right now well that’s good for inside outside health. You know what, I will say, though, when I’m sleeping, when I really am like, getting a lot of sleep and we go through that, you know like, in the beginning of having a child I didn’t sleep that much but as we’ve like, gone to a sleep schedule and everything and we started sleeping again God, I felt like I looked and just felt so much better like a real human being and that really does– I know, I know what you mean, it makes such a big difference you start to realize how important your sleep is. Yeah, I plan my life around when I can sleep. Like I’ve always been an early riser and like a go to bed early kind of person but man, when it’s 9 o’clock, mm, mm, mm I am ready for bed. For the most part like maybe I’ll stay up till 10 Yup. But sleep is like one of the most important things in my life right now. I know. I send you text messages sometimes after 10pm and I know I’m not gonna get a response from you. No. I don’t look at my phone usually after like 8 either. It’s so good, it’s so good. That’s healthy. Yeah, that’s mental health. Put the phone down, you guys, put the phone down. I put the phone down a lot these days. And I remember to like, look at people and have human connection which is good for your innards too. Feeling good on the inside makes you feel good on the outside, you know, it’s all a whole thing. And having good girlfriends. Yes! You know, Susan just never drinks wine with me though. She’s had wine twice with me I think. I drink wine with you, I’ll at least hold it. She’ll hold it, I’ll drink a glass, and then she’ll have like this much left and she’ll just dump it in my glass. ‘Cause she knows. That’s friendship. Mhm, that is friendship, yeah. That is friendship. So anyway, you guys saw we talked a lot about the products that DermStore is giving away because we wanted you to see them but I really thought this was a great opportunity to talk to you guys about wellness and looking hot in your 30s. Yeah! We’re trying to do that, obviously, hello! Very much, very much trying to. But DermStore is giving away these items that you guys saw, it’s all really great stuff, stuff that I love, mhm, I mean that body scrub you guys, I can’t, I just, I want It’s pretty amazing. Can you– I– is there smell-o-vision yet? Yeah, yeah. So to enter their giveaway, you wanna hit them with it? So to enter the giveaway, you have to follow @DermStore on Instagram and follow the participating brands on Instagram. Yep, you have to like the giveaway post, and you also have to tag a friend. Yes, look in the description if you’re confused on what we just said, all the details on how to enter will be in there. Easy, breezy. Super easy breezy, and you know what, thank you DermStore. Thank you DermStore for giving us this opportunity to just share this information with you guys. I feel like we don’t have like, straight conversations with our viewers. I know, it’s fun. We get to sit and hang out with you guys and talk about this kind of stuff that I love so much I’m gonna dive in here. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode of The SASS, give us a thumbs up, subscribe, woohoo! We’ll see you soon, bye!


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