How to Keep Fit with a Busy Schedule: Fitness and Work Performance Tips

In a study conducted by LinkedIn on February
2016 it was found that 95 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs played sports in college. In a study conducted by Yahoo Finance it was
found out that of seventeen CEOs interviewed, twelve of them worked out in the mornings. And numerous studies have shown a positive
correlation between working out and high performance in the workplace. So guys what exactly is the takeaway? Fitness and high performance in the workplace
do not have to be mutually exclusive. Guys here are three quick tips that are designed
not only to help you kill it in the gym but also in the workplace. And just a heads up guys, I have a free case
study available for download in the video description below, that details how I opened
up 13 hours of productive free time during my work week. So once again available for free in the video
description below if you guys want to check that out. So, let’s jump into this. Tip number one is to take advantage of a.m.
workouts and this is a really big one, because we are really milking the effects of physiological
benefits after a good workout in the gym. So after getting a good sweat in, our body
produces higher amounts of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. So I’m not going to dive into the little little
details of how each of these chemicals impacts our body on a case-by-case basis, but collectively
all three of these chemicals impacts our ability to fight depression, ward off stress, stay
motivated fight impulse control, and feel good. If you think about it this way after a really
good workout, your body is in an elevated state of bliss so it’s a lot easier for
you stay locked in on your tasks, for you to stay focused, concentrate, get things done,
and stay motivated while doing so. That’s tip number one guys, really take
advantage of physiological benefits of working out in the mornings. Alternatively I know a lot of individuals,
if they have the option, they will work out around lunch and will use those physiological
benefits to get important things done later in the afternoon. So regardless of when you work out, you should
really seek to take advantage of physiological benefits after getting a good sweat in. So I highly recommend maybe an hour or two
after working out, try to schedule some important tasks or things that you know you eat extra
help locking in on. So tip number two is to monitor your sugar
intake and this is an easy way to monitor your waistline while still maintaining your
productivity at work because you’ll be avoiding sugar crushes. So fat is often mistaken as the easiest way
to add inches your waistline and to add calories to your diet but at the end day, what I’ve
found is that sugar is actually the easiest way to do those things. Sugar is easy to take down – as a result we
don’t really realize how many calories we are consuming from sugar. So if you monitor your sugar intake, you will
immediately be dropping the calories and that’s a good way to stay fit. Alternatively by monitoring your sugar intake
you prevent the possibility of sugar crushes while at work. So if you do have some sugar during work you’ll
notice after a couple hours afterwards, you go into a crash and you become very unproductive. That’s tip number two, monitor your sugar
intake especially during the workday. And if you do decide to have sugar, try to
aim to have it right before you workout and a little bit right after your workout because
that’s when your body will be using those fast calories the most effectively. Finally tip number three is to stay hydrated
and it’s crazy how often I talk about this but it’s a really really easy thing to get
done, that a lot of people don’t focus on doing. So there was a statistics floating around
the US that said something around the range of 80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated
and it turns out that fact was eventually an overstatement and it’s not essentially
true, but the underlying message is still there. A lot of us mistake dehydration with hunger
and as a result we end up over consuming calories that will add to our waistline and some of
those calories include sugar which makes us crash at work. So as you can see it’s all interconnected. So frequently stay hydrated because that’s
an easy way for you to avoid consuming excess calories and from a work standpoint, it helps
with brain clarity, memory, and a variety bodily functions. I might even throw some notes and messages
around here to show how much of an impact water has on your body, but at the end of
the day guys stay hydrated, it’s extremely extremely important for you. So there you have it, three quick and easy
fitness tips to help you maintain your productivity at work. Six packs and six digits don’t have to be
mutually exclusive. If you like what you’ve heard go ahead and
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