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(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, I’m Amanda Kloots and I’m creator of the AK Rope. This is my jump rope here and today I’m gonna show you the proper way and the best form to jump rope. So, first things first,
put your rope down. Now I know you’re
probably a little nervous, it may have been since you were a kid since you picked up a jump rope. Now, the first thing is, is you never wanna jump higher than the rope is thick, right? So, when you’re jumping
really, really high like that it’s actually wasting your energy. It’s gonna make you
really tired really fast. So try to stay nice and low to the ground. The second thing is, jumping rope is a
circular movement, right? So our arms have to create
a diameter for that circle. So keep your elbows in at your waist, your arms at a 90 degree angle. Now you have the diameter for your circle for you to jump rope. A lot of times I see people
holding their arms like this. Do you see how they’ve lost, they look like a dying fish? You’ve lost the diameter of your circle. But if you keep that up, that rope has a chance
to go around your body. So really keep those arms
(loud exhale) up and in. And last thing is, is where
your body is positioned. So, a lot of times I see people jumping rope like this,
again, like a dying fish. Now you want to try to think that you’re a boxer in the ring, right? Like let’s focus, Rocky. I want you to think
about keeping your hips over your knees, your
shoulders, over your hips, yes? So not back here, abs protruding. You want to think that somebody’s punching you in the stomach. (groan) And your shoulders are
right over your hips. So in fact, you’re
jumping right here, right? (loud exhaling) Chin down, you never wanna
cut off your air supply. So look straight forward, abs up and in. Hips, shoulders, knees low
to the floor, elbows in. (exhale) You’re ready to go. I want you just to practice that jump. Right here, without the rope. Imagine the rope going around your body. This is your perfect jump right here. Your body’s in a rhythm. This rhythm and this
rhythm have to be the same in order for your jumping rope to go well. Okay, now that you did all of that. You envisioned the rope going around you, you’re in your perfect form. Now you can pick up your rope. We pick up that rope. The AK Rope, I suggest. Step it behind you. Keep those elbows in. You do exactly what you
did without the rope. All you did is add your rope in. Your body’s in perfect
form, your arms are there, you’re jumping as high
as the rope is thick, and you’re so good to go. Easy, breezy, beautiful, jumping rope. Have fun. (upbeat music) I’m Amanda Kloots, and this
is the right way to jump rope. Do you want more right ways? Subscribe to Well and Good right now.


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