How To Jump Rope Like A Victoria’s Secret Model

in today’s video we’re gonna talk about how to jump rope like a Victoria’s Secret model if you’re watching this video I’m gonna assume that you not only want to know how to jump rope like a Victoria’s Secret model but you also want to get a similar physique of the Victoria’s Secret model so today I’m gonna talk about how to do some of the jump rope moves you may have seen them do on their own YouTube channel and some of the videos they produce but I’m also gonna talk a little bit about how to sculpt out that lean and toned physique throughout this video I’m gonna show you some shots of Victoria’s Secret models mainly Adriana Lima Martha hunt and this other girl I don’t know how to say her name correctly so I’m not gonna try but I’m just gonna say shout out to all you women who are jumping about they’re getting after it and creating that lean physique while having fun because that’s what it’s all about and I think that’s why these Victoria’s Secret models have decided to start down the road is because not only does it give you results and help you lose body fat but it also is enjoyable something you can do consistently and not hate your life and that’s what it’s all about when we talk about here as n do Fitness is finding a way to move your body that is fun so let’s get into this so it all starts with intensity before I tell you anything about how to jump rope or how to do tricks or how did you workout I want to talk about the thing that drives everything forward and that is the intensity that these women bring into their workouts I watch some of the clips I saw the the former boxer who trains these women and he trains them as if they’re fighters which means he doesn’t go easy on them when he makes him go do these jump rope workouts he makes him go all-out with their effort and that’s why they get the results so if you want results you have to commit to going all-out with your effort you will sweat you’ll be very sweaty you’re gonna be disgusting okay that’s probably me you’re not gonna be disgusting but you’re gonna sweat a lot you’re gonna get really flush and that’s okay enjoy the process have fun so first things first let’s talk about how to jump rope period I’m assuming you don’t know how to jump rope if you do that’s awesome you can skip ahead about a minute into this video and see what I’m gonna talk about next but if you don’t know how to jump rope let’s talk about some basics things I’m going to show you some footage here of me jumping rope and you can see me and you also see this beautiful angel right here jump rope and the thing that’s similar about bolt reforms is we’re barely coming off the ground when you want to jump rope with good form you don’t want to take giant jumps or leaps into the air bring your knees up now when you’re doing normal jump rope regular bounce you’re coming just an inch or two off the ground just enough to slide that jump rope underneath your feet as you hop so you’re gonna get into a consistent rhythm counting your hops 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 and when you get in this type of rhythm it’s going to help you not only get the jump rope form down but also find your rhythm and really get into your zone because the more you can get in your zone and get focused on the exercise you’re doing in front of you the more you’re gonna enjoy it and the more high you can go with your intensity in addition to keeping your feet just an inch or two off the ground you also want to minimize the movement in your body in general so what you’re gonna do is stack your body like you can see here like you are a yogi so you’re stacking your crown of your head down through your tailbone and really want to focus on good posture and with your arms we’re keeping our elbows in jutting our arms out to the side keeping your hands down and just getting into a good rhythm minimizing movement in our arms in our hands and we don’t have to use our arms to make the jump rope go round and round all you have to do is use the momentum of the rope and specifically here I am using the cross rope this is a rope that we use in all of our workouts and basically everything we do here is nd Fitness because it’s a high quality rope it’s really a great rope because it has a little bit of weight to it it’s a quarter pound so you can still do lots of tricks but there’s enough momentum that if you’re a beginner you can get the rhythm down a lot more easily let’s talk about learning cool tricks so I checked out some of the videos that are on the internet with some of the Victoria’s Secret Angels jump rope on talk shows and in the workout series that they produce and it was cool they could do a lot of tricks they’re doing things like jump rope run in place jump rope boxes skip jump rope run in place high knees double unders criss cross is sad sweat and all of these moves together if you can do them you’re gonna be able to put together some good free styles you’re gonna look like you know what you’re doing so if you can learn some of these moves you’re gonna have enough moves down to be able to put together a solid workout and build a mix things up on a consistent basis now in this video specifically I’m just gonna show you some shots of me doing each one of these moves like I mentioned them the jump rope run in place where I’m just doing the same rhythm as jump a regular bounce but I’m just alternating a weight from one foot to the other staying on the in between the balls my feet and the tips of my toes back and forth back and forth and now you can see here as I move on to doing boxer skip I’m just doing a double tap on each one of my toes just really alternating weight from one side to the other one side to the other and the next move of doing here is jump rope run in place high knees and when we do this it’s just like jump rope run in place again we’re really bouncing off the part of a foot in between the balls our foot and the tip for a toe what we’re doing is we’re bringing a knee up on each side up to at least the height of our waist and we’re doing this consecutively I mean you do these this is actually a very hard exercise burns a lot of calories expends a lot of energy now the next exercise you can see me doing here is the jump rope double under and so the double under is just like the jump to a regular bounce but you are jumping higher into the air and you are spinning the rope twice under your leg and so you can see here this is a move that definitely takes some practice to be able to get down but if you stay consistent and you’re doing the right form you will get it the next move here is the sideswipe and again this is one that helps you also tone your arms a little bit as you go back and forth sideswipe from one side to the other back under your feet back to the other side sideswipe side sideswipe you see it makes you look like a ninja makes it look like a boxer it’s a cool move next we’re going to show really quick as the final one which is a jump rope crisscross and what you’re doing here is what we call putting the guns in the holster we’re crossing one arm over the other and kind of tucking them away to your sides and then bringing the rope back out and doing this over and over consecutively this is a criss cross now understand I just gave you a very high level look at some of these moves you’re not gonna learn how to do these mu specifically just by getting this little bit of advice that gave you so if you want to learn any of the moves I just mentioned I will link up a playlist and the right hand for the screen right now it has all of our jump rope tricks and we really will teach you in depth each one of these tricks if you are interested you can check those out by clicking that button we’ll also link it for you at the end of the video as well next up jump rope workout so once you learn the basics of jump rope and once you have a few moves out well to be honest you don’t even need a few moves down you can start doing jump rope workouts with just jump rope regular bounce and that’s the cool thing about jump rope you can start it almost immediately so once you have regular bounce down you can start the new jump rope workout and I will link again some workouts up in the top corner of the screen right now for you to check out later on but really what you want to do with these workouts is dedicate about 20 to 30 minutes to going all-out with your effort if you can only do jump rope regular bounce to do that if you’ve learned some of these other moves you can incorporate that as well in all of our videos we’re trying to mix it up and give you different moves to learn and use so these workouts never get boring after learning a little bit more about the Victoria’s Secret models routine I’d recommend doing these jump rope workouts at least three to five times a week again you can do also some calisthenics and bodyweight training in addition to this jump rope training but make sure that you stay consistent these women have incredible results because they’re not just jumping rope and doing workouts like one time every week or one time every couple weeks they really are being consistent they’re working super hard at least three to five times a week doing these high-intensity jump rope workouts what do you need to get started I know this may seem like a lot if you’ve never jumped rope before and also I’m throwing this all at you I’m like here’s this jumper of regular balance and here are all these tricks and here try a workout I know it can be overwhelming but here are the steps to get started number one get yourself a jump rope if you’re not sure if you love jump rope yet you can pick up a cheap one anywhere at your sporting a store or the Internet it doesn’t matter there’s a lot out there they’re super cheap if you are pretty sure that you want to stay it consists of the jump rope I highly recommend checking out the one that will link down in the description below it’s a company we work with they sponsor us are called cross rope they really are the best jump rope in the world I say this because I’ve tried many obviously on this channel all we do is talk about jump rope and this is the best we found so if you want to go durable rope we have 10% off it well link in description below and get yourself a jump rope whether it’s cheap one whether it’s our rope start there that is a first step once you get yourself a rope you can hop into our 7-day the gainer jump rope challenge we have it here on YouTube I’ll link it up here we’ll also put it at the end of the video as well and so 7 day beginner jump rope challenge dives deep in the how to jump rope it really gives you a tactical look at every part of jumping rope from the basics that we talked about with you know how far you should come off the ground – what to do with your arms – what to do when you mess up so you go deep into that and the highly recommend you check that out as well but what you need to do is just get started if you want to look cool like Adriana Lima and jump rope like her then you need to put in the work so grab yourself a jump rope beginner 7-day beginner jump rope challenge get started subscribe to this channel because we’ll make lots more videos like this teaching you how to jump rope get mean you can have fun thanks so much for watching today Brandon Epstein from Zen do fitness do the thing [Music] [Music]


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