How To Get The Splits ♥ Yoga For Full Splits | 30 Day Challenge

hey guys a lot of you been asking me on my youtube channel about ways to learn how to do the splits well this video is exactly for that its a 10 min yoga sequence that will show you the exact postures and stretches for learning the splits remember its a long road ahead so if you have the dedication and the practice I promise you will see those results so if you’re ready grab a mat some water and lets do this ok guys so were going to begin today in your downward facing dog hands flat tuck the back toes and right up into the downward dog and taking a moment here to feel a nice stretch along the upper back take a deep breath in exhale let it go coming into plank position exhale plank warming the body hold the downward dog exhale from here take your leg right simply placing it behind left leg extend leg up take a big giant step to the top of the mat inhale exhale extend the front leg inhale forward exhale out inhale coming into your lunge bending your knee exhale push away one more time flex ur front foot if you like a deeper stretch or have props near you come forward reaching both arms right up into your full high lunge position then slowly from here take it forward into standing splits keep hips sqaure remember try to keep your hips square your left and right hip are aligned feeling a nice stretch along the back of you leg then from here slight bend in the supporting knee bring left knee to your belly button and then opening to the side come back to centre extend right back to full splits standing and then bring both legs down sitting right over to your mat now grabbing onto that right ankle extend and feel the stretch slowly make your way down to back pull leg towards you if you want to go further lift your back off the matt legs up take happy baby posture bending the knees grabbing the outsides of yur feet or peace fingers grabbing your big toes opening the hips again hug your knees and roll up and step back to downward dog other side take left leg behind the right push all of your weight into the right heel lift your left leg right up hold feel that stretch bending your knee and big step forward extend the from knee inhale come forward to lunge exhale press away inhale come forward exhale push and extend feel that stretch come foreward and extend come back to lunge reach the arms up when your ready you’re going to transfer all the weight into the front leg come forward to your left leg make sure hips are square hold and breath find your core slowly bring your body up right knee to your belly button lets open to the side opening the hip extending your leg right up into full standing splits I’m doing more advanced version here you can also keep it half way up lets bring the leg down and sit right to the mat from here taking your left leg up extend it forward grab onto the ankle round through the spine right over to the back extending the bottom leg simply pull the leg to your body then from here lift the shoulder blades off the matt try to get forehead to knee keep the hips square both legs right up flex your feet this time opening the legs nice an wide full straddle instead of the happy baby we’re keepin them straight bring the legs back up lets rock it up and down and transitioning back to downward dog take a moment to stretch reach right leg up stack your hips stack your hips so right hip over left take a big step to the very right side of the mat your lizard posture great posture to open the hips if you like to come down onto your elbows go a head roll right foot to lateral side and let knee fall away coming up to your hands heel toe your foot to the very centre lift your body keeping the hips square into full splits if full split is too much you can always do half split from here slowly lift up come back into the half split then come forward tuck your back toes lifting the back knee right up into high lunge exhsle dive down stepping right into downward dog left leg reaches up bend the left knee stack your hips left hip over right hip big giant step to the very left end of the mat make your way to lizard posture drop back knee to the floor come down onto your elbows or stay on your hands if you want to go even deeper roll the left foot to the lateral side come up heel toe the foot forward gab those props if you need them half split is here full split is you extend your leg forward practice everyday if you want to achieve the splits lets pull back to half split tuck your back toes bring your body forward then lift your back knee off the floor high lunge downward facing dog very slowly come down into childspose take a moment to connect with your breath inhale exhale come forward coming into your seated position lets give some head movements here releasing any tension reach the arms up exhale take the hands down thanks see you soon bye!


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