How To Get Lean This Year : “HIIT” the Gym & Clean Eating

hi and welcome to mission lean the
program that gets you lean and helps you stay lean for life. I’m Lyuda one of the
cofounders and an a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist
and today we’re going to talk about how you can make this the year that you
finally get lean once and for all when you stop losing and gaining the same
weight over and over again and stay in the best shape ever for the rest of your
life there are two very important components
to getting lean if you get these down then you’ll be able to get lean this
year and stay lean for the rest of your life the two things that I’m talking
about are clean eating and high intensity functional training let’s talk about clean eating first
clean eating is eating single-ingredient Whole Foods that don’t have any extra
additives or unhealthy ingredients a clean eating diet allows your body to
stop having cravings balance itself and re-energize in a healthy way I used to
always have cravings for salty and crispy things but after just a few weeks
of eating clean the cravings just disappeared and instead I only wanted to
eat when I was hungry and I was able to be more in touch with my body to give it
the food that it really really needed for example if I worked out a lot and
was feeling depleted I would eat some extra carbs if I felt like I wasn’t
getting full from a meal I could tell that what I really needed was to add
some extra fats and I would add avocado or olive oil clean eating is a lot
easier when you have a healthy kitchen a healthy kitchen is one that helps you
achieve your health resolutions it is the kitchen that is organized filled
with healthy food and contains all of the items and tools you need to cook and
store your healthy meals the best way to stick to your health
resolutions is to make them easy quick and painless to complete steaming some
veggies is quick and simple and will add so much nutrition to your diet to make
the steaming process even quicker you can even just steam frozen veggies and
save time or prep your vegetable mixes ahead of time in Ziploc bags and just
throw in the contents of a bag whenever you’re cooking a vegetable steamer is a
must in any healthy kitchen the vegetable steamer inspires healthy
living because it is so easy to use just add water throw in your veggies and
steam it’s also very quick because steaming usually takes just a few
minutes verses much longer for baking broiling or sauteing a lot of clean
eating recipes contain instructions for steaming vegetables and fish steaming is
a healthier way to cook because it retains most of the important nutrients
and minerals inside of your food you can steam almost anything vegetables fish
grains so this tiny little tool can give you so many huge benefits it is also a
very lightweight to cook because there is no oil or butter necessary for flavor
you can add spices to your plate after you’re done steaming the veggies
clean-eating goes hand in hand with hid workouts and sweating at the gym and I
mean hit HIIT high intensity interval training eating clean will power your
workouts give you tons of energy and make you feel healthy and strong overall
like I mentioned earlier simplifying things is the easiest way to make new
habits stick for example it may be difficult to motivate yourself to get to
a gym first you have to join which can be expensive then you have to commute
there and depending on how close it is but can you might prove too much of a
hassle to even go that’s why it’s better to set yourself up for success by doing
workouts that can be done anywhere including your home let me tell you a little more about HIIT
and functional fitness now our HIIT workouts are inspired by sports and are
meant to prepare athletes to perform at their absolute peak in competition but
you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from this type of training if
you want to get into the best shape of your life then this type of workout is
perfect for you HIIT intervals are meant to be done at 100% all-out effort with
limited rest times in between for example you want to go all out for 30
seconds and then take a complete break for 30 seconds before starting a
high-intensity exercise again when a HIIT workout is done correctly your body
experiences EPOC which helps you burn more fat EPOC stands for excessive
post-exercise oxygen consumption and is also known as the after burn effect
studies have shown that a HIIT workout could have you burning fat for up to 48
hours after you’re done sweating that’s like getting two free workouts by doing
just one when combined with clean eating losing body fat becomes much more
efficient this way the best types of workouts HIIT and functional training can
be done anywhere with no equipment whatsoever functional fitness does not
require a gym membership lean muscles can be built with body weight and
plyometric exercises and don’t require heavy weights or gym machines to develop
to get lean focus on high-intensity bodyweight training you don’t need to
lift heavy weights to get into amazing shape we have a bunch of free workouts
available on which I will link you to below this video and
you can try one out and see how effective it is for yourself if you like
these workouts you can try using our online or app workouts you can do these
workouts anywhere anytime with virtually no equipment and still get into amazing
shape so there you have it the two most important components to getting lean and
staying lean I mean let me know what you thought
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