How to Get a Bikini Body FAST! ❤️ FUN workout routine & diet!

(music) Guys before we get started I have a secret
to share! I am currently wearing my pajama bottoms with of course this cute top because
logic! Hey guys, it’s Clarissa and today I have a
video that is so incredibly highly requested around this time of year every year! And I
did a video like this last year but I figured I would make an updated version because you
guys loved it so much, and I just wanted to help you guys out again! Also before I get
started, I just wanted to say that any body can be a bikini body – I know that a lot of
you guys might have insecurities about your body but really, the thing is that having
a bikini body is just all about having confidence and knowing that you are amazing and you are
gorgeous no matter what body type you have and you can rock a bikini! Also I am currently
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and twitter and then comment down below what your favorite thing is about summer! I’m going
to be sharing with you guys a bunch of motivational inspirational and fitness tips to help you
guys get the best most toned body you can for summer or the spring, or whenever you
might be watching this video these tips will definitely help you guys out! I hope you are
having a wonderful week, and yeah, let’s get started! So something that always really helps get
me motivated to workout is having some cute workout gear. Obviously this isn’t a necessity,
but it’s a fun way to help motivate yourself to have a healthier lifestyle! Also, some
workout essentials that I always like to keep with me are hair-ties, energy bars, lip balm,
water, headphones, and makeup wipes. I’ve found that keeping a workout planner can really
help stay motivated and inspired, so I would definetly recommend trying this out as well!
If you prefer using your phone to organize everything, there are also a ton of apps to
help schedule and track workouts, and it’s also an awesome idea to follow some inspiring
instagram accounts to get motivated! Swimming is a perfect workout for summer,
and you can try out different strokes to tone different areas of your body! 30 minutes of
swimming burns around 300 calories, and you’ll be getting a tan at the same time which will
actually help make your muscles appear more toned! Swimming is both cardio and strength
training, and since water is much denser than air, your muscles are under constant resistance
which makes for a really great workout! It’s also great for your lungs, and according to
Indiana University, regular swimmers are biologically 20 years younger than their driver’s licenses
say they are, so in otherwords, if you want your body to be healthier and younger, swimming
is for you! Running is one of my favorite workouts, and
it’s actually proven to be one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining
a consistent weight! Try running in a cool location to get motivated, and you can also
add in squats and other exercises mid way through your run to help build muscle! If
you’re ever having a bad day, or if you struggle with stress or depression, running is an awesome
way to start feeling better. When you run, your brain releases hormones that naturally
improve your mood, so although icecream and Netflix might be calling your name, once you
start running, you’ll feel way less stressed out and more confident as well! If you’re looking for fast and easy cardio
exercises, jumping rope, hula hooping, and using a skip-it are three super easy and fun
ways to get in cardio while having fun! I don’t know about you guys, but I used to do
these things all the time when I was little and just having fun outside, so it’s awesome
to add in some fun exercises to your daily workout! Biking is another awesome way to get outside,
get active, and have fun! Try going for a bike ride with your friends, and you’ll burn
around 300 calories every 30 minutes! If you try riding your bike instead of driving when
you have to travel short distances, you can fit some cardio into your busy schedule, while
also being kind to the environment! Yoga is an awesome way to center your body
and meditate while building long lean muscles at the same time. Usually yoga studios offer
a trial class for free, so why not try it out and see if you like it! Yoga improves
flexibility, balance, and mental well-being, and it’s also an awesome way to meet cool
people! As part of my workout routine, I always incorporate
some planks, lunges, squats, and stretches, so these are a few of my favorite exercises!
Mountain climbers, kicks, and planks are great to tone your abs, and back lifts, back kicks,
bridges, and squats are awesome to tone your legs and butt! Part of revamping your lifestyle is maintaining
a healthy diet, so try cooking your meals at home whenever you can! When you cook at
home, you always know exactly what goes into your food, and it’s easy to cut down on things
like sodium, preservatives, and unhealthy fats. I’m going to be posting a video with
a bunch of healthy easy recipe ideas very soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to my
channel so you don’t miss out! Also, if you like drinking soda everyday, try replacing
it with sparkling water, flavored water, or another healthier option. The sugar and chemicals
in soda won’t help you achieve the body you want, and it’s amazing how much more energy
you’ll have when you fuel your body with healthier drinks! A super quick DIY snack is these totally instagram
worthy fruit rolls. All you need is rice paper rolls, water, fruit, and any sauce you want
to go with them! Just cut up the fruit, then soak the paper rolls in water for 10 seconds
each until they’re bendable and sticky. Fill the rolls with fruit, wrap them up, and that’s
it! This is a delilcious snack, and you can also replace the fruit with veggies and whatever
other savory filling you want to make a super easy meal! When it comes to feeling confident and fabulous
in your bikini, it’s really important to make sure you have a bathing suit that flatters
your figure! If you’ve got a pear shaped body, try going for an eye catching top, and if
you’re a fabulous busty girl, try going for something with a higher back and avoid ruffles.
If you’ve got a smaller bust, a triangle, halter, or ruffled top would be perfect for
you, and if you’ve got an awesome curvy body, you could try out a retro suit which I absolutely
love! The most important thing is to rock your body with confidence, and keep working
towards your goals! So that’s it, I hope you guys enjoyed this
video, and make sure to subscribe to my channel right over here or you can click down below
if you’re on a mobile device! Always remember that you’re beautiful and unique in your own
way! And that’s it so I will talk to you guys next time. Bye! (music)


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