How to Get a Bikini Body FAST! ☀︎ FUN workout routine, Diet, essentials, DIYs, + more!

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Clarissamay09, HOW TO GET A BIKINI BODY! Fast, fun, and easy! Hey Guys, it’s Clarissa, and today I’m going
to be showing you all how to get a bikini body super fast for this summer! I figured
I would share all my top-secret workout tips and diet tips and that kind of thing with
you guys, to help you get a perfect bikini body super fast! All of you guys are beautiful,
no matter what kind of body you have! Everyone’s body are different, and everyone’s best weight
and healthiest weight for their body is different, so don’t judge someone else and look at them
and think “I wish I could be that skinny” because that might not be the best weight
for your body, and you are the most beautiful when you are at your healthiest weight! Also,
I just want to let you know that I have a very very fast metabolism, and so I have to
eat at least 3,000 calories each day, just to maintain my weight! So I just want to let
all of you know that you don’t have to worry about my bikini body… I am at a very healthy
weight, and all of my doctors say so! Just so that you guys know, my weight, and my body
type might not be healthy for all of you guys. For example, my sister and my mom have curvy
bikini body types, and a slower metabolism than I do, but they use these workout tips
that I’m going to be showing you guys to maintain a healthy weight for their body types, and
their bodies are very different from mine, but they’re still just as beautiful, so don’t
forget… you guys are all beautiful in your own way, no matter what you may think! So
no matter what kind of body type you have, this video and these tips will definitely
help all of you guys out in getting a beautiful bikini body super fast for this summer! I
hope you guys enjoy this video, and let’s get started! First, I’m going to show you guys a few quick
and easy ways to get yourself motivated! If you’re everyuncertain about what you should
do when you’re working out, try making these super easy DIY workout reminders! Find some
exercises and workout routines you’d like to try, and write each exercise on a popsicle
stick, then put the popsicle sticks into one a mason jar, and when you work out, just pull
out a popsicle stick, and you’ll have an exercise idea! Another super easy way to get motivated is
to follow inspiring Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts! This is SO easy, and trust
me, it’s really inspiring! Of course, you need some essentials when you’re
working out, and my favorites are my leak-proof waterbottle, some headphones, a towel, and
some hair ties to keep my hair back. Now I’m going to show you guys some of my
favorite fun workout routines! Having fun while working out is proven to improve your
mood, and also help burn more calories! Playing tennis with a friend is an awesome
way to get active this summer, while practicing a skill and having a ton of fun! Just 30 minutes
of tennis burns 220-770 calories, and it’s so much fun that you’ll want to keep playing!
If you’re like me, and you kinda suck at tennis, you can run laps around the court, and it’s
also the perfect place to jump rope and use a skippit! Going Rollerblading is another awesome way
to tone your body, and build long, lean muscles! Rollerblading is one of my favorite summer
activities, and it’s a full-body workout for your legs, hips, butt, core, and arms, and
it also helps build very stable balance! 30 minutes of rolleblading will burn about 450
calories, so if you rollerblade every day for a week, you’ll burn off 3,150 calories,
and start building gorgeous legs! Another super fun and summery way to get fit
is to go swimming! Swimming will tone up your body really fast, and it’s a full body workout
so you’ll have athletic legs, abs, and arms! 30 minutes of swimming will burn about 300
calories, and you can also try kicking with a noodle or kickboard, which will help tone
up your legs and hips even more! Biking is another fun and easy way to burn
calories and get fit… 30 minutes of biking burns around 300 calories, and it’s super
fun to bike around interesting places with your friends! To tone up your legs and abs, try going for
a walk! If you have a dog, taking them with you will make it way more fun, and you can
also listen to music to keep your energy up! It has been proven that listening to a book
on tape while your working out REALLY helps improve your endurance, because you’ll be
interested in the storyline, and you’ll want to keep going to find out what happens!
If your dog is like Brady, and loves to stop to sniff every single square inch of grass,
try doing lunges while you’re waiting for them, so you keep your body moving, and tone
up your legs even more! If you don’t have a pet, speed walking on
your own is an AWESOME way to burn a ton of calories, despite how awkward it looks! Any
kind of walking burns between 100-300 calories every 30 minutes! If you want to get active, but you only have
a little bit of time, hula-hooping and jumproping are two fun ways to help tone your waist,
hips, arms, and legs! Hula hooping burns 7 calories per minute, and jumproping burns
10 calories per minute! With just two short 10 minute sessions each day, you can burn
1,000 calories a week! Now I’m going to show you guys some of my
favorite stretches and ab excercises! I always incorporate these exercises into my daily
fitness routine, and they are all super fun and easy! Before you start working out, make
sure you always warm up your body with some light stretches. Some of my favorites are
head rolls, shoulder rolls, arm stretches, lunges, seal stretch, and child’s pose. Once
I’ve warmed up, I like to do some crunches, kicks, twists, planks, and moutain climbers
to exercise my abs! Once you’ve finished off your ab exercises, it’s important to exercise
your back as well. Back lifts and bridges are two great ways to tone up your back, hips,
and butt. Now that I’m done with my stretching and strengthening,
I like to do some cardio to get my heart-rate up. Running on the beach is an awesome workout,
and you can also try any of the other fun workout ideas I showed you guys earlier! if
you ever get bored when you’re working out, you can watch some Youtube or television,
and it will help distract your mind, and motivate you to keep going!
When you finish working out, it’s very important to hydrate and refuel your body! A drink like
gatorade is great to balance your electrolyts, and eating some fruit along with some nuts
is a perfect way to get your blood sugar up, and give your body the protein it needs to
build muscle! When it comes to diet, the most important
thing is to eat healthfully! Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, and try
eating more fresh foods like fruits and vegetables! Your body will get the nutrients it needs,
and after a while, you will notice that you have way more energy, and you’re in a better
mood too! If you don’t like washing and chopping your own salads, you can buy pre-washed and
chopped salads, and also pre-chopped fruit! I know it can be hard to say no to take-out
for dinner, but it’s very important that you eat freshly cooked, well-balanced meals with
fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Food in resteraunts often has a lot
of excess salt and fat, which can make you look and feel bloated and less confident!
My family always cooks our dinners at home, and if you’re interested in trying out some
of the recipies we use, you can check out my sister’s food blog! When it comes to your
diet, remember to eat everything in moderation. You can still eat the foods you love, but
it’s important to balance out your diet with fresh and healthy foods as well! If you like
chocolate, go ahead and eat it, but as tempting as it may be, make sure you don’t the whole
box! Also, make sure that you cut down on sugary juices and sodas as much as you can,
and try replacing them with carbonated water, fruit-infused water, and coconut water! All
these drinks are absolutely delicious, and your body will thank you! A quick and easy
way to make your own DIY fruit-infused water is to take a bottle of water and some frozen
fruit, and just drop some frozen strawberries into the water, along with some slices of
fresh lemons for a sweet and sour taste! If you’re used to carbonated sodas, you can also
try this with some fizzy water, and it’s SO good! Above all, remember that confidence is what
matters… you definitely don’t have to look a certain way to wear a bikini, and these
are just some tips to help you feel as confident as you can! So that’s it, I really hope you guys enjoyed
this video! Definitely give it a thumbs up if you did, and let me know which of these
tips was your favorite by leaving me a comment below, and don’t forget to click the subscription
box right over here, because I’m a new youtuber, and I really would love to be able to share
my videos with more people, and spread the word about my channel, and subscriptions help
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you can go follow me, and I also have a bunch of giveaways going on! So anyway, that’s it
for this video, I really hope you guys enjoyed, and I will talk to you guys next time! Bye! Bikini body, workout, diet, diet tips, workout
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