How to Get 99999 Jump-Rope in Metro Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey | Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and right now there’s a little bit of a weird
thing going on for super mario odyssey and what i mean by that is there is a
new glitch that somehow makes it that way you can have 99999 jump rope
attempts with no effort whatsoever also I’m gonna try the impossible jump here I didn’t do well don’t dampen mmm Ben Ben
Ben and Ben Ben Ben gay great alright so right here is the leaderboard and we’re
going to take a look at the leaderboard my current world ranking is fifty seven
thousand nine hundred and forty nine with 127 jumps now let’s look up the
leaderboard a little bit higher let’s go all the way to number one and the entire
page is filled with people with 99999 including poo poo pee so today I’m going
to be showing you how I and you are going to be able to get number one with
99999 this is going to evolve a glitch with talking to and there’s there’s a
weird thing going on that if you throw your cap at talking to just on the
opposite side of him it has to do with when cabbie comes back at you it makes
him spin around essentially you want to throw copy in the air release copy and
immediately talk to talkative I believe you got to get real close for this to
actually work so right now cap is a little far and I don’t think that’s
going to activate the glitch no instead I think he needs to be a lot closer to
talking to all right so maybe that one’s close enough yes there we go now the
camera is locked in place so essentially this is the beginning of the glitch and
your controls are gonna be all sorts of wonky right now so no matter where you
go if you possess stuff it’s not going to actually move I could see that very
clearly not too sure how to exit out of this I think you got it I think you got
a teleport out so now that we have a basic understanding of how this glitch
works that way soon as we face target 2 that activates
the camera lock now this going to have to do with holding down ZL the button
that allows us to crotch and roll and things like that so well one it looks
like copies now staring at Orca twos but ha good so we’re going to hold down ZL
roll away do a long jump and now from here we’re going to do a backflip into a
ground pound wall looking at talk–i to backflip into a ground pound and now as
you see Mario is stuck in the air so that just locked us in place our next
step is being able to do that right above the jump rope challenge we have
cabby staring at target twos 10 a little
button we’re gonna hold ZL we’re gonna roll away do a long jump wall painting
the camera away now now that we have that all set up we’re going to be able
to come on over here to the jump rope challenge and we’re going to do a back
flip and a ground pound in the air while looking at talkative so back clip ground
pound and the nope nope I guess I need to be directly above it so that is
essentially exactly how we want to do it except as you see right now I’m just
kind of panning the camera around except we need to be right above them so I did
it a little preemptively now the copy is pretty much in talking to we’re going to
roll away do a long jump and now while still painting away from target ooh
we’re going to do a back flip into a ground pound into the jump rope
challenge wall panning the camera at Target – so we’re going to do a back
flip into a ground pound wall talking – talking – and now as you see I’m
slightly panning the camera I am directly above the jump rope challenge
and because I’m directly above it is just counting as me jumping rope target
is over there the camera is locked and I’m not doing anything so that right
there is a step-by-step guide on exactly how you
can get 99999 Alec Perriman popped up ninth out 99999 jump ropes I’m just
gonna let this roll I’m gonna I’m gonna come back in a little bit though promise
so okay so right now it is 8:50 p.m. and I started this video at 6:50 p.m. right
now my counter is at 4000 360 so uh by my calculations in order for me to hit
99999 jumps that’s going to take a full sixteen point six six hours and
obviously I want this I want to get this video out to you guys as quick as I can
so uh yeah that is how you get 99999 jumps in super mario odyssey’s jump rope
challenge so guys do me a favor drop a like leave a comment down below what
this is most likely gonna get patched so you got to do it quick gotta go now
gotta go fast if you know the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications
until next time Austin John out Oh also new power moon
hunters is coming out tomorrow yay okay bye


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