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– What’s up, elite Thenx athletes? It’s Chris Heria and Gabo Saturno. Today we’re gonna to show you guys how to gain weight and build muscle. Let’s do it. (techno music) All right, so let’s get started. So we’re gonna to show you guys today how to gain weight and build muscle, and we’ve broken it down
into five components. The first thing is you
need to create hypertrophy and the way to do that is
by creating high volume, or low volume, heavy, heavy reps. You can be doing this with
calisthenics or weights. – Or you can do it with weights, exactly. Hypertrophy just means, in simple terms, the breakdown of muscle fiber
and then when you go to sleep, or you rest, then those
muscle fibers repair and then being able to build muscle. You can do this calisthenics, with weights or even weights and calisthenics. Resistance is resistance,
whether it come from a barbell or whether it come from
your own body weight. – Exactly, when I
personally train, I do both. I go high volume in calisthenics. I try to hit really, really
high reps of the basics, of the push ups, pull ups and so forth, and I also try to lift
really heavy as well and try to add force against
me by weight in calisthenics and tryin’ to increase
those repetitions as well. The next thing we have
is progressive overload. You wanna basically create
goals and then smash them. Create a goal that’s gonna to be 10% out of your comfort zone. Obviously you’re not tryin’
to make leaps and bounds. It’s not going to happen that way, but to have a consistent advancement, consistently be progressing
and not plateau, you wanna create a goal that’s 10% out of your comfort zone. Master that and then create
that next goal that’s 10% and keep going and so forth. – Exactly, and that goal can become either increasing your volume, either
increasing your reps max, either doing an exercise
you have never done before, anything that challenge you. You make sure that every week, you are doing something different, and that doesn’t just mean just adding more pounds to the barbell. – Or adding more reps. – Or adding more reps, or– – It can be anything. – You can be doing the
same amount of reps, but if you do it in a
short period of time, that’s progressive overload. That means that you’re
getting better over time. – Exactly, so you want to
create a progressive overload. The next thing that we have,
is you wanna start doing testosterone building exercises, specifically compound movements. Doing compound exercises
is actually going to build more testosterone, because
you’re using more muscle fibers when you’re working out, and that’s going to create more blood going into the bloodstream. The next thing is a
positive nitrogen balance. Basically you wanna be
eating enough protein, and a lot of people talk
about a caloric surplus and stuff like that, to gain weight, and you know that’s how
you’re going to gain weight, which is true, but that
doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re gonna build muscle. I see it a lot on the comments
that you guys were asking specifically for this video, that you guys wanna get shredded and you wanna build
muscle and gain weight, but you guys don’t wanna just gain weight. That’s meaningless, that’s not impressive. You wanna build muscle, and the way that you’re
gonna do that is by having a positive nitrogen balance. – Yeah, which in turns means
just getting enough protein. Then just arrange your fats and carbs, depending on how much work
you wanna do in the gym, and your energy levels, but
just by eating enough protein, you’re gonna be able to build muscle. Most people think that you
need around two or three pounds per pound of body weight. I think that’s a lot. Just .8 to a pound per
pound of body weight? I think it should be enough to be in that positive nitrogen balance
and be able to build muscle. – I agree, personally, with me, you guys can see in the older videos, even Gabo and I, we both have put on mass. We both have put on muscle. – We’re always in a calorie deficit. – We are always on a caloric deficit. Even yesterday, I only
ate once, literally, I had one meal yesterday
and it was at 6:00 p.m. – You can fast. You can be doing intermittent fasting, if you guys are familiar
with it, and build muscle. It’s not going to be
the optimum environment. Like he said, it’s easier to put on mass by being in a calorie surplus, but that doesn’t mean that
you cannot build muscle and be in a calorie deficit as well. – Exactly, and in fact if you
guys are tryin’ to be shredded at the same time as building muscle, of course it’s gonna take longer ’cause you’re building
leaner, dense muscle, but you are gonna be shredded. You are gonna be fit. And you are definitely
gonna out-train the person, that is just having a caloric surplus, so they just look big, but
they’re big for no reason. There’s no muscle behind that. If you wanna get big, and
that’s all you care about, then sure, go for it.
– Eat big, get big. – Exactly, eat big, get
big, and that’s gonna happen of course, but if you actually
want something behind that. You want strength behind your mass, then a caloric surplus is not necessary. The most necessary things are the things we’re
telling you right now. The last thing is you wanna go hard. You wanna go hard in your workouts. A lot of people, when they’re working out, they’ll do the movement, count
to ten, go boom-boom-boom, finish, whatever. – They don’t squeeze
the muscle, they don’t feel the contraction.
– Exactly, they’re not focusing on that move.
– Or they just drop the weight right away, do the bicep curl. – They’re swinging it. – Yeah, focus on the eccentric
portion of the movement. That’s the one that’s gonna break the most amount of muscle fibers. – Exactly, you don’t
wanna just do the workout, but actually mentally
focus on the movement that you’re doing, and more importantly, squeeze,
squeeze activate that muscle, because you can be doing the movement but necessarily activating the muscle to its fullest potential.
– Exactly. – You wanna squeeze, and you can start off
by squeezing your core, squeezing your hand, wherever that —
– Feeling every muscle. – Exactly, try to feel the muscles wherever the exercise you are engaging, and you will eventually
feel it throughout, and from there, you will develop form. You’ll be able to do
things without shaking. You’ll be able do things more solid. You’ll have more solid
movements, better form, better structure, which is gonna make you way stronger and put on some real muscle. Now, we’re gonna show you guys
an amazing strength building, muscle building workout, that’s gonna apply the
concepts we just told you into this work out here. The first thing we’re gonna
do is create hypertrophy by warming up with 100 dips. Once we’ve finished our 100 dips, we’re then gonna go into
our workout routine. The first thing we’re gonna
do is weighted pull ups. We’re gonna max those out. Next, we’re gonna move on to dead lifts, a compound, testosterone building exercise and we’re gonna do that for 15 reps. After, we’re gonna go on to squats, another compound exercise, and
we’re gonna go for 12 reps. From there, we’re gonna go to upright rows and we’re gonna do eight reps, and we’re gonna do routine
for a total of three rounds. Once we’ve completed three rounds, we’re then gonna finish off
our workout with 100 push-ups. We’re gonna exhaust our muscles,
create that hypertrophy. Are you ready to get started? – I’m ready, let’s do it. – Let’s do it, brother. – Let’s go. – Lets go 100 dips. (intense techno music) – All right, so I just went for 25. – I went for 30. – Went for 30? – Just to kill five more (laughs). – I’m gonna do three more
sets, so I can reach 100, but don’t forget to rest a little bit. – [Gabo] Yes sir (laughs). – Let’s do it. – How many, 25? – 25, baby. – I went for 20, 50, so
we’re on the same page. – Got this, man. This is actually a great way to warm up. A lot of times, just
jumping into a workout, even doing little warmup stuff, like that, that’s good to just focus on move. Bang that out.
– Just bang it out. Actually this is enough of a workout, if you put it that way. – Yeah, it actually puts
me in the mood to just like start training, you know? Here we go.
– [Gabo] Let’s go. – [Gabo] 25? – Yeah. – [Gabo] Damn. – All right, last little set. – Last little thing. – Then we start the real workout. (Gabo laughs) – You ready? – Now I’m ready. – Let’s go. Lot’s more. – Pretty good, all right so there. Now we have that pump. That’s the first rule we said, create hypertrophy. Now that we have that pump, we did that high volume reps, we go into weighted pull ups. We start the routine. Let’s go for it. (chains rattling) (music grows intense) All right, we’re gonna go for at least 12 reps. – I’ll go max, let’s go, I’ll try. – Hold at the top, Thenx
athletes know what that’s about. Put it down slow. All right, next. (chains clunk) Dead lifts, baby, 15 times. (weights clatter) – Whoo! Okay. – Let’s go, next one. – Squats. – A little break. – Yeah take that little rest (chuckles). – Guys, you don’t wanna rest too much, but you don’t wanna
rest too little either, so 60 to 90 seconds? – For the sake of the video, I like to… – Yeah, just go faster, so
you guys don’t get board at our break. – Yeah, plus, I don’t need that break. (Gabo laughs) – [Gabo] Let’s go for it. (music grows frantic) (Chris grunts) – [Chris] All right. (weights clanging) Movin’ on. Upright, military press, eight times, let’s go for it. – [Gabo] You wanna keep
this weight? (laughs) – Yeah. (laughs) (weights thudding) (both men grunting) (weights clatter) All right, nice, nice nice. – Almost there. – Okay, basically, you
wanna do this routine that we just did, starting
from the weighted pull ups, to this move, two more times
to complete the routine and then you would finish off with what we’re about to do now, which is 100 push ups, for that hypertrophy. Let’s get it. (both men panting) You want a break or do
you wanna go into it? (Gabo laughs) You an do the first set, right? – [Gabo] Go. – You ready? – Yeah. (triumphant music) (Chris grunts) (Gabo grunts) – All right, almost there. Oh, I feel that. A sick pump. We’re almost there. – Let’s go for it. – Last little set, and we’re finished. My arm is like so pumped. – I can barely move. – Yeah. (both gasping for breath) All right. Let’s go for it. (Chris grunting) (Gabo laughing) – [Chris] Could barely
move on that last one. – That’s when you call failure. – Yeah, it’s a failure, like the last rule we said, you gotta go hard. I like the first rule,
create the hypertrophy, so this workout right here, and this whole video, follow these steps, follow this workout, and for the best workouts to actually gaining, making real gains, build real muscle, real strength, don’t just gain weight to look
big, but actually get big, be strong. It’s easy to start but it’ll
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