What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So let’s say you’ve got a slow-to-grow muscle
group. One of those really stubborn muscle groups that you just can’t get to respond
no matter what you do in your training. Well, you know here we put the science back
in strength and sometimes, you’ve got to whip out the advanced training techniques if you
want to get things to change because we know doing the same thing over
again expecting a different result is really the definition of insanity. So, what we do, we actually pull this technique,
this is a fraction of a complete technique we use in our NXT Training phases. And this is, sometimes I call it a Forced
40. So, if you’ve got, let’s say in this case, a slow or stubborn chest muscle group and
you want to try to get some additional results there. I feel like the biggest problem guys have
is they have too little volume of high-intensity reps, too little volume throughout the course of
their training schedule of reps of an intensity capable of delivering change. You guys know that I believe in training to
failure, and I don’t believe in wasting reps or just doing some maximal reps if you’re
trying to force a change. So, what we do is we take the 8 rep max. Take
your 8 rep max and wait to do your exercise as I’m going to show here in an Incline Bench. You perform it to failure. You rest a maximum
of 1 minute. A maximum of 1 minute and you go back at it again. Your goal here is only
to complete those Forced 40. You’re going to force 40 additional reps in,
and it could be on top of your given training day, whatever that may be. You could be training
legs. You can incorporate this technique a couple
times in a given training cycle to see if you can actually squeeze a little bit more
results out of it. And I can tell you that you can. In our expanded
version of this technique, we could actually make an entire phase out of it. But for here, I take my 8 rep max and I perform
my Incline Bench. Taking one exercise. This is a little bit light for me, but I’ll
act like this should be the effort and intensity on the last rep, just like that. Now, we know that if I limit my rest time
to only a minute at most, the next time I come back and do these reps, I’m likely not
going to get 8 again, ok. But your only target here is just however
long it takes you to get your 40 total reps. So, let’s say a minute has passed. I go back
at it again. I can tell you again, like I said, there’s
no way I’m getting 8 again. I’m likely going to get about 6. See, after all these years, I pretty much
know my body. So there’s 6. Now I rest again. So I’ve done 14 total reps. You do this until you hit your 40 reps. Once
you’ve got your 40, you’re done. It’s just an additional, additional bit of
work to start getting a few more reps at that sufficient intensity to cause a change. Now, as I said, this is just one of our advanced
training techniques. We have a whole bunch laid out month by month in our ATHLEAN NXT
Program. For you guys that aren’t sure about NXT or
where that fits in with your training schedule, I always say guys. If you’re new to ATHLEANX and you haven’t
built your foundation in AX1 Training Camp, then start there. And from there of course you progress up to
AX2, ATHLEANX Extreme, and our most advanced guys are now going through the NXT Program
month-by-month all new training phases. Of course backed in science, everything we
do putting the science back in strength. You can find all these programs guys over at ATHLEANX.COM. In the meantime, apply this technique. It
doesn’t matter what your stubborn muscle group is. Mine used to be shoulders. I’ve worked really hard at that in the past
year and I’ve turned them into one of my strengths. You can do the same thing if you start putting
the right techniques to work for you. And stop doing, like I said, the same thing
over and over again expecting different results. It ain’t gonna happen. So, head over to ATHLEANX.COM. In the meantime,
if you found this video helpful, make sure you let me know with a thumb’s up and some
comments below about what else it is that you’d like to see,
and you know it. I’ll make a video on it in the coming weeks. Alright guys, I’ve got to get back to work.


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