How to Estimate your Body Fat Percentage

hey guys how’s it going I’m Rahul don’t think it lifts and in this video we’ll talk about body fat percentages what methods should you use to estimate the body fat and what limitations they have I’m sorry if you give some engine sounds in this video there is an allocation very close what I give and the rally cars actually pass right next to my bill and yeah it’s pretty cool but they make a lot of noise and make your own video so yeah that’s that not bad pretty good now this video will have two parts in the first part we’ll discuss why some of the conventional ways people use to measure the body fat may be very inaccurate and in the second part I’ll give you the methods I use and recommend that will help you estimate it more accurately sounds good is going to be good I promise so let’s get started from what I’ve seen most people measure their body fat percentages by three methods first the first one is using a bioelectrical impedance device such as the scale or that thing you help you hold your hands on to at the gym and it tells you your butt head percentage if they don’t use that they use mathematical formulas such as the US Navy formula or the YMCA formula and some people also use skinfold CalPERS and yeah I know some people also use bod pod they use hydrostatic weighing DEXA scans stuff a guy that’s more advanced but will not discuss them here because yeah they’re not that common however as a side note if you ever get a chance to get a DEXA scan I recommend you do it because DEXA scans your entire body with x-rays and it tells you exactly how much body fat you have and it’s great because then you will have a reference point you will associate a certain look with the body fat percentage and then for the rest of your life if you are leaner than you were when you took your DEXA scan you’ll know the body percentage body fat percentage is lower than it was when you do your Texas scam if you are fatter than you will then then it’s the opposite you know that your body fat percentage is higher so that’s very useful at least in my opinion all right now let’s talk about BIA devices these devices work by sending a small small electrical current to your body and then they give you a reading these are the scales that you have to step on barefoot or those handheld devices at the gym as I said they are quick they are convenient they are fun but men are they unreliable the biggest problem with these devices is that they don’t actually scan your entire body if you remember your high school physics lessons you know that electrical current always takes the path of least resistance so if you let’s say you use one of those handheld devices well the current will enter to your left hand let’s say will pass through your torso and then we’ll go onto your right hand it will not go down into your belly fat or to your legs because that’s a bad that’s not of least resistance the same thing happens if you use a BIA scale you step on it and the current will enter through one of your legs but it will exit through the other one it will not scan your upper body properly furthermore because electrical currents chooses the path of least resistance it will actually tend to avoid fat tissue in the first place water is the main conductor of electricity in our body and which tissue has the most amount of water in our body you’re right muscle tissue fat tissue actually has very little water so it’s a very poor conductor for electricity which means that the electrical current will choose to go to muscle because it’s a better conductor and it will avoid fat hydration status also affects the readings of BIA devices you can get a very different reading in the same day depending on how much water you drink or how much sodium you eat and a lot of other stuff in short BIA devices are very unreliable and I don’t recommend you use them now let’s talk about mathematical formulas the US Navy formula and the YMCA formula are also very unreliable and actually I haven’t seen any respected fitness authors to recommend them the reason they are so inaccurate is because they were developed based on the results of other methods of determining body fat percentage okay so you do all those calculations and you end up with a number how do you know what that number represents when you take that person you put them into a bod pod or hydrostatic weighing get the body fat percentage from that method and then associate the butter percentage with the number you got with the formula and then you assumed that result would apply to pretty much everybody it’s obvious that you can be precise doing that and let’s talk about skin fold caliper skin fold caliper can be pretty accurate actually depending on the brand and if you know how to use them there are brands that have you measured up to six points on your body and others just one point and obviously they give different results but I think the biggest problem with these calipers is that most people simply don’t know how to use them correctly to make them work you have to grab just the right amount of skin not too much and not too little and always from the exact same spot if you get up too much for too little skin or you grab from a different place the next time you use that you will not be able to compare the results correctly of course this can be learned and with a bit of practice you can get to a point where your results are within 1% of your real body fat Mike Matthews of muscle for life actually uses this method and he likes the brand IQ measure for calipers and he also made a video showing how to use this and yeah you should check it out if you’re interested but before you buy some calipers wait until you see my methods because maybe you won’t need them after all I use three methods for estimating body fat percentage the first one is visual appearance so basically how you look in the mirror the second one is waist measurement and the third one is relative strength let’s start with visual appearance how you look in the mirror is actually one of the best ways to estimate your body fat percentage because if you have shredded ABS but the scale tells you that you’re 18% body fat of course we’re not going to believe that each body fat percentage has a certain look and what I’m going to do next is I’m going to show you a bunch of shirtless pictures of guys and this way you will see how each level of leanness looks like we’re going to start with about 20% body fat and then go down step-by-step until we reach five to six percent so check yourself you and now we come to the elusive 6% body fat people argue into eternity on forums on whether someone is actually 5 or 6% or not here’s why how you look when you are very very lean depends on your genetics some people will drier than others some will look fuller than others and some people will be so vascular such as Alberto Nunez that you can basically learn anatomy on them but all these guys are at 6% how you will look when you’re dead lean I couldn’t tell you’re going to have to find out all right now we should have a good idea of what each percentage of body fat looks like and you will now understand why your waist measurement can be such an important metric here’s the interesting thing about your waist it goes up and down with the one fat percentage for most people not everybody but for most people each body fat percentage has a corresponding waist measurement what I’ve discovered so far is that you can predict pretty accurately the amount of fat you have by looking at your waist that’s why when I recommend someone to drop to a certain body fat percentage I just give them a waist measurement to shoot for because they may ask how do I know the time 10 percent body fat I say hey look at your waist you must get to this waist measurement and almost every time you will be at the level of leanness you want and here’s what even cooler once you get to a level of leanness that you’re very happy with you should take your waist measurement and that will become your baseline value you will now know in the future that if you want to get back to that level of leanness all you have to do is get your waist back to that point for example when I’m around 8% body fat I know that my waist is about seventy six point five to seventy seven centimeters now that I’m cutting all I do hear that nice sound nice so yeah now that I’m cutting what I do is I shoot for that waist measurement it also helps me a lot while bulking because I never allow myself to get fatter than to get my waist get bigger than 81 82 centimeters that’s when I know I’m around 14 percent body fat something like that so I know that that’s when I have to start cutting again and get back to 77 centimeters what I do is I keep my cutting board cycles in the range of 8 to 14 15 percent body fat and I track that using my waist don’t just like your body weight track your waist measurement is going to pay off trust me and the third method I don’t use it precisely to determine body fat percentage but I use it to estimate how much fat does a client need to lose to reach a level of desired thickness what I do is I look at weight height and the relative strength for example when I get an email from someone telling me that they’re six feet tall 190 pounds and they’ve been training for six months I know right off the bat that that person has a good amount of fat to lose how do I know that well at 6 feet tall 190 pounds rate is a very advanced level of muscle development but this person has only been training for 6 months so I know that they are nowhere near their genetic potential they may have gained let’s say 10 pounds of muscle those for 6 months but if they want to get to 10% body fat I know right off the bat that they need to lose about 20 pounds of fat this works very well in the metric system a lean guy that’s close to his genetic potential will weigh a few more kilograms than his weight in centimeters minus 100 so a guy that’s 183 centimeters tall 6 feet will weigh about 86 kilograms when his very muscular and around 10% body fat but if a big has a height of 183 centimeters and the weight of 86 kilograms I know that he has 8 to 10 kilograms of fat to lose to get Li relative strength is a very good indicator of both muscle development and body fat percentage that’s why we use it so much that’s why we have standards for reaching a certain kind of physique as always thank you for watching this video and if you want to reduce your body fat percentage then check out my free nutrition ebook the master of macros this ebook will teach you how to set your calories and macros for either cutting or bulking and will also teach you what foods to choose and how to count your macros and all that stuff so get it for 3 here and if you have any questions leave a comment below this video or get in touch with me on my website I read and answer every comment I’ll be seeing you in the next video talk soon you


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