How to Do Upper Body Exercises : Band Punch Upper Body Home Exercises

Hello, this is Steven Vargas with Expert Village.
In this clip we’ll be performing punches with the resistance band. Now depending on the
tension on your resistance band you may want to tie a knot at the top to either add and
make it more challenging. So what we’ll do here is we want to make sure the resistance
band is in under the arm pits. We don’t want to have it out here because that tubing will
rub on the skin and can irritate it. So make sure you’re under. This exercise is going
to involve a lot of major muscle groups in the upper body. For example the chest and
the shoulders as well as the core. So what we’re looking to do here is make sure that
the resistance band goes under the arm pits and what you’ll do is you’ll set yourself
up and you’ll alternate punches.
You can change your speed and to faster or if you’ve got quite a bit of resistance you
can go nice and slow and really make it burn.

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