How To Do Thai Boxing : How To Do A Left Round House Kick

The next thing I am going to show is a left
roundhouse kick, so again what I am going to do here is my switch step like I did here
with my knee. Once again I will show you my switch step, and then with the knee. But this
time I am doing the same switch step but I am going to do a roundhouse kick instead.
I’m not going to go full into it right now but I am actually going to explain it a little
bit and then I am actually going to demonstrate it for you in full force full speed. So here
it is, switch step nice and slow and then kick. So actually what I am going to do is
throw it out half way and then retract it. What I’m using here on my leg is my shin,
a lot of different styles cut out the taekwondo, they chain from the leg and then snap it from
the knee. This is not muay-tae, muay-tae wants to kick through, I want to kick through and
I’m using my shin, this is my weapon. When they snap them they cut out the taekwondo,
a lot of them use the instep. They stiffen their foot and use the instep. In moi-thai
this kick right here my foot is relaxed I’m hitting with my shin It’s like a baseball
bat. So the weight of the leg is swinging. Here is my stance, switch step and boom, I
kick. I control the power of the kick. Notice how I retracted it back, I stopped it right
here. I stopped it right here. If they miss from kicking so hard, they would kick through
and actually spin around full circle. So once again I am going to show you it half way right
here. Switch step and kick. And then I come back. It’s like a whip. Think of a wet towel
at a pool party, the hand and the towel first then the rest whips behind it. That is what
I am doing with my kick. My body is torquing, turning then my leg follows, so it’s like
whip affect. Boom, see just like that. Now i am in my stance, switch step, and know when
I kick watch my left hand and notice my upper body movements. My left hand is going to tuck
behind me for a counter balance and torque. My other hand is going to come across this
side of my face, they call it a cross cover. See, switch step and kick,boom. I come right
back just like this.


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