How to do an enema at home | preparation, what to do during and what to do after

hello JoAnne Mbonigaba here from
freedom mompreneur by I just finished up my weekly enema and I
thought to shoot this really quick and short video to walk you through from
preparation to administering to after there after the fact how you can
administer an enema at home before I get started you know I just want to say that
I am NOT any doctor or any I’m just sharing my personal experience tips and
tricks so I encourage you if you’re considering enema for you to do your own
due diligence investigation and consider if you would like to consult with
someone who is more knowledgeable and certified to guide you through all right
so let’s get to the meat and potatoes so for the animal I personally feel
fantastic afterwards tried it a couple times and I
learned through those experiences and I want to share that with you the very
first thing is preparation you know you wanna make sure you get all the supplies
so you get your enema bag you want to be careful to use the filtered or as clean
water as possible I suggest spring water you’re gonna add
salt so you want to get sea salt or Himalayan pink salt not the regular
table salt you want to get sea salt ideally okay so you gather your supplies
you also want to consider if you want to optimize the enema in your body because
that are fasting before you do it right this allows your body to really first of
all get some toxins out and into your intestine that you can then flush it
with the enema and it also minimizes the current load of waste in the intestines
for the enema to deal with myself I’m an associate with an amazing company
Isagenix and I find I love using their cleanse for life product to support my
fast it’s part of the lifestyle that I follow is a less intermittent fasting so
this is really tithing Wow with doing an enema I do a fast for one
or two days before and I do my animal first thing Friday morning okay other
things you may want to consider getting someone to support you right you may
want to have someone administered administer it to you
for your first time and just be there for you to distract you throughout the
process all right during the process you want to make sure
you warm the water but I want my water before I put it in the bag I test it on
the back of my hand to make sure it’s bearable for me right
the warm water is better than cold water you also want to know if it’s your very
first enema then you want to decide how much you can do but if you’ve been doing
it for a while or you have someone who’s going to help you through you want to
consider doing two Mike’s and actually this came from a comment on my other
videos and I try to out to date and it’s amazing how I feel first of all and also
you know my my oh my gosh to lack something I will do that and it was once
I set my mind to it a light as a breeze okay today I’m going to say throughout
the enema you want to make sure to rotate your body 360 degrees so the
water can get all around in those crevices and also massage gently your
abdomen obviously when I do it close to a toilet because eventually you’ll be
expelling what you put in okay after the enema if you did fast before the enema
then you want to make sure to break that fast with a liquid food that will help
to break your body in gently back into the adjusting food so I use soups or I
use an Isagenix shake and then maybe a couple hours after I’ll actually have
start chewing our eating food and a chewing but that helps your body to warm
back up into the digestion mode another thing is right after the enema I
highly recommend taking probiotics and pre
biotics you know when you wash out your intestines that’s where all the good
bacteria is in your body so you want to help your body by taking a supplement or
drink to get that good bacteria back to where it was or buck up to levels it was
and I love personally drinking kombucha right after my my enema it’s liquid and
it’s packed full of probiotics and probiotics so it’s a perfect drink other
things that you can use is kimchi and if you do have supplement you can use that
as well one thing that I noticed after my first enema is that I wasn’t as
mindful with my water intake and I I am being more mindful now to make sure I
increase it a little more after the enema because what happens is you know
you flushed out your body and so to start back up that elimination process
the body’s gonna need a bit more extra water or you may experience what I did
after the first couple days of my first enema a little constipation and that was
really my fault because I wasn’t as mindful to make sure I was getting
enough water so I encourage you to drink lots of water and be intentional about
drinking lots of water the day and the day the day I’ll be do the enema and the
day after all right so I hope that was advised to you I also put notes for this
in the show notes below and yeah for me I think I mentioned it breaking the if
you did do a fast and you’re breaking it after the enema I really encourage you
to consider the liquid foods and again I suggest something that I am associate
with we offer really great meal replacement shakes that are also packed
with the prebiotic some programs that you also will need to build your body
and your good gut bacteria back up all right so if you have any questions
or comments feel free to leave them below I answer every comment on my
videos and I was a value to you if it was I’d love
a like and subscribe as I share my journey to be the best me physically
financially and health-wise in hopes that I can inspire others do the same
remember as always its quality versus quantity and I’ll see you next time

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