How To Do A Headstand – PART 1 – Preparation Poses & Sequences

hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is
Cassandra and today we’re doing part 1 of a three part series about getting you into headstand so the first part about getting into headstand is to really learn to engage and strengthen the muscles that
will be needed to support you in your headstand so we’ll be doing a lot
of core work, strengthening the abdominals strengthening the lower back and shoulders so that once you are ready to
start kicking up for floating into a headstand you feel strong and
supported and kitkat will help us out today so let’s get started in downward dog today for your tabletop pose your palms come forward a couple inches fingertips
spreading wide curl your toes under and lift your hips up and back pressing your chest toward your thighs
relax your head relax your neck and really feel the
knuckles and fingertips press firmly into the ground here so that you can be
light on your wrists. bend your knees as much as
you need to maybe paddling the feet shaking up the head deep breath so even here starting to
engage the lower abdominals by hugging them in so from your downward facing dog on an
inhale lift your heels up high and slowly ripple forward through until you come
into your plank pose so plank pose shoulders over your wrists fingertips are still spreading wide
pressing into your heels squeezing the inner thighs together
and pointing tail bone back towards the heels smooth steady breaths let’s go ahead and reach our right leg up right hip rolls down so that right toes point down like something he had lived in a tiny
bit higher and as you exhale bring your million
toward your chest try not around the upper back to your heart original forehead and held
back as hell right when you’re right L ok a help defender exhale twisted out Great Wall 2011 lol sleeve India hosted by and lower it down second side Richard last night just a
couple inches are left behind where does it held back as hell let me
towards your left %uh in help like last 15 min West finder I’m whole and downward dog hmm steady breaths in and out through the
nose ok from your downward facing dog will
come forward and play once more Anaheim ship for work so your shoulders
a couple inches past your wrist and as you exhale lower down into each other on the whole
here so almost at a 90 degree angle ok try not to hold the back and let’s find out upward facing dog ok chest lips %uh exhale Barack Butler is down onto the matter so coming
into a preparation for your help them Colts lower air for down on so-called and to get the appropriate anything you
want to be able to hold on to off by up here and less entice her fingers dropping the knuckle down to not making
sure you have enough space for your head and saw them here go ahead and drop her
head down to the mat and that we were coming into a headstand curl your toes under let your knees up
high so don’t keep %uh were not coming in to help stand
just yet in San I want you to start practicing crossing into reforms so much but you can lift economy your head about
an inch or two of the max so pretty much almost like your dolphin
polls and then exhale suck on the head back
down should your hips for rent and let’s do
that again presser forms into the not the crown of
your head %uh what you’re told to look closer ok exhale kinda had our ok one last time isoforms into the ground
lift up engage the shoulders ok ok and for the content your head down the
sidewalk your toes further four right so you’re starting to get a little bit
more comfortable getting your hips further forward towards the shoulders and just to defend your right knee and
bring your right foot and cold here for five props engaging
lower abdominals still pressing your forms into the
ground as if you’re going to live conduct your head up so that you can start working at not
letting all if you’re waiting can’t you’re not and head engage the upper body and exhale said it down switch sides left my job would squeeze everything in pressing firmly in hmm let’s drop back down walk your toes
out twenty years the school’s billion slowing down forms now I’m reach her far-right ok ok Sarla keyholes heart key ingredient to you
master I have found the strength in here factors in the back muscles will do that with a few Bachmann slowing
down keep your feet but this is the part bring your poems
underneath your shoulders 20 operatives I come into your home chin and chest
licked %uh so make sure you’re not locking your
help both keep them bent hugging in shoulders down and away from
the air heart which it acquired take five deep breath here top loopy
keep pressing down on amount and exhale lower down which are also
have the bottle the power coming to locust polls
reaching at work back in the next days long me to
look at too high squeeze your shoulder length behind your
back engage the glutes let the lack of spent
that whole the fingers why if you’re not reading here you know
you’ve gone too far ok and Sauvignon let’s get a little bit
deeper into it interlace your fingers overhaul we think that firm wats how your miles and their lives together
spread the tolls on an anthill reach ok 5:30 back yeah and exhale relief bring your palms
underneath your shoulders curl your toes under operate like the
lebanese of a bummer to reverse your push-up in
help like exhale down dotted parliament’s lower in the sky what’s the
matter great so those are your simple exercises second compared to going to help them
stay tuned for Part two new video /url actually stick to K and but I like
thanks so much for watching not


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