How to Do a Frog Jump | Plyometric Exercises

Hi it’s Pauline, I’m back with some more awesome
plyometric exercises. This jump is a frog jump and of course there
are variations to this jump. So, you’re going to start in a position, actually
I’m going to face the front here so what you’re going to do is again hips back. So you’re going to start with your hip setting
back. But I really want you to do is widen your
stance as wide as you can. So it’s going to look just like that. Okay? Abs in tight, shoulders back, and you’re going
to sit back into your hips. Like that. So that’s the movement right there. Okay. The other element is you’re going to jump
forward and jump back. So as I sit, I’m going to put my arms down
and explode up. So basically this exercise is more for vertical
however, I want to work on my glutes and my quads and my hamstrings as well. So as I jump forward and up arms go down,
come back. Okay? Land on your toes. Land as soft as you can. You’re coming back and you’re landing on your
toes again. Up, toes, back. Okay? I really ant you to focus on setting your
back and keeping your abs tight because you can get hurt on this move if you’re not doing
it right. The other thing is you’re going to make sure
your knees are pointed in the same direction as your feet so when you pop up your knees
are going to be pointing in that direction, Okay? It shouldn’t be bowing forward. If you find yourself again when you land knees
caving in stop. What you’re going to do is walk it. So you’re going to walk it down, walk it back. Walk it down, walk it back. And this is how we basically sit. Okay? So sit in again. Popping it up, and back. Okay? I’m going to add one more element, Okay? And this is going to enable me to get lower
targeting more deeper in my glutes. So what I’m going to do is, as I go down I’m
going to touch the floor, come up, touch again. Okay? Inhale. Exhale out. So this is what it looks like. My fast twitch muscles are on fire as well
as my quads. And it’s a great cardio boost. I really like incorporating this movement
when I’m doing legs. Again, on my high intensity days. As you can see I’m breathing hard. So what I would do is probably about 10-15
of these and walk it out, then I do some lunges, and then come back and do this move for another
10-12 and then rest. So you have a great circuit that’s going to
burn more body fat, target your quads, your glutes deeper than anything else, Okay? So I’m going to show you another variation
here. You’re actually going to travel forward and
keep going forward. So from here, sink down, quick, quick, Okay? The only difference is you’re not going as
deep because you’re going to need to come up quicker. Again setting back, abs tight. Set here, arms go down, up, quick, quick. Great for vertical as well, athletes. Ladies great quad burner. Okay? And that’s how you do your frog hops.


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