How to decrease Sciatica Pain | 2 Simple Home Exercises for Sciatica Pain

Shey there it’s Dean from sciatica relief
now net and I want to just demonstrate two simple exercises for you to try to
do to try to calm down some of those sciatica low back and piriformis
symptoms so let’s get to it I’m going to slide back to you can see me you’re
going to sit on the edge of a chair hands on your chest or stomach wherever
you are comfortable and what you’re going to do you’re going to twist as far
as you can to your right side then you’re going to twist as far as you can
to your left side whichever side to you feel is looser more comfortable less
restricted you are going to turn to that side 25 times so for me going to my
right felt looser more comfortable so I’m going to turn 25 times to that side
I’m going to take a short break and do it twice so I’m gonna do two sets of 25
do not continue this exercise or do this exercise if it causes more pain if it
gets any of your symptoms aggravated or there’s any discomfort whatsoever if
there’s discomfort at extreme end range just stop short of that but make sure
you’re going to the looser more comfortable less restricted side you may
be surprised that if your sciatica is on your right side going to the right side
may actually be more comfortable than going to your left side but regardless
figure out which side is more comfortable looser less restricted
easier to turn to try that two sets of 25 then see how your leg feels now the
second exercise I’m going to slide back a little bit farther
real simple hamstring stretch if your right leg is the leg that has the
sciatica in it try stretching your left side what you’re going to do you’re
going to stretch that you’re going to hold it for 25 to 30 seconds you’re
going to do it five times you can either stretch it or you can
bounce it at the M range either way you’re going to bounce it two sets of 25
times or you’re going to stretch it for 25 seconds and do it five times
always always always stretch the side that is not painful there’s no reason to
take this sciatic nerve or the hamstring muscle or the butt muscle it’s tight
make it tighter and think that you are going to calm down the symptoms so work
the opposite side of the discomfort and the soreness with the hamstring stretch
so that you’re pulling on a sciatic nerve on the good side or or I should
say and or with the rotations you can try bulking so do two sets of 25 other
rotations to the easier side two sets of 25 leg lifts or five reps of 25 second
holds of the hamstring stretches always do it on the easier side I would love to
hear your feedback on these exercises tell me how they affected your sciatica
or low back pain and I look forward to hearing from you please email me at info
at sciatica relief now dotnet I hope you find these helpful if you need any
clarification please email me at the email above and I look forward to
hearing from you and helping you in any way and I you

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