How to Continue Dieting Through Stressful Times

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode
of ‘Walk with Me.’ This week’s episode we are going to be talking
about how to de-stress, the best way to stay on track during tough times in your life,
and the 80/20 principle. Let’s get into it. So how’s everybody been doing this week? My week is going really well. It’s been a perfect mild few days here in
Portland. Things have been pretty quiet this past week. We’re about to get ready— we’re leaving
for that trip to San Francisco in a couple of days, the one that I mentioned last week. So that’ll be happening soon. Other than that not much has been going on,
things have been so chaotic for so long for me, it’s been nice to have a little bit of
a breather, so I’m purposefully trying not to take on a lot of extra projects. Trying to give myself a little bit of a break
for a few weeks. Never in my life would I have thought things
could be so chaotic and stressful and crazy, but so good at the same time. When you think of stress you usually think
of it as a negative but things have been really stressful in my life but they have also been
really great. I love being busy, I love working on this
business, I love going out and about and doing things and traveling, but it is stressful. Even if it’s a good stress. I’m trying to schedule in a little bit of
that time to kind of decompress and relax, spend a little bit of time on the couch with
the wife. Try and enjoy some of this weather. Take a little bit of that workload off. I can get a little obsessive at times with
anything. When I work on something, when I do something
I’m always all in. I’m the type of person, I’m either going to
give every ounce of effort I can or I’m not going to do it. So that can take a toll over time. Having this little bit of deload for a few
weeks, I think it’s going to be really beneficial. Excited, I had that trip to Bend, and we have
the trip to San Francisco and I wanted to dedicate that time in-between to just kind
of focus on my day job and having some fun and doing some relaxing. But this brings up a topic that I wanted to
talk about and that is how to stay on track with your weight loss when times get stressful
in your life. What to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed,
if you’re feeling like I can’t… You don’t have the willpower, you don’t have
the time, you don’t have the energy, how do you stay on track. For me personally, I am a big fan of the 80/20
principle. So the 80/20 principle pretty much states
that 20% of the work is going to get you 80% of the results, and on the flip side of that,
80% of the work is going to get you that final 20% of the results. This is something I apply to a lot of different
things in my life related to health and weight loss, everything, I always love the 80/20
principle. So what I like to do if things are feeling
just too much to handle: Step back a few notches, focus on those core
basic things you need to stay on track. I guarantee something like prepping your food
is going to have a way bigger impact than that 6th day in the gym or something like
going out to a restaurant, even though it might not be the healthiest choice, if you
can fit it into your day versus going home and just eating random snacks or junk food
because you don’t have time to cook. Going to that restaurant becomes the most
ideal option in that situation. Or skipping that gym day to make sure you
have your food prepped is going to be the better option. So evaluate your situation, evaluate your
life, figure out what those key essential points are that are going to have the biggest
impact for you to continue your progress or even further your progress and go all in on
those. Don’t stress as much about those final little
things, it’s a long game, you want to go for adherence. So that’s what I like to do in those situations,
if I’m feeling overwhelmed with adhering to the diet. You’re on month 8, you’ve had enough, just
go back and focus on those basics. Focus on what’s going to have the biggest
impact to have you stay on track, to keep going and working towards it with the least
effort possible. Just take a little bit of a break, take a
little bit of a breather, and again just like when you start, as you feel comfortable you
want to add in more and more. For all of us, we have to learn how to balance
all of this stuff for the rest of our life. It might not be as conscious or as prominent
in our minds, but we all got ourselves into this situation because we didn’t have control. So the more we learn the easier that control
gets but we’re always going to have to keep that control of our situations. So if you’re feeling like every day is a struggle
don’t feel bad if you want to step back for a few weeks, focus on those basics, and focus
on resetting your mind going back into it more motivated than ever. I hope everyone’s week has been going well,
if you haven’t had the chance make sure to go back, watch last Friday’s video. Dana and I had been working on that collaboration
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but until next time I’ll talk to you all later. Have a good one.

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