How to Cheat on Your Diet (Without Your Waistline Finding Out)

Hi guys it’s Petrina your go to girl for learning
how to make Fit work in a crazy, busy world, and today we’re going to talk all about cheating…
not on your spouse silly, that’s just plain gross, I’m going to talk about cheating on
your diet and to be honest, I was one of those people that thought it was not possible to
have a cheat day and succeed on your diet, why? because I’m an all or nothing kind of
gal, either 100% on track off my diet or if I hear a little bit off key, it’s just a disaster
for the rest of the day, the month, the week, the year. I’m always telling my clients you
have to eat smart to have success and I’ve been delighted to discover that it is possible
to actually cheat smart, how can you do it you ask? You just keep yourself following
5 easy rules, are you ready, let’s go. 1. Rule number one and the most important
rule is to make it a cheat day, keep it to 1 day, you don’t want to make it a cheat week,
or month or year, so make sure when you decide to do a cheat day or treat day, or whatever
you want to call it, you keep it to 1 single day either once a week or every other week,
otherwise you’re just going to undo every bit of clean you’ve done. 2. Rule number two, don’t binge, just because
it’s a cheat day doesn’t mean you have complete license to binge eat throughout the day. I
would say make sure you keep your mind and your portion size, you can maybe expand it
a little, but don’t think that just because it’s your cheat day means you should eat an
entire pint of Ice- cream or a whole pizza. Enjoy what you love to eat but just be sensible
about it. 3. Rule number three will help you out and
that is to keep it out of your house, don’t be cheating at home , go out to eat to get
what you love or if you do bring stuff home, make sure it’s just a single serving portion,
make sure there’s not going to be any leftovers at home to tempt you after that cheat day
is done. 4. Rule number four is to start out smart,
start off the day with what would be a typical, healthy breakfast for you, don’t go off the
rails right when the day starts, why do I say that? I think it’s from the knowledge
I’ve learned doing Carb Night and that it’s better if you’re going to have ‘Carby’ treats
which most people indulge in on their cheat day, later in the day. By saving your carb
treats for later in the day and starting off with lighter fiber rich foods in the morning,
you’re going to maximize fat burning hormones while you’re active throughout the day. Rule
number 5, even though it’s a cheat day and if you want to you can set aside your MyFitnessPower
journaling, I would say try to keep it double the amount of calories you eat in a typical
day and that kind of logic followed me through after doing the Chris Powell Cycling P and
I think it’s good logic. I found that limiting that in that sort of way help me to feel less
sick and bloated the day after my cheat day and that is always a good thing, so having
made the beautiful discovery that I could infact indulge in cheat day, I hope these
5 tips help you do the same without your waist line finding out, that’s it for now as always
if you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected], you can always
check out my crazy, sexy, cool website over at or again you can
sign up for absolutely free fitness coaching with me at, that’s it take
care and have a great day bye bye. My beloved Caramel capichino and I’m going
to share with you how to make, let’s go in the kitchen, you need a good blender because
you’ll be crushing ice. I myself have a ninja that I love, you’ll start off by pouring one
cup of your choice of meals and I’m using oncoconut milk mix blend.

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