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– Hey, thanks so much for tuning in. I’m glad you’re here
because I wanna teach you how to burn fat, fast, with exercise. I’m gonna put a card right up here. I just finished filming a high-intensity interval
workout with abs, and it got me drenched in sweat. So you can go ahead and click on that card if you wanna watch it. But I wanna teach you the ins and outs of how exercise is gonna help you burn that last little bit of
extra-stubborn body fat and we’re gonna get into
it, in today’s video. (slow electronic music) (energetic electronic music) Welcome back and if
you’re new here, again, my name is Frank Wall. I’m a certified personal trainer, a fitness nutrition specialist with my three main goals
of helping you move, feel and look better through
mobility, training and nutrition. And if you are new here, please go ahead and subscribe, smash that bell
(bell dings) so you never miss any
of my latest content. What I wanna talk to
you about, is exercise. That is the number one
best way to help burn fat. Now, nutrition is gonna
really help shape the body, it’s gonna help give you the energy that you need to actually
see the visible results. But honestly, if you were maintaining a nice caloric balance, a
steady inflow of calories, you could almost out-train that. Now I’m not saying you
can out-train a bad diet, but if you have some
high-intensity training and you ate marginal calories, you can get in pretty good shape. ‘Cause at the end of the day, it’s calories in, calories out. Now I’m not trying to
say nutrition is better or training is better,
they all go hand-in-hand. Because I’ve done A, like
an A+ job on nutrition, and then my body looked like crap. And I’ve done an A+ job on training and my body looked like crap because my food wasn’t together. So for me, I have to
pair ’em both together to get the results that I want. So, go ahead and click
on one of these cards. I’m gonna keep pointing up at these because these are my
follow along workouts. I really want you to check ’em out because that’s gonna help
your burn a lotta fat. And the beauty of this is, is that you don’t need
to have any equipment; I mean no equipment. Now, I’m gonna put out workouts
that utilize dumbbells, and benches and all the other
other things of that nature, and TRXs, so you could travel and do all these extra kinda workouts but if you just follow
along in my journey, I am sweating (hands
slapping) bullets here, like I am dripping sweat right now. But I had to film this video for you ’cause I wanted you to watch it so you can know that there is hope. You could do 10-minute workouts, I’m gonna be putting up
15 and 20-minute workouts and these workouts are
designed to help you burn fat. Of course, I also do have
a program that’s coming out and may be out at the time of this video. I’ll have a link down in the description. But until then, I don’t
even want you to get it. I really just want you to
watch a lotta my free content because that is gonna let
you know a little bit more about me, who I am, what
I do and how I operate. And I’m also gonna have a
lot of nutrition videos too, cooking videos, I have some of
the grocery shopping videos. I’ll put another card right up here. You could watch some of
my grocery shopping videos that are gonna teach you how to eat. So, high-intensity interval training. That is exercise done back-to-back at a very high intensity. It’s gonna help you burn a lotta calories. This 10-minute workout that I did, which I’ll point it out a card, I’ll throw it up there again,
it got me wiped, like smoked, and it was only 10 minutes. So follow along in that workout because that type of exercise it’s gonna give you some
of the best results. And again, if you follow the
right nutrition plan for you, eating tons of vegetables,
protein with each meal, minimize some of your starchy carbs, time your carbohydrates
after your workout, have a little bit of healthy
fats before your workout and any other time of the
day, other than post-workout. For the majority of the time,
that’s what really works because there’s so many fad diets out on the internet right now, and especially like a keto,
or intermittent fasting, or intermittent fasting keto,
paleo, If It Fits Your Macros, like I could go on. But you really wanna fit and
find the one that fits you. You don’t want the diet
to fit your lifestyle. Your lifestyle needs
to fit the diet, okay? And if you just have a
generally healthy diet with lots of vegetables, you’re
gonna be okay, all right? So, do the exercise, make
it a daily commitment, even if it’s just foam rolling. Do these 10-minute workouts,
foam roll every other day, you could do these 10-minute
workouts three days a week, and foam roll, and do
your massage and mobility which I’ll have some other videos that are gonna be including that. Do that for three days
and do yoga on a Sunday. I recently just started doing yoga. And I’m actually gonna put that yoga down in the description. It’s here off of Peachtree Industrial next to the State Street Fitness, it’s all the way in the back. So I’m gonna link that down there so in case you wanna join, and sign up and you’re here in the
Suwanee, Johns Creek, Buford, Sugar Hill area, or if you wanna drive down from Atlanta and come check out the
class, it’s pretty good, and I’m doing hot yoga twice a week. Because I was only able to do it, again, I’ll say this, two
to three times in 2018 and over 11 times in 2019, but I’m going for over 40
this year so wish me luck. And that’s all part of
my exercise routine. Exercise is gonna help you burn that fat. And even when I’m doing
hot yoga, that’s exercise because you’re standing,
you’re balancing on one leg and it gets you killer results, and you’re sweating your
ass off, you’re detoxing and it makes me wanna drink coconut water, which is a great hydration mechanism. So, I went on a lotta different tangents but I just wanted to let you know that exercise will help you burn that last bit of stubborn belly fat. And especially if you up the intensity and watch these follow-along
workout videos that I have, they’re gonna help you shred that fat. So the secret’s out,
there’s no guesswork to it. I’m not putting any
scientific evidence out because when I was first
mentored by my coach, he didn’t give me scientific
studies, I just did the work. A lotta you are reading
so much information, you’re taking information
from so many different coaches that you’re not applying it. And that was even something
for me, in business, that I wanted to excel and
take it to the next level but I never implemented things. So who cares about the
studies, do what works for you. Yes, some things work better than others, but you’ve gotta apply
yourself, you gotta hit it hard, and you gotta go at it and
you gotta start right now. So, thanks for tuning in. Again, if you’re new, please subscribe, click that notification bell so you don’t miss any
of my latest content. I hope this message served you well. And if it’s the first time that you’re watching one of my videos, please take action today, because I wish I coulda
told myself, when I was 13, to take things a little bit
more seriously with my nutrition because it woulda helped me out. So, I wanna make sure
that if you’re young, or you’re older, or you’re around my age and just tuning into this video at 35, that there is still hope. No matter how old you are,
no matter how young you are, you can get in great shape, all right? So, until next time, I’ll see ya’ soon.


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