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Protein vpro Nutrakey Review Today we are seeing a review of a product
that is supposed to help us maintain and increase our muscle mass, energy,
recover and improve our performance and overall health. Let’s see if this is
true … Oh yeah, I almost forgot, too we will be giving away products through
a raffle;) Welcome to JPdestro, my name is Josue
Pena and today we have a review of a supplement Nutrakey or protein. Before starting,
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and all other videos, it is my opinion based on my experience for more than three months
and research and questions to doctors that I have done. Links of this is in
the description below. With that said, let’s start with the review. This supplement is brought to you by Nutrakey.
It is not based on any aspect based on whey or animal products, but this compound
natural plant. So whether you’re vegan or if you’re like me you also
eat meat, you can benefit from this product. Why are proteins important? This
basically help us in everything you do all our day, whether we
very active or not. Also studies have shown a lack of protein in our body
It can cause loss of muscle weakening in our defense system, respiratory problems
and heart. So eating protein daily is essential not only for ourselves
to look well and be athletic, but to live a Healthy life. Now why is this protein plant-based and not
on milk or meat and other protein powders?
Some benefits I wanted first to say to get protein from plants is
Many meats like steak or salmon are a great source of protein but also
We eat a lot of fat in our body each service. For this reason, a plant-based protein
is a good idea if you want avoid ingesting fat, cholesterol and calories. And still gain proteins.
First of all let’s start with what this product has inside. This protein powder
It is based on plants. Among the plants that This includes brown rice, peas
or peas, quinoa, herringbone, artichoke and amaranth. Each of these has great
benefits for us, and when combined we get one product which has everything we need. Addition to
this, this product does not contain gluten, GMO soybeans or any organism genetically
modified (genetically modified organism). ). This means that all products
included here are 100% natural and Organic which is extremely good
for us and our health. Usually the problem with powder proteins
that are vegan is that it doesn’t contain essential amino acids. This in turn
by using different sources of protein we provides the amino acids that need
for our body. This will help us get the body we want, our muscles recover
and increase our performance. Another advantage it has this protein vs others is that it is
hypoallergenic. This means that it will not irritate our stomach and easier
and faster for the body to digest and absorb since the protein is based on
plants. Many people have allergies to sometimes
food, gastrointestinal problems or problems with digestion and processing
foods that have milk, or the meats. This product is a great solution
for such people besides you can avoid other chronic diseases.
For this reason I definitely recommend it. It contains 23 grams of protein per serving
and considering that to be based on In my experience this protein ran
extremely well. I was and am training 2 times a day and one of those workouts
It is football. As many know, in football There is much cardio and this then implies
it is much more difficult for you to gain mass muscle in the gym. Even being so, I saw notable changes
in my gain of muscle mass. The only negative point I could find
in this protein powder is having a slightly gritty texture and which does not dissolve
easy. The reason for this is the quality. The way to know if a protein-based
plants is high quality is if it has a good service concentration per service
and its texture. So this is really good but personally didn’t like it. If you use the typical protein shaker, you may
have to move it more than you used to it. I personally used a blender
and thus avoided those problems. That was the only “bad” I could say
product. Overall this is a great product not only
for people who have problems with digestion or are lactose intolerant,
but also for those who want a concentrated high protein and amino acid
but at the same time they want to avoid ingesting calories, fat or cholesterol. If you want
learn more and see how was my experience with other Nutrakey products such as creatine,
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