How to Build Muscle Fast With Paper & Scissors

Pretend that this green sheet of paper right
here is your muscles, and pretend that these scissors right here is
your workout plan. This is what happens to your muscles when you work out.
You break them down like this, and after you break down your muscles, once
you rest long enough and eat right, for probably at least 48 hours, your
muscles are going to come back much bigger and stronger. As you can see here,
my muscles are now a bigger and stronger stack of 10 sheets of paper instead
of only 1 sheet of paper. But what if I wanted to keep making my muscles
get bigger and stronger? Well, I can’t use these same small scissors
to cut through 10 sheets of paper, or basically use the same workout as
I did before. Because now, since my muscles are bigger and stronger,
I’m going to need stronger set of scissors, or a tougher workout to break down
my muscles again. And each time my muscles my get bigger and stronger,
or each time these stack of sheets gets bigger, I’m going to keep needing
a bigger pair of scissors, or a much tougher workout, to keep continuously
breaking down my muscles; to make them bigger and stronger. So, basically,
to keep building muscle fast, you need to beat your last workout by making
each workout you do tougher than the last one. So, for example, each time you work out, you
need to use heavier weights, or you can do more reps, or you can do more
sets. Those are just some of the basic things you can do to keep building
bigger and stronger muscles each time you work out. If you still don’t
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