How to BUILD MUSCLE all day long (most screw this up!)

Do me a favor and take look around. Which one of these pieces of equipment is
the most effective at helping you to build muscle? Well I’m going to save you some time. It’s not in this gym. As a matter of fact it’s not in any gym. But the good news is, most likely you have
it. I’ll tell you exactly why that is and what
you can do about it today. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Don’t look for that magic piece of equipment. Right, if you’re not building muscle or the
muscle that you want to, and you’re trying to figure out maybe it’s something you’re
not doing in the gym. Or maybe it’s something that you’re not doing
or eating right. Most likely guys that piece of equipment you
should be focusing on is your bed. Because your bed is where you’re going to
sleep and sleep is where you’re going to build muscle. Now I did a video over the weekend that definitely
stirred some things up here. About the whole myth of bulking and cutting. Guys, if you haven’t seen that video, you
have to. I think it if requisite viewing here. Because it really illustrated the point that
you absolutely, 100% can build muscle and burn fat at the same time, if you respect the aspects of calorie deprivation
ok. If you are fat and need to burn fat, if you’re
not you don’t need to really worry about that part. But a hypocaloric state combined with a positive
nitrogen balance. Now we talked about, with positive nitrogen
balance some things will interact and impact that. Overtraining, we’re going to cover overtraining
later this week in a video dedicated strictly to that. But I thought, the second thing we talked
about was inadequate sleep. And I wanted to cover, a whole video here
on sleep and how it actually impacts your ability to build muscle. The last part was about inadequate protein
intake. I will discuss a little bit of that because
it ties right into our sleep. So, what is it about our sleep that’s so important? Well, I took some time to sort of draw up
my little whiteboard here again. I got the T shirt on, I got the whiteboard,
it’s all getting serious today. But I think it’s going to help you guys to
see what I’m talking about. This right here is illustrating our sleep
cycles. Ok, we normally sleep complete. We go to sleep here, ok and we go into our
deeper sleep and get to the bottom of deep sleep. This is usually the majority of our time here
in our sleep is spent, you know going into our deep sleep, our REM sleep. Well once we hit it we spend around 10 minutes
or so in there and we come out of it. Each completion from going in and then back
out to a light sleep is around 90 minutes or 1 and 1/2 hours. We continue to repeat those cycles all the
way through the night. Now, this is going to be important because
we’re going to talk about the rested benefits of sleep. For right now we want to talk about the hormonal
benefits. What is the big deal about sleep in terms
of hormonal response in terms of building muscle. Well, it’s during this time here guys, our
deep sleep, that we release the most growth hormone that we’re going to, during the day. Now even if you don’t have a big understanding
of hormones, you have to pretty much know, just based on it’s name, the growth hormone
is going to be good for you guys that want to grow. Now our biggest release of growth hormone
happens in our first sleep cycle, the first REM of a sleep cycle. As these sleep cycles go on, you start to
see that the REM time gets a little bit longer and a little bit longer. Unfortunately we don’t keep pumping out growth
hormone in larger quantities during that time. So it’s really, really, really important that
we go into deep sleep at some point in the night, so we can take advantage of that first
growth hormone release. The biggest one of the night. Why is that so interesting and so important? Because, if you watch that video, again, that
I talked about guys, I’ve said how important presleep protein is. You want to have the constituents of muscle
building in place during the time when growth hormone is going to be working to help you
to become more anabolic. Ok, you don’t want to be calorie deprived
at night or completely barren of any food, especially high quality protein, when you
go to bed. We talked about casein being a great slower
acting protein. But I think one of the biggest missing pieces,
in this presleep nutrition picture here, is the lack of a fast acting protein. That’s where the whey comes in. That’s where I think ATHLEAN-RX gets it right. Where a lot of other supplements are getting
it wrong. We combine both whey and protein, because
you want something fast acting available at that spot. That’s where the whey will come in. Now on these other periods where we have these
subsequent sleep cycles, this casein works great here because it’s slower acting. So you have that 1 – 2 combo in reconstruction
that you don’t have in a lot of the other supplements. That’s why it’s so important to start off
your sleep with the right nutrition. But now when we get in here, we see that the
more sleep cycles that we add up, the more the growth hormone will have of a release
and the more anabolic we can be. Ok, this is we get more blood flow to the
muscles, we get more recuperation. It’s all positive. But there’s another tricky aspect to sleep
that I think a lot of guys sometimes overlook or they inadvertently know or feel different
but they don’t know how to describe what they’re feeling. These sleep cycles are when we feel the most
rested. Right, you go into deep sleep, you come out
of it, you go into deep sleep, you come out of it. Did you ever notice how sometimes you can
sleep 4 hours or 3 hours and feel great? And sometimes you can sleep longer than that,
you can sleep 8 hours and not feel so good. That’s related to the fact that our sleep
cycles are designed to have us wake up at the peak of one of the cycles. So as you can see here, if we woke up at an
hour and a half of sleep. or three hours of total sleep, or 4 1/2 hours
of sleep, or 6 hours of sleep over here. We would have completed a sleep cycle. One of the things that we don’t want to do,
is try to be woken up in the middle of a sleep cycle. If someone wakes you up in the middle of a
deep sleep, you’re not going to feel very rested at all. Ok, you’re going to feel actually discombobulated. And you could have less concentration during
the day. You could be more irritable. You can feel weaker because you just don’t
feel that rested. So when we talk about how sleep builds muscle,
Yes, there’s a hormonal action to it but there’s also this restfulness. So what you want to do is, you want to try
to find out what your natural sleep cycle is. For most of us it’s around 90 minutes periods. So you want to try to go to bed and wake up
at some point where it would be at the top of a natural sleep cycle. So somewhere, you’re not going to want to
sleep 3 hours, you’re not going to want to sleep 4 1/2 hours. But somewhere around 6 hours of sleep, if
you’re one of those guys that like to sleep a little bit less. 7 1/2 hours would be another 90 minutes on
top of that, 9 hours would be another 90 minutes on top of that. So you can experiment a little bit but you’re
going to find that when you wake up at the top of one of these sleep cycles, you’re going
to feel way more rested. You’re going to be able to attack your workouts
with the intensity that’s needed to deliver results. And a sneak preview for the video that’s coming
up, on overtraining. The intensity that’s needed to keep your workout
short. Yes, I’ve said it the other day, you absolutely,
100% can get the adequate workout in, in 40 minutes. And not have to workout much longer than that
and avoid overtraining and avoid all that nonsense guys, that most guys that aren’t
using drugs, simply can’t really avoid. Ok, especially if you’re training hard enough. So, all that being said, the two benefits
of sleep. Make sure you’re going to sleep, you’re optimizing
your presleep nutrition. Again, ATHLEAN-RX, we really work and concentrate
on that because this is one of the things I think that is extremely, extremely important. Right up there with adequate daytime nutrition
and workout intensity. Then you want to make sure that you’re optimizing
your deep sleep periods, ok. And that you’re certainly going into your
first deep sleep so you can get the biggest release of growth hormone. And then finally you want to make sure that
you’re trying to wake up at the top of a sleep cycle. So experiment with these times, maybe 6 hours
sleep, maybe 7 1/2, maybe 9, it depends on what you need as an individual. I hope this sort of makes sense and ties this
all together but the bottom line is this, Sleep. Sleep is where you grow. When you’re in the gym, this is where you
stimulate muscle growth. But the most important piece of equipment
you’re going to have if you want to try to build muscle, is to get yourself in that bed. To stay in that bed and allow your body to
rest and recuperate and rebuild and recover from the hard work that you’ve put in at the
gym. If you haven’t already guys and you’re looking
for a program that’s going to give you the hard work, that’s going to give you all the
components to build muscle. This is the easy part then. All you’ve got to do is just let your head
hit the pillow. But in the meantime, you’ve got to get the
program. Head over to ATHLEANX.COM, grab our 90 day
training program. See what it’s like to train like an athlete. But more importantly, to train hard, to train
intense, to not overtrain and to spark that growth so that you can actually allow that
to happen when you’re here at night catching your zzzzz’s.


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