How To Become A Beachbody Coach-3 ESSENTIAL Tips To Be A SUCCESSFUL Independent Team Beachbody Coach

How to become a beachbody coach, Hi my name is brandi how to become a Beachbody Coach keep
hearing this question I’ve been hurt myself for probably seven
weeks or so now ominous definitely one of the most a.m.
and as for heated questions I’ve had in the past
couple weeks basically the company coaches super easy you will either go to an existing coach like
myself and sign a which up my link below in the box
interest in or you can go to beach find a car and
whenever you signed up to that website they will basically auto send you to whoever whatever coach I’m and then
they’ll basically be your point of contact via questions a few angry you don’t want to figure out what it is
you wanna do you like what the next step would be but is a couple things before you decide
to be a coach is the right for you number one you must be a product up your product it’s probably the most
important his I don’t know how how would you be
able to sell a sandwich if you’ve never had seen it
before get my drift becoming a coach is not very difficult you were immediately go ahead and figure
out which work out yet what did you in the course
get ecology letter sales or income from Shigella G you want to make sure that you’re
tasting different varieties I know it myself I would’ve the
chocolate but then I also ordered up of the samples so that way I could
try the vanilla and the strawberry as well
so grab the Shakeology make sure you know what you’re talking about tasted do it different ways use the
sample packs read the directions and then can’t make it yourself for what your flavor is so that we wouldn’t speak
to someone you can say hey i won I did the directions on the back
of the package and this is what it tasted like I myself like peanut butter so I I feel
better or two strawberry none unless you wanna
be able to in generally give your answer to whoever it is you’re speaking to you
because people know is that the pick up on it and now trust you a little
bit more as far as you knowing on about the product and
Krista later because that’s really important to
you I’m same thing for whatever you’re doing a workout
videos make sure your pick up something that would interest to make yourself a
juror I’m said that way you can go back in refresh our memories of them want to ask
you okay was this year two months from now on you
may or may not remember what we was like because you’re on week what 6 aight well and it doesn’t bother you
anymore you’re ready in the motions you learn the routine
everything is down pat so weak one is in the cocaine was challenging but no you need to write a journal and make
sure you’re taking notes that when someone ask you you can no specifically how you fell that week or in that moment even if you
have a down day whether you skip today or you really
didn’t do you cap didn’t up at least you know when you’ll
be able to again be genuine whenever you’re speaking to
someone about the products though number one make sure few gonna become a
Beachbody Coach you were going to be a product about
your product and number two make sure your Jamie because if not
genuine then don’t even bother becoming a coach
it basically nissan has become a Beachbody Coach you well yourself out there you’re gonna
be held accountable for you in your product
in the words that you say if your gonna become a coach you now
take on responsibility helping other people and motivating them
and keeping they’re hot they’re process in progress
and consistent so that’s what they’re looking for
people just need an extra push to get out there get off the couch and that would be the
best that they can be I’m so if you’re not interested in half
you don’t really have that drive to do that may be coaching is it right for you
right now maybe that will change in you realize ok yeah and you look good now I do feel
this layer she college is working for me and energy
products soon figure out what works best for you but if you don’t have that
driver that commitment to be there and for yourself accountable
how can you or anyone else accountable cell make sure you take some time to think
about that as well I would say White House network network network network make sure you know house network or at least you
are interested in learning how to network properly I’m Christine have your family and your
friends that it fell is gonna be pretty easy to
strike up a conversation but it’s really about going be on that
step whether it’s your coworkers or maybe just the person in the grocery
store he’s looking at the same thing that you are that you know once you ask the question
are you get the chapel and break the ice your gold my people will let you and
I’ll tell you more things and you want to know to make
sure you’re listening and make sure your interested in what they’re saying take
note of that and then when they may even whether you’re leaving the grocery store or the barbershop forever issue are radical tax texter self-written not
yourself to me like a I saw sunset today they have you know
she would tell me about this is about how she had gastric bypass and wants to do this just
make yourself a note you can keep that whether it’s an email
we’re getting another journal so that way you can’t like someone if they do decide
to reach out to you the email or phone and because sometimes
people don’t do it right away sometimes it’s a week two weeks or even two months
later before they have time to get back to you order now and maybe some think something
special decide to come whether University I’m a
graduation anything people need an extra push to
definitely network network network I’m little by little people will start
to hear what you’re saying and then I’ll start seeing your transformation then that’s the greatest thing for com
for networking is basically let your body be. your walking billboard I’m people people want to you they wanna they wanna see they wanna see progress they don’t want
you to just talk about it they don’t you just say hey she called
it is great you should try it they honest here you like oh you know i
i can do this many pushups now they want to actually see something
happening so here little by little I’m thats you
lose the weight and get in town maybe you’re gaining weight through muscle
like people are gonna start noticing shirts
are gonna its none or maybe even though federal that you
depending on what you’re going for the major picking the right product that
works for you be happy deposited people just need that extra
push they need to be motivated if you were to become a Beachbody Coach
in you think you can do that how to become a beachbody coach description but take care thanks again for watching everyone and I
guess I’ll see you then


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