How To Beat Post Vacation Blues

Hey guys Kida here and welcome back to
our channel. So if you have been following our journey you probably know
that we just came back from a few holidays, and in today’s video, I want to
talk about post vacation blues or post holiday blues. Okay just a brief
introduction, we’re an Asian-Australian family currently living in New Zealand.
And right now in July, it is our winter here. So on top of post vacation blues, I
also suffered from winter blues. I caught the worst flu and it knocked me
down for about ten days. So let’s talk about this post vacation blues, is it a
real thing and how do you beat it? For me it is a real thing, and I’m guessing if
you’re watching this video, you can probably relate. Coming back from a
satisfying holiday back to your normal routine, it is depressive and I suffer from real symptoms like lack of appetite, lack of
motivation, I don’t want to get out of bed, I’m always tired and fatigue. I
don’t want to do anything and I don’t like doing anything, and just generally
feeling really down, and this feeling is real. So I did some research online on
how to beat post vacation blues, and I got some ideas such as, changing your
sleeping pattern like sleeping earlier, eating healthier, exercising more,
basically change your lifestyle into a healthier lifestyle. Even without post
vacation blues, I think that should be the goal anyways. The other idea is to
relive your holiday. So print out a bunch of favorite photos and frame one of them,
put it on your work desk, and hang hang it on the wall, or whatever that
reminds you of the holiday that you just had. Also I have a souvenir close by so
you can look at it, and basically live reliving your holiday. However that
didn’t really work for me, I’m sorry not to be negative about it, but to my
understanding this whole idea of reliving your holiday revolves around
denying your reality, so denying your present but relive your past, which to me
doesn’t really make sense and it didn’t help me at all. I got even more depressive
looking at the photos or looking at the souvenirs wishing that I was back
a month ago in Rarotonga Cook Islands or Fiji or wherever it may be, so with the
winter blues kicking in, and I was sick as a dog lying in bed for a couple of
days, and I thought to myself I can’t keep going like this. So I just followed
my heart, at the time I had this really deep desire to pamper myself to treat
myself, which is usually not me, but I just felt like I was so sick, I wanted to
do something that will uplift me that will make me motivated again and love
life again. So I booked myself spontaneously booked myself a five-star
hotel last minute, and I packed my bags and I just left. It was only a one-night
getaway but it was very last minute. And on that day I was so sick I had
throbbing headache, and my flu has developed into bronchitis and I couldn’t
talk and I was just coughing my lungs out.
So anyways long story short, I’ve decided to live as if it was my last day. So I
booked myself a Thai massage I went to my favorite sushi train which is my
favorite food Japanese food and I had a hot bath in the hotel. I switched off my
phone I basically just lived like there was no tomorrow. Even though it’s just
one night, you’d be surprised how this one night can change the whole scheme of
things so after I came back not only my bronchitis got a lot better. Surprisingly
whatever they did at my Thai massage they fixed my headaches I don’t have
headaches anymore. My hot bath and spa session went so long, I was so relaxed
and basically fell asleep sweating, and mind you it’s winter here so it was
quite cold. The next day we had a hot buffet breakfast at the hotel which was perfect,
and we asked for a late check-out. So after coming back home, not only I felt
physically better, but also I don’t feel I don’t feel the winter blues or post
vacation blues anymore. I thought about it afterwards how could
a one-night luxury getaway fix all your blues, mentally and physically, and I
think the reason being is, rather than denying your present and reliving your
past, this one night getaway is kind of like a credit note to yourself. You’ve
done something so over-the-top you feel undeserving, you feel like you’ve been
pampered and spoiled and you didn’t do anything to deserve that. So naturally
what comes out of it, is your appreciation and your gratitude, because
it normally doesn’t happen to you that luxury experience it’s not
something in the norm, at least for most of the people. So when you do have that
experience, you feel like you need to do something to make up for it or you need
to work hard to earn the money back. So that sort of puts you in the mindset to
settle down and go back to your routine lifestyle. Usually we’re a lot more
acceptance to that idea as opposed to coming back from a tropical paradise
island back to our 9-5 cubicle. So I call this type of getaway now it’s
a bridging getaway. It bridges the gap between your perfect dream life out in
your favorite destination, and your normal mundane routine with lots of
responsibilities. So this one-night stay actually came as a surprise and it
shifted my mentality from feeling miserable about my life, thinking that I
should live my dream life and I should be snorkeling out in the Pacific Ocean
right now, to now I feel like I need to work hard. I had an undeserving night
that I was very spoiled and I didn’t do anything to earn that, now I need to
settle down. Do what I’m supposed to do, I need to be responsible, and I need to pay
back or I need to work hard and earn back my luxury retreat. Now I completely
understand it’s not within everybody’s budget, but if this is something you
would like to try, perhaps before the next holiday, set aside a certain budget
like only you only need a couple of hundred dollars because you don’t have
to pay for airfares, you don’t have to pay for a lot of the extra
things, only the activities that will make you feel spoiled. And it
doesn’t have to be a 5 star hotel, it could be something that you just really
enjoy like going to a movie or something but make sure you don’t schedule this
getaway straight after your vacation, otherwise it’s just gonna feel like a
super long vacation, it’s not gonna make any difference at all, you’re probably
just going to come back with an even worse post vacation blues. Say if you’ve got
work the next day or even the second day, you can schedule something the
following weekend, that way you’ve got something to look forward to, not only
that you’ve got this whole week to actually feel what you feel, or you know
let the post holiday blues sink in and actually heal from it, start
the healing process, that way you’ve got this bridging getaway to help you
transition from post vacation blues back to your normal mundane routine. If you
have watched this far and you’re suffering from post vacation blues, give
it a go and let me know whether it works for you, because this is something I
haven’t found anywhere else on the internet, so this is completely new and I
just want to put it out there, give you the idea, it would be really good to see
whether it works for other people as well.
Now I’ve got two more tips that may help you beat post vacation blues, you could
try them see whether it works for you. The first one is to start planning your
next holiday, so if it is a possibility or within your schedule, you could start
looking at brochures and photos and researching the destination, start
booking activities. That will really motivate you to keep going and knock out
whatever it is that’s stopping you from taking that holiday. And the other idea
is distraction, so pick up a new hobby or a new pet if that’s possible, like this
one right here, it’s my very new mini aquarium, which is keeping me busy
and distracted. So that’s something you can try. If your mind is occupied then you
have less time to feel those negative feelings. Let me know if any of the above
3 ideas work for you, or if you prefer the conventional way of denying reality
and living in the past, until you sort of just let time heals everything, or if you
have any other new ideas I’d love to hear them and share them with everyone
here. So thank you so much for watching, we’ll see you next week. Bye!

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