How to apply materials in SOLIDWORKS 2020 (Tutorial)

Applying a material in
SOLIDWORKS is an important step to finishing your part and this
gives us accurate results when evaluating the part. This can be done by right
clicking the material in the feature tree and selecting edit
material. From here we have a list of
dropdown menus. I’m going to select 1060 alloy
and apply that to my chassis and this appears in the feature tree
here. When working in a multi body
part we can actually apply materials to separate bodies
within that part. So while I’m working with weldments here it works exactly
the same with any multibody part. So I’m going to apply a steel to
this rollbar if I want to use our own custom steel based off
values that we found in testing in our own labs. So to do this I’m going to base
off ASIO 1020 but because it can’t be edited directly here I
need to make a copy of it and I’m going to place this copy in
our custom materials folder. Here we can type in all the
material properties we’ve been given by our labs. I’ve saved that for use in the
future and we can see in our feature tree, this body has this
new steel associated with it. With the material applied we can use our mass properties
to find an accurate mass for this part. Any changes to the materials
will also automatically update any simulation studies that
we’ve done.


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