How to Add Muscle Mass (15 SECONDS AT A TIME!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Ok, today, so what I want to show you in our
ATHLEAN XPRESS Tip is how you can start building more strength,
and therefore, more muscle because we know that strength will precede
muscle most of the time. So, what we need to do is figure out how can
we work ourselves in a strength range and get more out of it. So we know that strength is built in that
5-6 repetition range when we go to failure. So, what if we incorporate a technique where
we stop shy of failure, utilize a Rest/Pause, and then continue to go above and beyond what
we normally could do? Let me show you exactly what I mean here with
a heavy Dumbbell Curl. So, with 60s in my hands here, guys, generally
something that I would use for about 5-6 reps. I’m going to take it up to only 3. So, up here, and then down slow. Up. And then down. Up, and then down. And now, I Rest/Pause for about 10 to 15 seconds,
ok. From here, what I’m doing is just allowing
myself to catch my breathe, get a brief break here on my muscle. And then I go again. 4. 5. 6. And down. Another Rest/Pause. About 10 seconds or so. 7. 8. 9. And one more. 10. Moral of the story there, guys, that is 10
reps with a rep range or a weight that I normally would be confined to 5-6. So, we took our weight that normally provides
that overload and we extend it by just allowing ourselves to incorporate a couple of Rest/Pauses. Guys, these are the type of techniques that
will push you to that next level, ok. It’s going to allow you to go beyond what
you think you’re capable of. And that’s exactly what we do with ATHLEANX. If you haven’t already, guys, head over to
ATHLEANX.COM right now. Those guys that are members of NXT, you’ll
recognize this technique. For you guys that haven’t already joined us,
you’re going to start with AX1, progress yourself through AX2, and work your way up to what I like to call The
Supreme Athlete. Alright, guys, let me know how you like this
video. Incorporate this technique. It doesn’t just work here with Curls, it works
with everything. I’ll see you guys back here in a couple days.


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