How Much Muscle can you Build Naturally? [Hindi with English Subtitles]

Namaste …namaste Today’s video will be in Hindi If you want the english version of this video, Click the ‘i’ button here I have already made a video on the same topic 2-3 years back Sooooooooooooooooooooo Many people say Make videos in English Few people say make videos only in Hindi But, I wont be partial towards anyone and and and On this auspicious occasion, I want to recite a poem Few people say hindi Few people say English But, at the end All I will do is What I want People BOOING dIDN’T LIKE IT? Don’t worry, you will really love this video So many people ask, how much muscle can I build naturally There is no scientific answer to this question But I can give you a theoretical answer And you should consider this to be your motivation So many people get demotivated Looking at other people, who are on steroids But you want to stay natural, but you get tempted to look like them Dont worry guys You can develop a great physique naturally as well, This is Eugen Sandow When you win mr olympia competition Trophy called sandow is given to the winner As you should be aware, people competing in mr. olympia use steroids but this person People look at him as the first natural bodybuilder they call him the father of modern bodybuilding Look at his physique, Hes totally ripped with good muscle size, He is genetically gifted as well, Even the people who compete in Mr. Olympia are genetically gifted Even if they dont use steroids, Even then their physique would have been in a different league all together. So don’t think that You can build a great body just with the use of steroids Genetics matters I have made this video to motivate you too So let us look at my physique – creepy smile of course not the current one Currently I am a fat muscular human not joking FFMI IS VERY SIMPLE You must already be aware of BMI (BODY MASS INDEX) BMI – HEIGHT TO TOTAL BODYWEIGHT RATIO The problem with BMI is If you put a healthy and an unhealthy person side by side Who have the same weight and height BOTH WILL HAVE THE SAME BMI but the person who has less bodyfat and more muscle He will be more healthier than shreyas BMI IS NOT A GOOD TOOL TO MEASURE HEALTH This is why we depend on fat free mass index you basically take lean body mass instead of total weight we call it FFMI this was researched on a lot of bodybuilders especially in the late 1930s to late 1950s they finally decided on a number for natural limit/potential 25 to be the a natty’s ffmi if your FFMI is 25 You can reach till 25 naturally Maybe a little bit more if you have elite genetics But you can train for many years to achieve close to 25 The form I had in 2015-2016 That was the best form I ever had That is if you consider the muscle mass I had My bodyfat was around 15-16% Another fun fact is People claim to be 4% body fat when they are only 10 % Thats not humanly possible Alberto Nunez here Look at his physique and body fat If he said he was 3% you would probably believe him But he did DEXA SCAN DEXA scan is used by top level athletes to check their bone density, body fat and other variables This is probably the best method The one that is available in the gyms that you hold in your hands are useless Dont use it When I was in my competition form (Image to show off) My bodyfat percentage might have been 10% and that bloody BMI machine said that my body fat was 17% but that was not possible You can easily burn body fat naturally as much as you want He claims to be a natural athlete He has been seriously working out for 15 years You can achieve it Don’t judge people based on pictures In his videos he looks very flat and slim He probably gets a pump or eats lots of carbs before he posts pictures So lets discuss fat free mass index, During my best form, my stats were as follows Height: 6 ft 1 inches Weight was around 87-88 kgs That comes to around 190 pounds I considered my bodyfat to 15% just to be safe I was cutting that time (still cutting lol) My FFMI came around 21.6 I was training for 4 years already maybe 4.5 years Till you reach FFMI 25 (YOU MIGHT NEVER REACH THAT NUMBER) You cant cry about not being able to build muscle This number(25)is very important because The did research on all kinds of bodybuilders People with normal, good, great and elite genetics They came to a conclusion only after going through this process Now if you consider ARNOLD Just 7 times MR. OLYMPIA He has admitted to the use of anabolic steroids Like he said, only during his competition ;P So his stats are as follows Height: 6-1 WE both have the same height his competition weight was 229 lbs and his body fat was 8.5% WE can all agree that he was 8.5% He doesnt claim to be 3% or 4% If you see his fat free mass index It comes close to 28 If you consider bodybuilders to this era Like Kai greene and Phil Heath Their FFMI must be above 30 You can easily make out that they use steroids One more problem with fat free mass index is Some people still look average after using steroids, But this is not about them This is for natural people who are looking for motivation When you are natty, muscle building process slows down as you get more experienced, If you consider this your motivation levels will be high There is no single answer to this question If you ask me how good my genetics are, I have above average genetics for muscle building, My metabolism sucks (hurting internally 🙁 ) As you can see i dont need to work hard to gain fat If I was able to reach 120 kgs Not like I ate 10000 calories every single day, Maybe once or twice my whole life repeating same shit again and again No subtitle for motivation speech… thanks for watching


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