How much does Isagenix cost?

Hi, I’m Cari-Lee Stevens I’m a cleanse
coach with Isagenix and an Isagenix Executive and I’m here to talk to you
about the cost of Isagenix. Now a lot of the times people think they think it’s
expensive and I guess it’s really you know what is expensive, you have to
really figure out what is your budget for your health, a lot of the times I’ll
talk to clients and I’ll let them know the cost and they’ll say oh that’s
really expensive and then when I let them know that you know hey we just did
your personal health analysis and you’re spending nine dollars a day at Starbucks
and this is going to cost you ten and it’s replacing two meals, plus giving you your
cleanse and you’re not gonna be having coffee it’s a pretty good deal. So
remember that it’s a transfer of your grocery costs and you’re going to be eating
a lot healthier you’re not going to be going out for dinners as much you’re not
gonna be going to get your Starbucks and your pastries, you’re really making a
change to the way you behave and you’re going be creating some really good long
lasting habits. So it can work out from anywhere from two dollars and 75 cents a
day to about $15 a day and I’m talking that includes your shipping and your
tax and everything on your very first order so it’s a pretty minimal cost plus
the exciting thing is is that if you get two friends to do a program with you
then you can get your products paid for and I have a lot of clients who are
choosing to do that so they cleanse together and for example if somebody
does the program where they’re spending $15 a day and remember that’s seven
dollars and fifty cents if you want to divide it between the two meals and
you’re getting all of your supplements with that so not only are you getting a
meal but you’re getting your supplements so if you’re taking supplements already
then you’re covered right because you’ve got the supplements and you can keep
your old ones for later or throw them away if they’re not very good and just
keep on going with the Isagenix ones but for somebody who does the $15 day
program their cost, the money they get back works out to about three
hundred and seventy dollars. So, you know I think
like my math isn’t that great but I think that brings their product down to
about two hundred and fifty dollars so for a whole month they’re getting all
their groceries for two hundred and fifty dollars so if you have questions
and you would like to get on a program and you don’t have a coach please get in
touch with me it’s either at or Thanks
so much. Bye


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