How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight | Easy Calculator

In this video, I’m going to answer your question…How
many calories should I eat to lose weight and the easy way to calculate that so you
can lose weight. Hi I’m Linda Poirier and welcome to Bodies
After Babies where I help mommies of all ages fit into their jeans, get their sexy back
and find a life of happy. So, maybe you’ve tracked your calories before
and maybe you haven’t. Maybe this is the 1st time you are really
taking a stab at losing weight, but regardless of where you are it is really important to
know the calories you are taking in so that you can learn how to lose that weight. Know that it doesn’t have to be a chore or
something that takes you all day to do. I know all of us are busy but this can be
a really great way even if you don’t do it in the long term…but really find out what
your needs are so that you can have success in the long term. Your body needs calories in order to function
carry out your daily activities. Obviously, we need to eat to survive. Calories give you energy. The energy comes from the foods we eat in
the forms of protein and carbs and fat…and maybe even those little yummy drinks with
the umbrellas in it. When the calories we eat match the calories
our bodies need, we maintain our weight. When calories we eat are higher than what
we need in a day then we gain weight. So it makes sense then when the calories we
eat are lower than what our body needs, then So how do you calculate your calories in order
to lose weight? I will give you 2 ways to help you figure
that out. weight loss happens or should happen. So how do you calculate your calories in order
to lose weight? I will give you 2 ways to help you figure
that out. #1 what you wanna do is take your current
body weight…and times that by 12. What that will do is give you the amount of
calories that you need per day just at rest. Now I do wanna say, that everybody is a little
bit different. If you take somebody who’s 155 lbs, sorry
150 lbs and times it by 12 you’ll get 1800 calories. If that person is really really active, they’re
gonna need more just to maintain their body weight than if you have a 150 lbs person who
is maybe a lot more lazier or is at a desk job. So just take that into account. Everybody is different…and it’s true. So what I would say is you take that 150 lbs,
you times it by 12, that will give you 1800 calories just at rest. If you want to lose weight, you’re gonna have
to shave those calories off per day in order to see that weight loss happen. So what you do is you take a few hundred calories,
meaning 300 calories, try that and you take that away from your daily amount. So for the example of the 150 lb person, who
needs 1800 calories per day…you’re gonna divide it into how many meals you have and
snacks during the day. So for example if this person who is taking
6 meals a day, their breakfast, they have some snacks and you know their lunch and dinner…then
they’re gonna have 300 calories per meal that’s alotted thorughout the day. Now it’s going to vary a little bit but you
get the idea. As you lose weight, you’ll need ot revisit
the amount because as you get lower your needs and your base rate will reduce. Now Ihave to say do not not go under
1200 calories. Ladies, do not go under 1200 calories. I know intuitively it’s like oh I should cancel
this what I’m eating , cancel that I’ll just you know I’ll only eat like a little bird
and it won’t work. It might work in the beginning, but in the
long run, you are gonna wreck yourself. So girl check yourself before you wreck yourself
because I have talked to so many people who have done that and they wrecked their metabolism
and it’s really a struggle to get back. Do not go under 1200 calories and please ladies,
eat your breakfast. Now the second method is to track your calories
through either myfitnesspal which is your app on your phone or you can just plain old
journal and you can record what you’re eating and then find out and review at the end of
the day, you know, where you kinda went over, how much you went over…how you can improve
that meal. You wanna also track your portions so you
do know, um the amounts obviously. You’d be surprised at the number of people
who they’re eating a certain amount of calories and are way way off. There’s actually studies done saying there
about a 20% difference of what people guesstimate their intake to be. SO if you are maintaining your weight throughout
the week, then you know judging by your journal or what you’re tracking…that your calories
are what you need to maintain. If you are looking for that weight loss, you’re
gonna have to shave off those calories. How do you do that…let me give you a couple
tips that’ll help you get rid of those calories without being hungry. So some easy ways to drop 300 calories from
your eating, and this can be throughout the day so if you’re doing 6 meals or 5 meals
then 300 calories really isn’t a lot. So what are some ways that you can drop 300
calories from your daily intake… can start by the drinks that you have. Those sugary drinks. Now, if you get rid of the fancy schmancy
coffees with all the whipped cream and the grandes or the ventis, and you switch that
out you can shave off some of those calories. That goes for juices, that goes for soda pop,
and that also goes for vitamin water which is loaded with sugar. What you can do is drink your water, add lemon
water, have fruit infused water, I also really like carbonated water it’s almost like replacing
soda pop ….almost…not quite..but almost. Something that Ireally love to do is to pop
a tea bag into my water and kinda makes it taste like juice in a way if you get the fun
flavors. I get mojito, I’ll get tea that’s raspberry
orange, or uh there’s cosmopolitan, there’s fun different stuff like that so just play
around and make your water interesting. Next is to swap out that crappy food..and
the quality of your food, ladies you know what I’m talking about. YOU KNOW what they are. If you’re popping pizzas and binge eating
on cookies, I’m sure you can find a way to swap those puppies out or change the portions
in which you’re having. You will know how you’re damaging yourself
by checking your calories. Now I do believe in balance. I think it’s nice to be able to have these
fun things once in awhile, but if you are truly wanting to lose weight, you gott a find
a way to shave that stuff off. So, and don’t keep it in the house. It really…I’m a chocoholic. If I have too crazy of chocolate in here,
it is gone and I’m wrecking myself. So again, check yourself before you wreck
yourself. While it’s exciting to watch the pounds drop,
you should never feel hungry or deprived. If you are, then you need to double check
those calories, fill in with fiber, do what you can throughout…maybe you need to add
a little snack, but please don’t starve yourself. It shouldn’t be miserable. You can track your progress by weighing yourself
on a scale. And you can also use measurements. I really suggest this with all ladies is to
do both. Sometimes you’ll find you’ll lose a pound
and, but your inches are crazy that week. And then the next week, you might find that
the pounds are really coming off and the inches aren’t. So, really do both because I feel like that
is a great combination to do. And it keeps you motivated to keep going. Click the thumbs up button if you found this
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