How I Got Thicker Thighs | Home Workout for Inner Thighs

Hi my name is Chi. My name is Edward and you’re watching Zygostatics. Today we’re gonna give you a workout
that’s going to help you get your thighs thicker. So in this workout we’re going
to help you train your inner thigh muscles. So your inner thigh muscles are also known as your adductor muscle group and this group of muscles help to bring your
legs closer to the midline of your body. So if we have to split the body up into
three different planes the X, Y & Z plane. The X plane is gonna be your width from
the front view, the Y plane is gonna be your width from the side view and the Z axis is going to be your height. So obviously you can’t
change your height but with regards to your width in the front plane which is
the X plane and the Y plane you can change the width in those regions, respectively. So this workout is only going to be
training your inner thigh muscles, so what that really means is that it’s
going to get your body wider or your legs wider from the front only. So in
terms of how you look from the side, it’s not gonna affect that because it’s not
going to be training any muscles on the outside of your body. Now, why is this
important? Because if you’re trying to get slim or if you’re trying to get a
slim thick physique then you may not want to train all the
muscles in your thighs because you might end up getting a thicker physique or a
very muscular one. So a slim thick physique may just look wider
from the front view or X plane. Yes, so front or back that’s it. So, if you obviously
do this workout, you’re gonna end up having thicker thighs from the front view
and back view only but from the side you’re still gonna retain a slim profile and that might be what you want. If you do want to get thicker
physique, you want to train your glutes your hamstrings, all the different muscle
groups in the same ratio. That’s gonna help you to have a balanced and more stocky looking physique. If you’re a guy like me, I would
obviously prefer something like that but if you are a girl you might not want that. Let us go into nutrition. So in order to be that slim thick physique and
make sure that your inner muscles actually do grow. You need to make sure
you eat an excess of calories. This just means that you need a little bit more
than you normally do, so you can gain a bit more fat or you can gain a bit more
muscle.Yes, so you don’t want to have too much fat gain, so don’t go and have
3000 calories just because someone told you to. Make sure you calculate your
TDEE and you add only about 500 to 750 calories on top of that, if you’re
actually looking to build muscle in a nice ratio. Let’s just leave it like
that. Now for some FAQ’s. Chi do we do this
workout every day? No, no we don’t, so we’re trying to encourage you guys to do
it once or max twice a week and that is it. Now I know someone’s gonna ask in the comments that research shows that you can actually
train the muscle group three times in a week and still get gains from that
workout. So why would we recommend once or twice a week? Well the reason is that
we only train with body weight exercises. We have never lifted weights in our life and to make sure that we always continually gain muscle, without hitting a plateau. We
have to reduce the amount of physiological adaptations we built in
the process. In plain English, all that means is that we don’t want our
body to become too accustomed to the workout and the more times you train in
a week the more customed your body will become and that’s going to reduce the
actual intensity level of the workout. Okay, now for a quick disclaimer. So we
just wanted to say, we would recommend this workout for anyone who has a pear-shaped physique, it’s just a bit more flattering and I think if you are a mesomorph or
you have broader shoulders it’s better for you to gain muscle all the way
around your thighs and maintain a toned physique all the way. It just looks so
much nicer, I mean I’m a pear-shape and I can’t look good shredded. So I have
to say that everyone has their, you know benefits of having their body type and
there’s nothing wrong with it. I am just saying it is better for people who have
a pear-shaped physique to do this workout. Or even an hourglass physique.
So if your shoulders and your hips are generally the same width, then this workout is going to help you. If you do have narrow hips, obviously as Chi mentioned. This workout, you might not look that
good with thick thighs so definitely have a look and try to work out what your
body type is. If you want us to make a video on what to actually help you to
discover what type of body type you have. Just comment in the description or we’re
gonna put a poll on this side of the screen somewhere. So just click on
that poll somewhere. We hope you guys enjoy this workout, make sure you
comment, make sure you like this video. Make sure you do what Chi? Subscribe. Let us know what type of workout you want to come out next. We’ll start this workout with a 20
second Sumo Squat Hold. Stand with your feet far apart and toes pointing 45
degrees away from you. Now we will squat until our legs are parallel to the floor,
or as deep as they can go. From here we hold the position for 20 seconds. Focus
on not leaning forward your back has to be straight and upright. If you find that
you’re leaning forward this may mean that you’re not squatting deep enough. The second exercise we’re going to do is
10 Supine Leg Adductions. Lying down on our backs, we will raise our legs until
they’re perpendicular to the floor or vertical. We will then move them apart
slowly, as far as possible before bringing them back inwards at the
same pace. Once they meet we will squeeze them together for about two seconds
before proceeding to the next rep. Ensure you keep your legs vertical. The third exercise is 10 Sumo
Squats. Stand with your feet far apart and toes pointing 45 degrees away from
you. Now we will slowly squat until our legs are parallel to the floor, before
pushing back up at the same pace. Make sure to slightly squeeze your glutes on
the way up to maintain good form. Focus on not leaning forward, your back has
to be straight and upright. If you find that you are leaning forward, this may
mean that you’re not squatting deep enough. Finally, we will wrap up the first set of this workout with another 20 second Sumo Squat Hold. After the first set, take a 2 minute breather before doing all exercises again for another two sets.
On the second and third sets, minus two reps or seconds from each exercise
consecutively. For example, we will hold the sumo squat for 18 seconds in the
second set and 16 in the third. Hope you guys enjoyed this workout. Please like, comment, subscribe and share the video if it helped. We will aim to post new
workouts every 1 to 2 weeks so stay tuned. Bye!


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